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Training & Research Opportunities

The Pain Research Group offers training and research opportunities for health care professionals interested in research and patient care related to symptom control.

Post-doctoral positions are regularly available. There are no vacancies at this time, however, please check back with us.

International research and clinical training in supportive cancer care is a priority for the Pain Research Group. Typically, we accept two trainees per year for appointments ranging from three to six months to a full year. Funding for these positions is variable, and is not guaranteed. If you are a health care professional interested in learning more about symptom control and palliative care through this program, please contact Charles S. Cleeland, PhD.

Past trainees in this program, organized through the PRG’s WHO Collaborating Center in Supportive Cancer Care, have come from many countries around the world, including China and Japan. Trainees have learned about symptom control research, cancer pain management, pediatric pain management, and hospice care through PRG sponsored alliances with clinical departments at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Texas Children’s Hospital, and the Hospice at the Texas Medical Center.