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March 2010

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Popular Protocols Now Available Online

Springer Protocols includes over 20,000 laboratory protocols organized by subject and subcategories as well as searchable by keywords. These protocols include the popular series Methods in Molecular Biology and Methods in Biotechnology. Searching “cancer” in SpringerLink retrieves a list of 33 protocols that were added to the database in the last month. These results are organized into subcategories including enzymology, immunology, proteomics and antibodies. Full text is available for all protocols in .pdf and .html formats. Personalized options such as search alerts and marked lists are free, but you must register and log in to see these options SpringerLink.

To learn more about Springer Protocol, click here to view the tour:

To search Springer Protocols, select Springer-Link from the journal collection menu:

If you have any questions about using Springer Protocols, contact the librarians at the Research Medical Library by email or by calling our Information Desk at 713-792-2282.

Top 25 Journals Accessed in 2009

In 2009, our MD Anderson researchers made extensive use of the online journal collections available from the Research Medical Library. The top 25 most accessed journals from our journal collections were:

Journal Title (# of times accessed in 2009)

  1. Cancer Research (80684)
  2. Journal Of Clinical Oncology (54786)
  3. Nature (52663)
  4. Journal Of Biological Chemistry (45421)
  5. Blood (39416)
  6. Clinical Cancer Research (39131)
  7. Cell (34317)
  8. Science (30744)
  9. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (27368)
  10. Oncogene (23100)
  11. The Journal Of Immunology (20771)
  12. Cancer (18894)
  13. Cancer Cell (18563)
  14. International Journal Of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics (18317)
  15. Nature Reviews Cancer (15854)
  16. Molecular And Cellular Biology (15315)
  17. JNCI: Journal Of The National Cancer Institute (13886)
  18. Biochemical And Biophysical Research Communications (11950)
  19. Molecular Cell (11314)
  20. International Journal Of Cancer (10835)
  21. Nature Medicine (9993)
  22. Gynecologic Oncology (9831)
  23. Nature Cell Biology (9636)
  24. Nature Genetics (9093)
  25. American Journal Of Roentgenology (8888)

Most of the journals purchased by the Research Medical Library are part of large journal collections from vendors such as HighWire Press, Nature Publishing Group, and Elsevier ScienceDirect. This list of top 25 journals does not include our individual journal subscriptions.

If you would like to learn more about locating articles from online journals, attend our Finding Journals class:

If you have any questions about the Research Medical Library’s journal subscriptions, contact Sherry Widdoes by email at

New Lecture from Henry Stewart Talks - Introduction to Cytogenetics

Henry Stewart Talks is a collection of online seminars by leading world experts. The Research Medical Library provides access to these talks for use in undergraduate and graduate-level classes as well as for continuing education opportunities for our fellows and faculty. New seminars are released approximately every two months and the collection includes six talks by our MD Anderson faculty.

This month, Henry Stewart Talks includes a new 3-part series of lectures on cytogenetics by Dr. Sioban SenGupta from the University College London. Dr. SenGupta heads the PCR lab at the UCL Centre for PGD Research, Training and Treatment. She is a molecular geneticist who has worked for over 20 years in the field of cancer genetics. In 2003, she joined the PGD team at UCL as a lecturer to oversee PGD for monogenic disorders. Dr. SenGupta’s main research interests are cancer predisposition and DNA repair.

The 3-part series provides an excellent overview of the cytogenetics including information on Q banding, R banding, C banding, isochromosomes, cell cycle checkpoints, Robertsonian translocations, and molecular cytogentetics. To access the talks, visit the Introduction to Human Genetics Series:

If you have questions about Henry Stewart Talks, contact Clara Fowler in the Research Medical Library by email at

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