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Lunch & Learn Seminar - aCGH Data Analysis

Lunch & Learn Seminar - aCGH Data Analysis


From Dots to Data: Considerations when extracting data from a CGH array image.

An overview will be provided of the image extraction method using Feature Extraction Software and consideration of quality control metrics will be discussed.


Analysis of aCGH and aCGH+SNP Samples: Using the software to identify genetic variants in research.

An overview of data analysis using Cytogenomics software to identify copy number changes, loss of heterozygosity and uniparental disomy in disease research.


Date: 8/7/13, 12pm to 2pm
Time: 8/7/13, 12pm to 2pm
Location: FCT3.5001
Format: Seminar/Conference
Facilitator: Jun Gu, MD, Ph.D.
Speaker: TBD
Sponsor: SHP Cytogenetic Technology Program & Agilent Technologies
Contact: Angela Rainer, MS - (512) 827-1484 -
  MDACC Cyto Lunch and Learn 080713.pdf (PDF, 391 KB)