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United States

  • Cancer Trials Support Unit
    • The Cancer Trials Support Unit (CTSU) is a pilot project sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for the support of a national network of physicians to participate in NCI-sponsored phase III cancer treatment trials. The objectives of this unit are to reduce the regulatory/administrative burden on Cancer Cooperative Groups, to increase physician and patient access to NCI-sponsored clinical trials and to streamline and standardize information collection and reporting.
  • Center Watch: Clinical Trials Listing Service
    • This site lists industry-sponsored trials for all types of health conditions. You can use this site to search for clinical trials by therapeutic area and geographic region. It includes an extensive list of IRB approved clinical trials being conducted internationally. The Web site also lists promising therapies newly approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Coalition of National Cooperative Groups
    • From this site you can search for clinical trials and read about patients’ clinical trial experiences. It uses TrialCheck to find clinical trials.
  • Current Controlled Trials
    • Current Controlled Trials allows users to search, register and share information about randomized controlled trials. Access to all the information on this site is free; charges for the registration services offered by Current Controlled Trials are available on request. Publication services are also available via the range of open access peer-reviewed journals published by our sister company, BioMed Central
  •, Inc.
    • This is a matching and referral system for private and government funded cancer clinical trials.
  • National Cancer Institute Clinical Trials Database
    • This service provides a database of approximately 1,800 active cancer clinical trials that are open to patients worldwide and more than 12,000 closed cancer clinical trials. The database can be searched by location, type of cancer, treatment modality and other parameters.
  • National Institutes of Health
    • This site emphasizes trials sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. It includes NCI trials, some international trials and trials sponsored by other federal agencies and the pharmaceutical industry.
  • U. T. MD Anderson Cancer Center - Clinical Trials
    • Find open MD Anderson trials listed by type of cancer, treatment, study number and physician name.

Outside the United States