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Journals & Bibliography

  • American Periodicals Series Online , 1741 - 1900 - ProQuest (HAM/TMC)
    • 1741 - 1900. American Periodicals Series Online™ (APS Online) includes digitized images of the pages of American magazines and journals published from colonial days to the dawn of the 20th century. Titles range from Benjamin Franklin's General Magazine and America's first scientific journal, Medical Repository; popular magazines such as Vanity Fair and Ladies' Home Journal; regional and niche publications; and groundbreaking journals like The Dial, Puck, and McClure's.
  • Electronic Collections Online (ECO) - OCLC
    • 1995 - present. Updated daily. A collection of more than 3,000 scholarly journals in a wide range of fields from OCLC. Full text is available for some journals.
  • InterDok: Directory of Published Proceedings
    • Updated coninuously. Since 1965, InterDok, a directory of published proceedings has identified resulting material from 280,000+ conferences, congresses, meetings & symposia. Subject areas include medicine, life science, engineering, technology, pollution, ecology, social sciences, and the humanities.
  • Journal Citation Reports (Impact Factors) - ISI Web of Science
    • Updated annually. Journal Citation Reports is a comprehensive and unique resource that allows you to evaluate and compare journals using citation data drawn from over 7,500 scholarly and technical journals from more than 3,300 publishers in over 60 countries. It is the only source of citation data on journals, and includes virtually all areas of science, technology, and social sciences.
  • Journals Indexed in Index Medicus (PubMed Journal Search)
    • This site can be searched in a variety of ways for journals that are included in MEDLINE/Index Medicus. You may enter the journal name, MEDLINE abbreviation or ISSN. You may also enter a single word from the journal title or several adjacent words in the title. Use an asterisk * at the end of a word to truncate. For example, engl* would match england, english, etc.
  • Journals@Ovid Full Text - Ovid
    • This database contains only journals for which there is full text available through Ovid. The database may be searched by subject, author or journal title.
    • JSTOR (Journal Storage - the Scholarly Journal Archive)
      • The JSTOR archive is a searchable electronic database of full-text research journals in a variety of academic disciplines and is particularly strong in arts and sciences. JSTOR includes the complete backruns of the journals, from the first volume to within 1-5 years of the most recently published issue (there are no current volumes ).
    • Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) - CDC
      • Updated weekly. The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) Series is prepared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The data in the weekly MMWR are provisional, based on weekly reports to CDC by state health departments. The reporting week concludes at close of business on Friday; compiled data on a national basis are officially released to the public on the succeeding Friday.
    • RefWorks (HAM/TMC)
      • Current file . RefWorks is a web-based bibliographic management tool that enables users to organize and create a personal database online, format bibliographies and manuscripts, and import references from a variety of databases using the already created Import Filters. RefWorks has incorporated a RSS feed reader so users can establish links to RSS feeds and import data from those feeds directly. RefWorks automatically creates author, descriptor and periodical indexes when importing. RefWorks is a web-based tool; authorized users may access the program from anywhere at any time. It can also be used across multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Unix.
    • Serials Directory - EBSCO
      • Current file. The Serials Directory provides access to the most up-to-date and accurate bibliographic information as well as current pricing structures for popular serials. This database contains nearly 184,000 U.S. and international titles, including newspapers, historical data for an additional 20,000 titles and data from nearly 83,500 publishers worldwide.
    • Social Sciences Citation Index - ISI Web of Science - ISI
      • 1975 - present. Updated weekly. Provides bibliographic data, citations and abstracts of English-language authors to significant articles from the 1,725 journals spanning 50 disciplines as well as covering individually selected, relevant items from over 3,300 of the world's leading scientific and technical journals. Corresponds in part to the print Social Science Citation Index.
    • Web of Science
      • 1975 - present. Updated weekly. Provides complete bibliographic data plus citations and English-language author abstracts to worldwide literature across a wide range of scientific and technological disciplines. Covers approximately 5,700 major journals across 164 scientific disciplines. Corresponds in part to the print Science Citation Index.
    • Your Journals@Ovid
      • This database is a subset of the Journals@Ovid database and is restricted to those full text journals which are subscribed to by the Research Medical Library through OVID. The database may be searched by subject, author or journal title.