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Education Expo and Poster Competition

Education Expo and Poster Competition

Come and Go Event


Education Week

Education Expo and Poster Competition


11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Main Building, Floor 11, Anderson Conference Hall, Rooms 1 – 8


Education happens in every corner of MD Anderson. A quick walk through the conference center will expose you to many of our innovative educational activities. You’ll have a chance to vote for your favorite poster. And new this year, is an expo to learn even more.


Door prizes also are available.


Date: 6/6/12, 11am to 3pm
Time: 6/6/12, 11am to 3pm
Location: Anderson Conference Hall, Main Building, Floor 11, Rooms 1 - 8, near Elevator A
Format: All Employee Meeting
Sponsor: Educational Resources Committee
Contact: Kathryn Carnes -