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February 2009

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More e-books from Books@Ovid

The Research Medical Library provides access to nearly 300 e-books from the Books@Ovid collection.   The benefit of these e-books is that you can link seamlessly between chapters as well as have:

  • Access to the latest edition
  • 100% word-for-word searchability
  • Links from book bibliographies to full text journals, bibliographic records, and external resources
  • Book topic links within the text can be created with Ovid Jumpstarts, for web-based syllabi and other online communication

Some titles available in the collection include:

Evidence-based nursing: The research-practice connection. 2009
Oxford handbook of cancer nursing. 2007
Cancer biology. 2007
Biopsy interpretation of the breast. 2009

To view these and other books in the Books@Ovid collection, visit

If you have any questions about using e-books or other resources, contact the Research Medical Library at or 713-792-2282. 

Top 10 and New Talks from Henry Steward Talks

Henry Stewart Talks is a collection of talks by researchers and clinicians covering biomedical content.  Each talk is 20 -50 minutes long and contains audio of the speaker with the accompanying visual content.  Since the Research Medical Library provided access to this collection 6 months ago, over 1100 talks have been viewed by M.D. Anderson faculty, staff and students.  Talks are viewed individually and organized by series.  Each series contains approximately 20 talks.

The top 10 most-viewed series at M.D. Anderson in the past 6 months are:

  1. Apoptosis: Fundamentals, Pathways, Clinical Applications and Role in Disease (series)
  2. Calcium Signaling: Regulation, Mechanisms, Effectors, Role in Disease and Recent Advances (series)
  3. Design and Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials: Design, Analysis & Theory
  4. Evolution and Medicine: How New Applications Advance Research and Practice
  5. From DNA to Proteins: The Multiple Levels of Regulation
  6. Frontiers of Research in Autoimmunity: Etiology, Pathogenesis, Clinical Manifestation and Diagnostic Methodologies
  7. Gene-Environment Interactions: Role in the Modulation of Pulmonary and Autoimmune Disease Risks
  8. Monoclonal Antibodies as Therapeutic Agents: Fundamentals, Therapeutic Applications and Latest Advances
  9. Protein Epidemiology: Understanding Human Diseases at the Level of Protein Structure and Function
  10. Signal Transduction via Protein Tyrosine Kinase Receptors: Structures, Function, Regulation, Mechanisms and Role in Disease


A new series on Cancer Therapy, released last month, will be of interest to many at UT M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.  Here is a list of some of the talks in the Cancer Therapy Series:

Talks can be easily integrated into any online course or professional development program.  If you have questions about Henry Stewart Talks, please contact Clara Fowler ( ) or 713-745-1538.

Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Faculty and staff have access to all online journals and databases from the Research Medical Library when they are away from campus through the Key Chain Token.

For more information on Faculty & Staff Remote access, visit our FAQ here.

M.D. Anderson Cancer Center affiliated students may also access the resources of the Research Medical Library through a Student Remote Access account.  For more information on obtaining a Student Remote Access account, visit our FAQ here.

Links to login and access resources from off-campus are available from the bottom of the Research Medical Library homepage located at .

Questions about Remote Access may be directed to the Research Medical Library at or 713-792-2282. 

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