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March 2009

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Twitter, a popular micro-blogging client, allows for posts of up to 140 characters in length to be read online, from your phone or Blackberry.

The Research Medical Library’s Twitter account is @MDAndersonLib ( Please follow us to learn about the latest resources being added to our collection, building closures, upcoming classes, and other happenings in and around campus.  Some of our librarians are on Twitter along with other M.D. Anderson staff.

M.D. Anderson has these official Twitter accounts that you can follow too:

If you have questions about Twitter or using other social media for research and collaborating, contact Librarian Shamsha Damani at or 713-563-8018.

Eigenfactor and Other Metrics in JCR

New metrics to determine a journal’s impact have been added to the Journal Citation Reports database.  The well-known Impact Factor can be compared with the 5-Year Impact Factor, the Eigenfactor, and the Article Influence Score.  You can also rank journals by the new metrics.

All of the new metrics use a 5-year time span instead of the 2-year time span of the Impact Factor. The Eigenfactor ranks the influence of journals using a similar calculation as Google’s PageRank algorithm uses to rank the influence of web pages.  Journals are considered to be influential if they are cited often by other influential journals. The Eigenfactor includes in its calculation citations to other scholarly journals, as well as to newspapers, books, PhD theses, and popular magazines.

The Article Influence Score divides a journal's Eigenfactor Score by the fraction of articles published by the journal.  Scores are normalized so a score greater than 1.00 indicates that each article in the journal has above-average influence when compared to other Journal Citation Reports journals. A score less than 1.00 indicates that each article in the journal has below-average influence.

Using the Eigenfactor, the top 10 journals for Oncology in 2007 were:

Journal Title Eigenfactor Article Influence Score Impact Factor
Cancer Research .43681 2.847 7.672
Journal of Clinical Oncology .32292 3.916 15.484
Oncogene .26873 2.546 6.440
Clinical Cancer Research .20223 1.998 6.250
Nature Reviews Cancer .15048 16.553 29.190
Cancer .12063 1.548 4.632
International Journal of Cancer .11998 1.460 4.555
Cancer Cell .11776 10.731 23.858
Journal of the National Cancer Institute .10638 5.821 15.678
British Journal of Cancer .10172 1.443 4.635


  • To search the Journal Citation Reports database, select the link under the Core Databases from Databases page.


If you have any questions about finding Impact Factors or other metrics, please contact an expert searcher at: or call 713-792-2282.

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