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What is "Search the Library" ?

"Search the Library" is a tool that lets you search across several resources at the same time. In one search box, you can find items that match your keywords in our online catalog, in several of our databases, in the catalogs of other libraries, and many other options. It's a great place to start, if you are just beginning your research, or, if you just need to familiarize yourself with topic.

Did you build this yourself ?

No. “Search the Library” is a discovery tool called Summon.  It was created by a company named Serials Solutions.  They provide many other products to us and other libraries.  This includes tools to search for online journals and eBooks.

Can I still search the catalog to find books ?

Yes.  Eventually, “Search the Library” will be the primary method of locating items that the Research Medical Library owns.  However, the catalog can still be accessed here:  Also, there are links on most pages of the Library’s web site to the catalog.

Why would I want to use this ?

  • Searching is fast, easy, and has a user-friendly interface.
  • Search results include citations of many kinds of sources: books, journal articles, newspaper articles, conference proceedings, dissertations, photos, multimedia, and much more.
  • Searches can include materials that are not part of our collections, but which can easily be requested through our interlibrary loan service.

Why would I NOT want to use this ?

  • “Search the Library” includes many, many resources, but not everything to which the Research Medical Library subscribes.
  • Comprehensive searches on a topic would be better completed in individual, subject-specific databases. (i.e. PubMed, Scopus, Cochrane Library, etc.)
  • Vague or short searches will return a large number of results.

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