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Employee Diversity Celebration

Employee Diversity Celebration

Come and enjoy our displays of MD Anderson employee heritage: pictures, costumes, music, food, performers, and more.



Opening remarks by:

§Dr. Ethan Dmitrovsky, Provost and Executive Vice President
§Dr. Harry Gibbs, Chief Diversity Officer



§Mexican Opera Singer, Cecilia Duarte
§Vietnam Youth Musical Performers and Fashion Show
§Brazilian Carnival Dancers, Salsa and Capoeira Performers
§Arabic Oud Musical Instrument Performer
§Chinese Duet Singers

Date: 5/14/14, 11am to 1pm
Time: 5/14/14, 11am to 1pm
Location: Main Building, The Park, Floor 2
Format: Diversity Program
Contact: Miguel Lozano - 22974 -

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