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November 2009

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Reaxys is the New Crossfire Beilstein

hrc010 TH.JPGStarting January 1, 2010, the chemistry database Crossfire Beilstein will be replaced by Elsevier’s Reaxys database. 

The new Reaxys is available now with the combined content of CrossFire Beilstein, Gmelin and the Patent Chemistry Database (PCD). The database has improved search and analysis tools including a synthesis planner, the ability to generate a structure query from a substance name, and a tabular results display. The results are also directly linked to full text through ScienceDirect, EspaceNet (European Patent Office), the US Patent Office, and SCOPUS.

Reaxys starts with the query form, which allows you to enter reaction, substance, or text search for authors, articles or topics. You can draw a structure or reaction using a structure editor, load a previously saved structure or reaction, or generate a structure by typing a name.  You can add further search conditions by including bibliographic and properties data in your query.

Reaxys was purchased by the Research Medical Library from Elsevier as part of the UT System Digital Library.

To access Reaxys now, select it from the list of databases provided by the Research Medical Library:

To learn how to use Reaxys, start with the training materials and videos available at:

If you have any questions about Reaxys, please contact the librarians at

PubMed Has a New Look

The National Library of Medicine has released a new interface for PubMed.  For an overview of the new interface, check out the following video.

PubMed - New Interface Demonstration (YouTube):

All of the Research Medical Library PubMed Classes have been redesigned to reflect the new interface.  Reserve your space for any of these classes in the Education Center (

  • PubMed 1: Basics

Single Citation Matcher, display ads, related articles, limits, history, clipboard

  • PubMed 2: Advanced

Citation sensor, MeSH, MyNCBI, auto alerts

  • PubMed 3: Search Clinic

PMCID converter, Special Queries, drugs and chemical searches, search consult

Latest class schedule:

For questions regarding PubMed, please contact the librarians at or 713-792-2282.

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