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Leading through Uncertain Times

Leading through Uncertain Times


Our political, economic and social environments have become increasingly demanding, fast-paced and complex. In order to meet these challenges, a new level of leadership capability is needed.   Most leaders simply are unable to adapt quickly enough to maintain relevance and lead change. What is needed is “vertical learning” or the development of a higher order of mental, emotional and executional capacity to deal with the speed of change and complexity we are facing. 
During this 2.5 hour interactive presentation we will identify the key skills necessary to upgrade our leadership “operating system” to be able to respond to the tensions that are part of navigating our future. We will focus on one of them, “Managing Polarities”, to provide participants with a concrete tool to help work with the new normal of ambiguity and complexity.
We are faced with polarities or tensions in decision making all the time. Work or Play, Centralize or Decentralize, Research or Clinical. Polarities cannot be solved, but rather must be managed. We will expand our awareness of the tensions that must be managed and distinguish them from problems that can be solved. Working more consciously and skillfully to shift from either/or to both/and thinking is a foundational key to improving performance over time. Application is fundamental and we will have participants identify tensions they are facing and demonstrate how to work with them and take concrete action steps for better results.

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Date: 3/28/14, 8am to 10:30am
Time: 3/28/14, 8am to 10:30am
Location: Pickens Tower, 3rd Floor, Rooms 4 & 5
Format: Faculty Meeting
Speaker: Erik Mazziotta
Speaker Bio: Erik Mazziotta is a leadership consultant and executive coach with strong business acumen and expertise in strategic planning, leading change and enterprise management. He specializes in leadership development, team performance and long-term coaching programs. His work includes a wide range of companies from Fortune 50 corporations to non-profit organizations working with individuals from the C-suite to high potential leaders.
Sponsor: Faculty & Academic Development
Contact: Victoria McDonnell - 20798 -