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    • Authoritative, evidence-based guidance for clinical care. Evidence is graded on the type of research study and the quality of the evidence
  • BMJ Updates
    • BMJ Publishing Group and McMaster University's Health Information Research Unit are collaborating to provide you with access to current best evidence from research, tailored to your own health care interests, to support evidence-based clinical decisions. All citations (from over 110 premier clinical journals) are pre-rated for quality by research staff, then rated for clinical relevance and interest by at least 3 members of worldwide panel of practicing physicians.
  • CINAHL Plus with Full Text
    • CINAHL Plus with Full Text is the world's most comprehensive source of full text for nursing & allied health journals, providing full text for more than 560 journals indexed in CINAHL.Of those, nearly 400 have cover-to-cover indexing in CINAHL. With more than 600,000 full-text articles dating back to 1937, CINAHL Plus with Full Text is the definitive research tool for all areas of nursing and allied health literature.
  • Cochrane Library
    • The Cochrane Library contains high-quality, independent evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. The following databases are contained within the Cochrane Library:

      1. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews (Cochrane Reviews)
      2. Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (Other Reviews)
      3. Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (Clinical Trials)
      4. Cochrane Database of Methodology Reviews (Method Reviews)
      5. Cochrane Methodology Register (Methods Studies)
      6. Health Technology Assessment Database (Technology Assessments)
      7. NHS Economic Evaluation Database (Economic Evaluations)
      8. About The Cochrane Collaboration (Cochrane Groups)
  • DynaMed
    • Dynamed is a clinical reference tool created by physicians for physicians and other health care professionals for use primarily at the 'point-of-care'. With clinically organized summaries for nearly 3,000 topics Dynamed is the only evidence-based reference shown to answer most clinical questions during practice. Dynamed is updated daily and monitory the content of over 500 medical journals and systematic evidence review databases directly and indirectly by using many journal review services. Each publication is reviewed cover-to-cover, and each article is evaluated for clinical relevance and scientific validity. The new evidence is then integrated with existing content, and overall conclusions are changed as appropriate representing a synthesis of the best available evidence. Through this process of systematic literature surveillance, the best available evidence determines the content of Dynamed.
  • Evidence-Based On-Call
    • In this compendia you will find evidence-based summaries of 38 on-call medical conditions. Every recommendation links via a plus (+) icon to a short summary of the evidence which in turn link to one-page summaries (called CATs) used via the cat icon.
  • MD Consult (HAM/TMC)
    • MD Consult is a database of clinical point-of-care resources. This subscription includes full-text access to over 50 medical reference books covering a wealth of specialties; browsable access to a large journal collection and to 35 Clinics of North America titles; drug information from Gold Standard; more than 1,000 practice guidelines; and thousands of customizable patient education handouts. It offers the option to create personal accounts and participate in CME activities, and includes a news section. Available to Educational level users.
  • Medline - OVID
    • Provides access to over 12 million references from 4600 biomedical journals. Many of these references link to abstracts and in some cases, the full text of articles. Available free from the National Library of Medicine (access via PubMed) or via subscriptions from vendors such as Ovid Technologies, EBSCO, etc.
  • Medline - PubMed
    • Provides access to over 12 million references from 4600 biomedical journals. Many of these references link to abstracts and in some cases, the full text of articles. Available free from the National Library of Medicine (access via PubMed) or via subscriptions from vendors such as Ovid Technologies, EBSCO, etc.
  • OT Seeker
    • Critically appraised and rated abstracts of systematic reviews and randomized controlled trials relevant to occupational therapy, designed to provide evaluations of validity and interpretability.
  • PEDro - Physiotherapy Evidence
    • PEDro is an initiative of the Centre for Evidence-Based Physiotherapy (CEBP). It has been developed to give physiotherapists and others rapid access to bibliographic details and abstracts of randomized controlled trials in physiotherapy. Most trials on the database have been rated for quality to help to quickly discriminate between trials which are likely to be valid and interpretable and those which are not.
  • ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source
    • ProQuest Nursing & Allied Health Source makes it easy to find reliable healthcare information. This database provides full text journals, evidence based resources, and dissertations to support the study of the many aspects of nursing or the allied health professions, including physical therapy, radiography, dietetics, dental hygiene, and the clinical laboratory sciences.
    • SCOPUS is the largest abstract and citation database of research literature and quality web sources.
  • SumSearch
    • This search engine, hosted by the University of Texas Health Science Center, determines which is the best resource for your query, formats your query and performs the search. Among the databases and resources that may be searched are the Merck Manual, Canadian Taskforce on Preventive Health Care, Practice Guidelines from the National Guideline Clearinghouse, Medline, AHCPR, and DARE.
  • Turning Research into Practice (TRIP)
    • This resource, hosted by the Centre for Research Support in Wales, aims to support those working in primary care. The database has 10,000 links covering 30 resources and allows both Boolean searching (AND, OR, NOT) and truncation.
  • UpToDate
    • UptoDate is specifically designed to answer the clinical questions that arise in daily practice and to do so quickly and easily so that it can be used right at the point of care.