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eHRI Seminar Series:

eHRI Seminar Series: "Devices, Behavior and Nudge"

Dr. Ashu Sabharwal is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rice University.  The objective of this seminar will be to start a dialogue on the big question of reducing costs while improving quality of health outcomes. We live most of our lives outside a hospital but that part of our lives is perhaps quantified the least. Thus, holistic care solutions of the future will necessarily have to measure structural, functional, behavioral and environmental health quantities of interest, in-situ.  Beyond measurement, we will have to develop creative new methodologies to nudge people into adopting healthy behaviors, with the aim to improve both short and long-term health outcomes. 

Date: 4/9/13, 12pm to 1pm
Time: 4/9/13, 12pm to 1pm
Location: Cancer Prevention Building, Floor 8, Rooms 3&4
Format: Seminar/Conference
Contact: Jennifer Deneen - (713) 792-8039 -