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John H. Blaffer Lecture Series

John H. Blaffer Lecture Series

 The Seminar is Sponsored by The Center for Genetics and Genomics 

Frédéric J. de Sauvage, Ph.D.

Vice President Research-Molecular Biology

Genentech, Inc.


"Targeting development Pathways in Cancer"


Host:  Guillermina Lozano

Department of Genetics





Date: 1/28/14, 4pm to 5pm
Time: 1/28/14, 4pm to 5pm
Location: Onstead Auditorium, Basic Science Research Building, Floor 3, near Elevator J, (S3.8012)
Format: Seminar/Conference
Contact: Salpy Kassardjian - (713) 834-6337 -