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John H. Blaffer Lecture Series

John H. Blaffer Lecture Series

Gerald “Jerry” Crabtree, Ph.D.

Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford, CA
“Chromatin Regulation: New Concepts and Methods”
Host: Xiaobing Shi
Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Date: 3/5/13, 4pm to 5pm
Time: 3/5/13, 4pm to 5pm
Location: Onstead Auditorium, Basic Science Research Building, Floor 3, near Elevator J, (S3.8012)
Format: Lecture
CME: 0
Facilitator: Leslie Krushel
Speaker: Jerry Crabtree
Speaker Bio: We are interested in the role of chromatin regulation in stem cells and have recently discovered a stem cell specific chromatin remodeling complex which plays an essential role in the formation and function of stem cells. We hope to understand how this complex functions over the genome of stem cells and its potential roles in the formation of induced pluripotent cells. We are also interested in the mechanisms by which signals through Ca2+, calcineurin and NFATc proteins regulate development and morphogenesis in vertebrates. We hope to define the many roles of this pathway in development and disease. For example, this pathway is critical for immunologic function and transplant rejection, for the pathogenesis of diabetes, congential heart defects, Down Syndrome and perhaps osteoporesis. In addition to defining the full range of function of the pathway we hope to understand how the pathway might be regulated for therapeutic purposes. Finally, we are developing new ways of making conditional alleles of mammalian genes using synthetic ligands that we hope will bring about a new fusion of biochemical and genetic approaches to understanding and controlling fundamental biologic processes
Contact: Doris Green - 46267 -