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Center for Cancer Immunology Research (CCIR) Grand Rounds

Center for Cancer Immunology Research (CCIR) Grand Rounds

"Regulation of the transcriptional programs of Bcl6 and PLZF by the E3 ligase Cullin 3"

Presented by:  Dr. Albert Bendelac


HHMI Investigator

The University of Chicago

Chicago, IL


Date: 2/7/13, 10am to 11am
Time: 2/7/13, 10am to 11am
Location: Griffin Conference and Education Center, South Campus Research Building 2, Floor 1, Conference Rooms 1-6
Directions: After entering the building, turn right in front of the receptionist's desk then left down the hallway. The seminar will be held in rooms 4 and 5.
Format: Seminar/Conference
Facilitator: Dapeng Zhou
Speaker: Albert Bendelac
Speaker Bio: Prof. Albert Bendelac is an HHMI Investigator who studies innate lymphocytes, with a focus on NKT cells and their recognition of self- and microbial glycolipids presented by major histocompatibility-like molecules of the CD1 family. This research has direct implications for disease conditions, such as microbial and viral infections, cancer, allergic inflammation (asthma), inflammatory bowel disease, and autoimmunity. His lab just published in Nature on the transcriptional factors, ubiquitin enzymes, and chromatin-modifying complexes responsible for the mechanisms of lymphoid effector programs.
Contact: Taretta Jones - 21461 -