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Life After:  Parents of  Children with Special Needs

Life After: Parents of Children with Special Needs

Our children are precious gifts.  We face many challenges as parents, especially those whose children have special needs or disabilities.

Although every child is unique, we as parents share similar challenges when providing the help they need.

Our panelists include:

Akhila Reddy, M.D., Assistant Professor, Palliative Care & Rehab Medicine


Georgia Thomas, M.D., Professor, Employee Health & Well-being

Toysha Mayer, MBA, HT (ASCP), Instructor, School of Health Professions


Stephen Ullrich, Ph.D., Professor, Immunology


Len Zwelling, M.D., Professor, Cancer Medicine


Lunch provided to the first 25


Date: 4/3/13, 12pm to 1pm
Time: 4/3/13, 12pm to 1pm
Location: Pickens Tower, 2nd Floor, Training Room B
Format: Faculty Meeting
Sponsor: Faculty Health
Contact: Katrina Wright - (713) 794-5292 -
  LifeAfter- Special needs.pdf (PDF, 1.0 MB)