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John H. Blaffer Lecture Series

John H. Blaffer Lecture Series


Catherine Dulac, Ph.D.
Higgins Professor of Molecular and   Cellular Biology
 HHMI Investigator
 Harvard University
Cambridge, MA
“Molecular Architecture of Social Behavior in the Mouse”
Host: Randy Johnson, Ph.D.

                                               Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Date: 12/10/13, 4pm to 5pm
Time: 12/10/13, 4pm to 5pm
Location: Onstead Auditorium, Basic Science Research Building, Floor 3, near Elevator J, (S3.8012)
Format: Lecture
CME: 0
Facilitator: Nicholas Navin
Speaker: Catherine Dulac
Speaker Bio: Our group is exploring the molecular architecture of neuronal circuits underlying sex- and species-specific social behaviors. In one set of projects we are taking advantage of the molecular and genetic accessibility of the mouse olfactory system to investigate the neuronal logic underlying odorant- and pheromone-mediated signals: what are the basic principles of neuronal circuit function that enable an animal to identify a predator, a potential mate, or a conspecific intruder? Why are males, females and juveniles responding differently to a given chemosensory signal? We are also interested in the developmental processes that ensure appropriate neuronal function of brain centers involved in social behaviors
Contact: Doris Green -