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CPRIT Q&A Session-Presented by ORA and GC

CPRIT Q&A Session-Presented by ORA and GC

 Are you feeling overwhelmed with the CPRIT? Is this your first time handling a CPRIT award? Are you confused about what items to submit for subsequent year funding for a CPRIT award? Do you know how to submit a CPRIT progress report? Do you know how to submit a FSR? Do you know how to keep up with your subcontract with CPRIT? Are you familiar with the CPRIT CGMS system? Do you know all the housekeeping rules with keeping up with a CPRIT award? 


The Office of Research Administration CPRIT team and the department of Grants and Contracts will be holding a CPRIT Q&A session with all faculty, support staff, administrators and personnel to discuss any questions or concerns about CPRIT awards. The staff will answer any questions, and help to get you on the right track with your current CPRIT award. Make sure to take advantage of this special offer and be compliant with your CPRIT award. It will make your experience with CPRIT stress free!


Date: 5/7/14, 11am to 12pm
Time: 5/7/14, 11am to 12pm
Location: AT&T Telehealth Classroom, Faculty Center (FC1.2002)
Format: All Employee Meeting
Facilitator: Sofia de Achaval Wied
Speaker: Rhonda L. Stafford
Contact: Javier Guerrero - (713) 563-4405 -