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eHealth Research Institute Seminar Series,

eHealth Research Institute Seminar Series, "Devices, Behavior and Nudge"

The eHealth Research Institute (eHRI) was founded by three Houston institutions:  The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center,  Rice University, and the Center for Space Medicine (NASA), in order to foster  innovation and research focused on advancement, integration and translation of technology research to the distance delivery of cancer care.  The eHRI, using ‘telemedicine’ as the platform, attracts interested members together to form new research projects, with a focus on device development, data-streaming in resource depleted areas, diagnosis, monitoring, image analysis, follow-up care, physician mentoring, artificial intelligence, and others.  


The eHRI Seminar Series provides a forum for faculty, students, and industrial members,  to present and discuss their research.   For more information, please contact:  Jan Odegard, PhD, or Robert L Satcher MD PhD, 

Date: 4/9/13, 12pm to 1pm
Time: 4/9/13, 12pm to 1pm
Location: CPB 8th Floor, Rooms 3 & 4
Directions: Cancer Prevention Building, 1155 Pressler Street, 8.3305 and 8.3301
Format: Seminar/Conference
Speaker: Ashu Sabharwal, PhD
Speaker Bio: Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Rice University
Sponsor: eHealth Research Institute
Contact: Jennifer Deneen - (713) 792-8039 -