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Just because a vendor is listed on this website does not guarantee the best deal, nor is any warranty implied or guaranteed by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center or the UT System. Shop wisely and compare prices and service reputation before you buy.

  • CAP Advisory Service, Inc. - Use Code: None
    CAP Advisory Service, Inc. (PDF) - Use Code: None
    The Student Assurance Card provided families (parents and student/s) with four professional services. College Assistance, Roadside Assistance, ID Theft Protection and Medical Bill Saver. Helping families plan and prepare for college, and have peace of mind during that stage in life.
    7% per month discount on the Student Assurance Card
    No Expiration
  • HABLA Spanish School - Use Code: Mention MDA during online registration
    HABLA Spanish School (PDF) - Use Code: Mention MDA during online registration
    Adult Spanish classes, various levels, times, established at nearby locations. Can also form Spanish-for-Medical-Professionals classes.
    Amount of Discount: 10%
    No Expiration
  • Redd School - Use Code: None
    Redd School (PDF) - Use Code: None
    Redd School, Free Registration ($400. or $500. savings) OR 10% off current published tuition prices. (see price list - savings vary) Associates who have children already enrolled in Redd School may participate in discounted prices, but savings are not retroactive.
    Amount of Discount: 10%
    No Expiration
  • The Health Museum (PDF) - Use Code: Corporate
    Discount on admission to the museum for MD Anderson employees. $3.00 off the price of adult general admission and $1.00 off the price of child general admission.
    $3.00 off Adult general admission ticket $1.00 off Child general admission ticket.
    Expires on 11/30/2014
  • TUTORING CLUB (PDF) - Use Code: None
    Provide tutoring services for K-12 Grade Subjects for all ages. Tutors help students at all levels to achieve their highest level of potential.
    Amount of Discount: 10%
    10% Discount
    No Expiration
  • Westbury Christian School - Use Code: MD Anderson iDeal
    Help your child take the next step on his/her journey to future success. Start a Westbury Christian School application today and we'll waive the fee.
    $75 application fee waived before submission.
    No Expiration


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