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Write Winning Grant Proposals

Write Winning Grant Proposals

The Department of Scientific Publications is bringing back to MD Anderson the widely acclaimed “Write Winning Grant Proposals” and “How to Write a Successful Career Development Award Proposal” series of seminars, presented by Stephen W. Russell, PhD, of Grant Writers’ Seminars and Workshops, LLC. The two seminars address both practical and conceptual aspects of the proposal-­writing process.

Seminar 1, “Write Winning Grant Proposals,” is based on NIH grant application guidelines. It will focus on helping you:

* write for reviewers and “sell” your proposal;

* develop ideas and organize your presentations using linear progression of logic to guide reviewers through your application; and

* write for two different reviewer audiences—those who have read the entire application before the review meeting and those who have not—and develop advocacy for funding in both groups.

Seminar 2, “How to Write a Successful Career Development Award Proposal,” will focus on individual mentored training grants and career development awards and is recommended for trainees, junior faculty members, and their mentors and/or advisors.

Attendees will receive extensive handouts, including the slides and examples used during the seminars, as well as a copy of the Grant Application Writer’s Workbook.

For more information about Grant Writers’ Seminars and Workshops, LLC, visit

**Priority registration for MD Anderson employees is currently open and will run until March 24, 2014. To register, please complete and return the form on the attached flyer below
or register online at**

Date: 4/28/14, 8:30am to 4:30pm
Time: 4/28/14, 8:30am to 4:30pm
Location: Hickey Auditorium, Main Building, Floor 11 (R11.1400)
Format: Training/Employee Development
Speaker: Stephen W. Russell, PhD
Speaker Bio: Stephen W. Russell, PhD, cofounder of Grant Writers’ Seminars and Workshops, LLC, was funded continuously from the early 1970s by the NIH, USDA, American Cancer Society, foundations, and industry. Grants awarded included individual-­investigator–initiated research awards, program project grants, and training grants. In 1999, Dr. Russell elected to enter emeritus status and concentrate on Grant Writers’ Seminars and Workshops full time. He has served on multiple national review panels and advisory groups and has received awards for excellence in teaching. Dr. Russell earned his PhD in comparative pathology at the University of California–Davis and was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Scripps Research Institute. At the University of Kansas Medical Center, he was the Wilkinson Distinguished Professor of Cancer Research; Director of the Cancer Center; and Professor in the departments of Pathology and Immunology & Medical Microbiology.
Contact: John McCool - 23174 -
  Grant Writers 2014 Flyer.pdf (PDF, 335 KB)