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  • IARC Monographs Database on Carcinogenic Risks to Humans
    • The IARC Monographs series publishes authoritative independent assessments by international experts on the carcinogenic risks posed to humans by a variety of agents, mixtures and exposures. Since its inception in 1972, the series has reviewed more than 860 agents, and IARC Monographs have become well-known for their thoroughness, accuracy and integrity.
  • IARC TP53 Mutation Database
    • The IARC TP53 Database compiles various types of data and information on human TP53 gene variations related to cancer. Data are compiled from the peer-reviewed literature and from generalist databases.
  • IEEE Xplore
    • Updated regularly. IEEE Xplore is a digital library providing full text access to the world's highest quality technical literature in electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics. IEEE Xplore contains full text documents from IEEE journals, transactions, magazines, letters, conference proceedings, standards, and IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology) publicat
  • Influuent - UT MD Anderson Experts
    • This site highlights the publications of UT MD Anderson's researchers, as reflected in Elsevier's Scopus database. it can be used to search for expertise, facilities, research opportunities, and to facilitate collaborations.
  • International Clinical Trials Registry Platform - WHO
    • The WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform is a clinical trials register which searches ongoing and completed clinical trials from around the world. It contains trial registration data sets which are made available by data providers. WHO’s trial registration is based on an internationally-agreed set of information about the design, conduct and administration of clinical trials.