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“Overcoming resistance to targeted cancer therapy with network pharmacology

“Overcoming resistance to targeted cancer therapy with network pharmacology"

Distinguished Lecture Series in Experimental Therapeutics

Synopsis:  Our group is interested in understanding mechanisms of response and resistance to targeted cancer therapies using computational systems biology methods. Our goal is to study mechanisms of resistance to targeted therapies in specific cancer contexts and discover anti-resistance combination therapies.  We are combining experimental perturbation studies with sophisticated network inference and machine learning algorithms. In addition to highly advanced algorithms, we are benefiting from recent developments in high-throughput molecular profiling and cellular imaging technologies to monitor the changes in complex molecular/cellular landscapes. I will present some of our approaches that involve predictive modeling with proteomic, genomic and phenotypic data.

Date: 9/27/17, 9am to 10:30am
Time: 9/27/17, 9am to 10:30am
Location: 4SCR1.1110
Format: Seminar/Conference
Speaker: Anil Korkut
Contact: Roseann Martinez - (713) 563-2718 -