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SUITS: A Woman on Wall Street - Best-selling author Nina Godiwalla

SUITS: A Woman on Wall Street - Best-selling author Nina Godiwalla

 SUITS: A Woman on Wall Street, Best-selling author Nina Godiwalla

 Monday, February 3, 2014, 12pm - 1pm

 Hickey Auditorium

 Hosts:  Organization for Women, Women Faculty Programs, Faculty and Academic Career Enhancement

Date: 2/3/14, 12pm to 1pm
Time: 2/3/14, 12pm to 1pm
Location: Hickey Auditorium, Main Building, Floor 11 (R11.1400)
Format: All Employee Meeting
Speaker Bio: SUITS: A Woman on Wall Street - The New York Times describes SUITS as The Devil Wears Prada of investment banking. It is an insider's perspective on Wall Street from an outsider's point of view, and a vibrant snapshot of an immigrant family with big dreams. Nina Godiwalla will share her personal story about the challenges of being a public-school-educated, Texas woman working on Wall Street, and then will speak about what we can do to change our workplaces, wherever we are, to make them more inclusive and open. She will address the challenge of tackling difficult situations in the workplace and speaking up in an effective, respectful, strategic way. When Nina started speaking to audiences about these topcs, she was shocked to discover how universal her experieces are to women (and men) across the workforce.
Contact: Patricia Cunningham -