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Chemotherapy Response Calculators

Initial Management
Preoperative chemotherapy   
Age years
Tumor size (TNM)
Initial diameter (mm) mm
Histologic type
Histologic grade
Estrogen receptor status
Probability of achieving pathologic complete response:
Probability of residual invasive tumor less than 3 cm:
Probability of breast conserving surgery:
Instructions for Physicians: Enter the patient's age, pretreatment tumor characteristics and select the appropriate preoperative treatment regimen. Click on "calculate" to determine the probability of achieving pathologic complete response and two other potentially helpful measures of response. Please note, that there is observed discrepancy between clinical/radiological tumor measurements and surgical pathological tumor size, therefore pretreatment tumor size and tumor size at surgery may not always correspond to each other.

Instructions for Patients: This program calculates the probability of having no invasive cancer left in the breast and lymph nodes (called pathologic complete response) after completion of preoperative chemotherapy. The probability of this very favorable outcome depends on your age, the characteristics of the cancer and the type of chemotherapy regimen that is going to be used. For example, a 10% probability of pathologic complete response means that 10 out of a 100 women will experience complete disappearance of the cancer after completion of preoperative chemotherapy.