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Disability Etiquette and Awareness: A Social Justice Perspective

Disability Etiquette and Awareness: A Social Justice Perspective

Nadine O. Vogel is Founder and President of Springboard Consulting LLC.  Springboard collaborates with multinational corporations, Federal governments and national agencies on initiatives to successfully mainstream disability in the global workforce, workplace and marketplace. Springboard also produces the Disability Matters Awards Banquet and Conference which honors those firms that are making great strides in supporting this segment of the population, now the largest minority segment in the world, through diversity, work-life, human resource and marketing/branding initiatives.

Vogel has been featured on NBC News, CNN, Lifetime Live on the Lifetime Channel, Good Day NY and Oxygen Television's Pure Oxygen program.  She is the founder and past president of the board of SNAP, Special Needs Advocate for Parents, a member of the College of Charleston Department of Communications Professional Advisory Council, a member of the New Jersey State Employment & Training Commission Disability Issues Committee, a Founding Board Member of the Society for Diversity and a member of the SHRM Workplace Diversity Special Expertise Panel.

Vogel received an MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA and a BS in Industrial Psychology from the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC.  She resides in New Jersey with her husband and two daughters, both of whom have special needs.


Date: 10/2/12, 12pm to 1:30pm
Time: 10/2/12, 12pm to 1:30pm
Location: R11.1100 Rooms 5-8
Directions: Main Building R11.1100, Rooms 5-8 past the Hickey Auditorium
Format: All Employee Meeting
Speaker Bio: Nadine O. Vogel of Springboard Consulting, LLC.
Sponsor: Office of Chief Diversity Officer & PeopleFirst Employee Network
Contact: Tina Matthew - (713) 745-0586 -