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CHANGE LEADERSHIP:  Leading Change 100 Days at a Time

CHANGE LEADERSHIP: Leading Change 100 Days at a Time

Enhancing the Speed and Quality of Decision-Making to Attain Rapid Results

Drinking from the change fire hose? Constant change can be overwhelming. Even the greatest opportunity can be a daunting wall to climb. If you are wondering where to start, how to get your team engaged with a fresh focus, and how to respect and  encourage everyone's best contribution, come join this leadership conversation.

7:30am - 8:00am      Join us for breakfast

8:00am - 9:00am       "Leading Change 100 Days at a Time" presentation


Space is limited.  To register, email Victoria Thompson at

Date: 3/27/13, 7:30am to 9am
Time: 3/27/13, 7:30am to 9am
Location: Duncan Bldg (formerly CPB) 8th Floor, Rooms 1 - 2
Format: Faculty Meeting
CME: This session will help satisfy the new 16-hour manager/supervisor continuing education requirement.
Speaker: Patrice Murphy, PhD
Speaker Bio: Patrice Murphy, a Senior Partner with Schaffer Consulting, specializes in supporting top-to-bottom transformation. Her early career began in labor relations, working with management and front-line workers in highly stressed conditions. Since then, she has maintained her passion for working with clients at every level from the C-suite to the shop floor. At the executive level, Patrice works with senior leaders to define and execute strategies for profitability and growth. She is a fearless partner in pursuing audacious performance challenges. She develops high-engagement approaches that help her clients unlock significant performance breakthroughs. And finally, Patrice brings unique warmth and humor to the process of building clients’ skills and capability for self-sustaining change.
Contact: Victoria Thompson - 7920798 -
  MD Anderson Hcare Leadership 2013-03-27 handouts.pdf (PDF, 1.2 MB)