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Case 10 - Recurrent tumor of right parotid gland with metastasis to facial nerve and base of the brain

This 41-year-old male had history of right partoidectomy for carcinoma expleomorphic adenoma 5 years ago. Extensive recurrence with perineural metastasis to the facial nerve was found on recent follow-up MRI examinations. Patient expired one month later. At autopsy there was carcinoma involving right temporal bone with intracranial extension into right cerebello-poutine angle with compression of the pons.
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Axial T1-weighted MR image (TR 700/TE 20) at the level of the clivus: recurrent tumor with low signal intensity in the region of the right parotid bed with extension to petrous apex and the mastoid tip (arrow). Axial T1-weighted MR image (TR 700/TE 20) at the level of the upper margin of the clivus: enlarged facial nerve is within the right internal acoustic meatus(1), and extends to the right cerebello-pontine angle cistern (2). Tumor mass involving the mastoid tip is well shown (3).


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