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Just because a vendor is listed on this website does not guarantee the best deal, nor is any warranty implied or guaranteed by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center or the UT System. Shop wisely and compare prices and service reputation before you buy.

  • Affordable Pc Mechanics - Use Code: None
    Affordable Pc Mechanics (PDF) - Use Code: None
    20% Off any computer repair. Pickup and drop off available to workplace.
    Amount of Discount: 20%
    20% off any computer repair. Pickup and delivery to workplace.
    No Expiration
  • Hewlett Packard - HP - Use Code: MDAC
    Hewlett Packard - HP (PDF) - Use Code: MDAC
    Wide selections of new and refurbished HP and Compaq products are available to Employee Purchase Program (EPP) members. As an EPP customer, you can take advantage of exclusive EPP-only deals and discounts (typically up to 10% below starting price).
    Amount of Discount: 10%
    EPP discount combines with any other sales promotions available through HP Home & Home Office.
    No Expiration
  • Sam's Computer Repair - Use Code: MDACC
    10% off of service for all computer work brought in to our office. We are conveniently located about 5 minutes south of the medical center. Our office hours are M-Th: 9am to 6pm, F: 9am to 5pm, & Sat: 8am to 2:30pm. We are closed Sunday. We specialize in computer repair, virus removal, network setups (wired & wireless), web design, security, diagnostics, helpdesk, etc.
    Amount of Discount: 10%
    No Expiration
  • SHI Government Solutions - Use Code: None
    SHI Government Solutions (PDF) - Use Code: None
    SHI Government Solutions would like to offer Computers and IT Peripherals to employees of MD Anderson Cancer Center at a discounted price. IT Peripherals include printers, scanners, digital cameras, external hard drives, USB flash drives, and other computer related products.
    Discounts will range from 5-25% depending on the manufacturer. Apple iPads may be purchased at list price only.
    No Expiration
  • Zizinya Web Solutions - Use Code: MDA
    Up to 50% off website design with 6 month internet marketing commitment.
    Amount of Discount: 25% or more
    No Expiration


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