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Pancreas Cancer Seminar Series

Pancreas Cancer Seminar Series

You are cordially invited to attend The Pancreas Cancer Seminar Series presentation by Dr. Swathi Arur Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Genetics, Division of Basic Science Research - titled: "RAS mediated switch in Dicer function in development and disease".

The Pancreas Cancer Seminar Series meeting (PCSS) is a bi-weekly series where a multi-disciplinary group meets to exchange ideas and research about pancreatic cancer. Invited speakers come both from within the core group of pancreatic cancer researchers, as well as those that might contribute meaningfully to the ongoing team science efforts in pancreatic cancer on campus.

Date: 4/14/17, 10am to 11am
Time: 4/14/17, 10am to 11am
Location: Pickens Tower FCT3.5001
Format: Seminar/Conference
CME: 0
Facilitator: Anirban Maitra, MBBS
Speaker: Swathi Arur
Speaker Bio: Germ cells are immortal. They are uniquely poised to sustain life across generations through the fusion of oocyte and sperm. Despite the central importance of germ cells to life, a clear understanding of the molecular events that control their formation is lacking. Germ cells are set aside from somatic cells in the embryo and go through specialized meiotic cell cycles as the animal matures. These cell cycles are interspersed with long periods of arrest. In human females, meiosis I is initiated in the fetus. At birth, oocytes are arrested in meiosis I; after puberty, every month an oocyte initiates meiosis II – ovulation. Upon sperm availability these cells are fertilized, generate an embryo, and the cycle-of-life continues. During meiotic I progression and arrest, the fitness of oocytes and their progeny are influenced by environmental cues and signaling pathways. Yet, little is known about how these factors influence oocyte development and embryo fitness. Using Caenorhabditis elegans, we study the influence of the RAS/ERK pathway on female meiosis I progression. Our research focuses on understanding how the RAS/ERK pathway acts through a battery of substrates to direct multiple cell biological events during meiosis I; how environmental cues impact the RAS/ERK pathway and meiotic progression.
Sponsor: Gastrointestinal Medical Oncology / Sheikh Ahmed Center for Pancreatic Research
Contact: Matonia Figgers - (713) 792-5032 -