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August 2013

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Now Available: Access Medicine eBooks

The library has acquired a one year trial of Access Medicine, which includes access to over 75 medical eBooks, medical images and illustrations, case files and diagnostic and point-of-care tools. Core reference books like Harrison’s Manual of Medicine and The MD Anderson Manual of Medical Oncology are now available through Access Medicine. In addition, some of the eBooks include ancillary materials like PowerPoint lecture slides with figures and tables from the book. Users can also search across the Access Medicine database to find information on diagnoses, lab tests, symptoms and treatment. Here are a few available eBooks:

MD Anderson Manual of MEDICAL ONCOLOGY Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2013 Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine Online

MD Anderson Manual of Medical Oncology
Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment
Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine Online

Three Mind Mapping Apps for Tablets

Simple Mind

Simple Mind is a mind mapping tool that turns your iPad into a brainstorming, idea collection, and thought structuring device. You can sync your Mind Maps with SimpleMind Desktop for OS X/Windows or store your mind maps in the cloud and synchronize them between devices via Dropbox. Simple Mind also allows you to add links to web pages. You can also export your mind maps to a PDF or image format.  This app is free, but offers a full version for $4.99. iOS devices only.

iThoughts HD

iThoughtsHD is an app for mind-mapping and casual flow-charting. It can be used to create task lists, brainstorm ideas, plan projects or events, establish and organize goals, take notes in a meeting or class, or anything else that might benefit from a visual idea map. iThoughtsHD offers an array of export options. You can turn your mind map into a PDF, a PNG, or a dozen other specialized formats; you can also export it to e-mail or to another app. $9.99 on iPads.


MindMeister allows you to not only create mind-maps, but to sync them to a desktop account and share them with anyone with an account. You can also export your mindmap to a PDF or image format. MindMeister is also available on Android devices. Available for free or for a monthly subscription.

Webinar - Searching CINAHL for Nurses

August 22, 2013 11:00am - Noon CINAHL


CINAHL is the world's most comprehensive source of full text for nursing & allied health journals, providing full text for more than 560 journals.  Join a representative from CINAHL who will demonstrate the best searching techniques for searching, including applying limits, searching for evidence-based literature, and the new and updated features of the database. 

Questions about this webinar? Contact April Aultman Becker: 713-792-2293

Schedule of Classes & Webinars

Classes are held in the library classroom (FCT21.6008) unless otherwise noted.  Find the latest class schedule, class descriptions, and links here.

Webinars are live online classes that can be viewed from your desktop. Check out our upcoming webinars and archived webinars.

If you have questions about classes, please contact the Library at or 713-792-2282.

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