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Office of Performance Improvement Grand Rounds

Office of Performance Improvement Grand Rounds

Innovation, Quality Engineering and Six Sigma

by  Douglas C. Montgomery, Ph.D. of Arizona State University

Does six sigma and more generally the use of statistical methodology stifle innovation?   These are important themes in this presentation. Six sigma is viewed as part of a process for enabling both breakthrough innovation and incremental innovation, without which western society will fail to be competitive. Six sigma and quality technology in general is part of a broader approach to innovation and business improvement called statistical engineering. Perhaps the most powerful statistical technique in statistical engineering is design of experiments. Several important developments in this field are reviewed and applications of the methods illustrated.

About the Speaker

Professor: Regents’ Industrial Engineering and Statistics
and Engineering at Arizona State University
Fellow: American Society for Quality Control, American Statistical Association, Royal Statistical Society and Institute of Industrial Engineers
Elected Member: International Statistical Institute and Academician of the International Academy for Quality


Date: 2/11/13, 2pm to 3pm
Time: 2/11/13, 2pm to 3pm
Location: Hickey Auditorium, Main Building, Floor 11 (R11.1400)
Format: Grand Rounds
Sponsor: John Bingham
Contact: Paul SoRelle - (713) 795-9008 -