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001 Mickey and Minnie Magical Christmas 001 Mickey and Minnie Magical Christmas
Submitted by Elsy John, Stem Cell Transplantation Center. Mickey and Minnie would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
002 It's Spidey Season! 002 It's Spidey Season!
Designed by an anonymous wreath creator. Weave a web of wonder with this red and blue mesh wreath featuring a favorite superhero.
003 Sweet Snowflakes 003 Sweet Snowflakes
Designed by an anonymous wreath creator. Luscious lollipops and sparkly snowflakes set off this red mesh wreath, centered with a white poinsettia.
004 Resplendent in Red 004 Resplendent in Red
Designed by an anonymous wreath creator. Red mesh entwined with red-and-silver mesh set off a sparkly "Merry Christmas" in the wreath's center.
005 Feliz Navided 005 Feliz Navided
Designed by an anonymous wreath creator. This bright and bold green-and-red mesh wreath will brighten any door. A smiling snowman sets the tone for a festive season!
006 Teal & Silver Sensation 006 Teal & Silver Sensation
Designed by an anonymous wreath creator. An elegant silver ribbon circles this lightly flocked wreath, highlighted with teal ribbon accents, a teal poinsettia, and a translucent snowflake.
007 A Frozen Holiday 007 A Frozen Holiday
Designed by an anonymous wreath creator. Let Elsa and Anna greet your guests with this festive Frozen design. Adorned with silver snowflakes and silver and blue bulb ornaments.
008 Mardi Gras Masquerade 008 Mardi Gras Masquerade
Designed by Janeen Paprocki, HR Total Rewards Comp. Celebrate Mardi Gras 2018 in style with this deco mesh wreath adorned with a jester mask and the traditional Mardi Gras colors of green, gold and purple.
009 Man Cave Beginner's Kit 009 Man Cave Beginner's Kit
Show your man how much you care about his space with this beginner’s kit! It’s filled with decorations and useful items to begin his very own “Man Cave”! Items included: “Man Cave Blvd” metal sign, man symbol metal wall décor, “Bacon Crossing” magnet for the for the fridge, western star iron bottle opener, cast iron moose hook, drawer knob inspired to look like a gear shift, football wooden block décor; and it wouldn’t be complete without a very special sign that reads “I Love My Wife” a.k.a. “I LOVE it when MY WIFE let’s me go fishing” metal sign all wrapped up in camouflage ribbon!
010 I'll Have a Silver Christmas With You 010 I'll Have a Silver Christmas With You
Designed by Lauren King, Breast Surgical Oncology. Silver poinsettias, silver ornaments, silver berries, pine cones, and silver glitter grass.
011 A Winter Wonder Land 011 A Winter Wonder Land
Designed by Ursula Toliver, Fac Mgt RAF Admin. This wreath provides a nostalgic feeling of Christmas during the winter months. This festive wreath is sure to add merriment and cheer to any area. Its bright lights and realistic figures provides the perfect scene for the Holidays. The seven tiny village houses are covered snow and decorated for the occasion. The church is located in the center of the wreath surrounded by two trees adding a spiritual feel to this seasonal display. Each battery powered light was strategically placed to illuminate the houses and church.
012 A Minimalist Christmas 012 A Minimalist Christmas
Designed by an anonymous wreath creator. With the nation and the world facing turmoil of all kinds, there is a need to pause and reflect on the simple things - the sun rising in the morning, the sweet smile of an infant, some snow flurries, maybe…
013 Scarf-Inspired Christmas Wreath 013 Scarf-Inspired Christmas Wreath
Designed by Edrea Gonzales, Palliative Care& Rehab Med Rsch. White and black scarf wrapped wreath with greenery accents, red ribbon, and a green Christmas bell.
014 The Light of the World! 014 The Light of the World!
Designed by Elaine Luico, Chanice James, and Scherleen Barton-Williams, Surgery-Sugar Land. A ''Light Up'' Nativity wreath with a rustic appeal, turn on the power to get a reveal!
015 The Grinch Stole Christmas 015 The Grinch Stole Christmas
Designed by Brittany Cullen, Palliative, Rehabilitation and Integrative Medicine. Neon green wreath, Christmas is my favorite holiday sign, purple and red presents.
016 The Garden of Hope 016 The Garden of Hope
Designed by Monette Derecho and Haydee De La Cruz, Infusion Therapy. Vibrant pink and white flowers.
017 Cotton Country Christmas 017 Cotton Country Christmas
Designed by Kim Kish, Surgery - Katy. Evergreen wreath with buffalo plaid/burlap ribbon, burlap flowers, cranberries and cotton. Includes detachable ornament.
018 Hello from GU 018 Hello from GU
Designed by Annie Tran, Genitourinary Medical Oncology. This hello wreath is made with mix artificial purple peony and white tulip for natural look. A lovely addition that's sure to last for many seasons.
019 Come to the Merry Side 019 Come to the Merry Side
Designed by Shelby Becka, Social Work. Get into the holiday spirit with this festive wreath decorated with green & red ornaments, a Yoda Santa hat & ornaments featuring favorite Star Wars characters: Yoda, Darth Vader, R2D2, Chewbacca, and a Storm Trooper.
020 Astros 2017 World Series Champions Wreath 020 Astros 2017 World Series Champions Wreath
Designed by Jeff Flasik, Darian Hofer, Gail Davis, and Salvador Sosa, Creative Services. Celebrating your 2017 World Series Champions, the Houston Astros! Wreath is decorated in team colors, with baseball garland and ornaments. Framed photos of Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, George Springer, Alex Bregman, Dallas Keuchel and Justin Verlander. Wreath comes with Hall of Fame Baseball autographed by former Astro star, Jeff Bagwell who was recently inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
021 Texas A&M Pride 021 Texas A&M Pride
Designed by Kathryn Klingel, Breast Surgical Oncology. A fun wreath celebrating Texas A & M pride, complete with school colors and a hand-made Aggies sign!
022 The Wreathening V 022 The Wreathening V
Designed by Danika Dirba, Behavioral Science. A mixed media wreath made with origami flowers, 3D printed leaves, silver decorations, and LED lights.
023 Santa's Reindeer 023 Santa's Reindeer
Designed by Gloria Trowbridge, Clinical Effectiveness. In the traditional lore, Santa Claus' sleigh is led by his reindeer to help deliver gifts to the children.
Designed by Dorothy Franklin and LaToya Watley, The Woodlands. 2017 WORLD CHAMPION HOUSTON ASTROS - Orange wreath, with white, orange and blue mesh, decorated with a Championship pennant, baseball charms, World Series key chain, World Series magnet. Winner also receives four collector edition World Series magazines totaling over $75.00.
025 Silent Night 025 Silent Night
Designed by Rebecca Skeen, Psychiatry Oncology Center. Story of how the song Silent Night originated, moving clockwise around the wreath. The church is at the top to the right of the bow, and moves to the mice, the story, the organ, and finally to a copy of the original manuscript for the song.
026 Falling in Love with Christmas 026 Falling in Love with Christmas
Designed by Anne Acerra, Breast Medical Oncology. Mix of golden and red leaves and berries with glittery pine cones and a burlap accent bow.
027 Jingle Bells and Snowflakes 027 Jingle Bells and Snowflakes
Designed by Brittany Cullen, Palliative, Rehabilitation and Integrative Medicine. Red wreath, snowflakes, white/silver snowflake bow, glitter reindeer, turquoise snowflakes.
Designed by Britnie Perthius, Pharmacy - Bay Area. No better way to celebrate our Houston Astros winning the WORLD SERIES! Handmade Astros wreath, made out of tulle and Astros ribbon with a license plate #1 Fan. Winner also receives an authentic signed CARLOS CORREA baseball in a case with his baseball card!
029 Hark the Herald Angels 029 Hark the Herald Angels
Designed by Josette Glaze, Faculty Senate. Silver accented wreath with pine cones, large ornaments and angel in the center.
030 Boho Holidays 030 Boho Holidays
Designed by Laura Gibson, Thoracic H&N Med Onc - Rsch. Colorful wreath with pompoms, succulents, and ornaments. Central cactus and "happy holidays" in the center will brighten anyone's front door!
031 Lovin' You in Peace 031 Lovin' You in Peace
Designed by Anita Rios, General Accounting. For Maria Rios, Bruce Johnson Sr., and Benita Wilburn.
032 Wishing You a Wellness Christmas 032 Wishing You a Wellness Christmas
Designed by Palencia Lewis, Diagnostic Radiology. Description to come.
033 Pink Winter Wonderland! 033 Pink Winter Wonderland!
Designed by Lexie Bradford, Breast Surgical Oncology. The color of winter is in the imagination.
034 The Hogwarts Sorting Hat 034 The Hogwarts Sorting Hat
Designed by Catherine Sullaway, Neuro-Oncology. I am the Hogwarts Sorting Hat - take the arrow for a spin! I'll have a look inside your mind to see what house you are in. Brave Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin...
035 Season's Greetings 035 Season's Greetings
Designed by Rebecca Yzquierdo, Behavioral Science. Wreath with different seasonings on it.
036 Earn It! 036 Earn It!
Designed by Veronica Reyes, Jessica Martinez, and Linda Hutson, Diagnostic Radiology. Houston Astros World Champions wreath.
037 Rustic Christmas 037 Rustic Christmas
Designed by the Experimental Therapeutics Grants Team. Burlap, wood, country, plaid and Texas theme. Merry Christmas ball in the middle.
038 Hope 038 Hope
Designed by Priya Bhosale, Diag Rad - Body Imaging. This was created as a symbol for love and hope.
039 Merry Christmas, Y'all 039 Merry Christmas, Y'all
Designed by Cari Scherer Fiero, Breast Surgical Oncology. Red "Merry Christmas Y'all" sign surrounded by a "Merry Christmas" ribbon, tan plaid ribbon, red polka dot ribbon, rustic bells and snowflakes.
040 Seven Ball Game World Champs 040 Seven Ball Game World Champs
Designed by Edward Guerro, Dana Willis, Yudith Carmazzi, nd Maryellen Campbell, Histocompatibility Laboratory. Orange and blue ribbon woven around with 7 baseballs. Centered wit Blue, Orange Star with a White H to symbolize the Houston Astros. Sparkling blue stars and other decorations along MVP and All Star wood baseballs.
041 A Charming Christmas 041 A Charming Christmas
Designed by Makala Hewgley, Pharmacy - Bay Area. Decorated in white with 11 Swarovski charms and two beautiful buttons.
042 Astros Strong! 042 Astros Strong!
Designed by Cortney Gibbs, The Woodlands.
043 Fa La La Lovely Holiday Wreath 043 Fa La La Lovely Holiday Wreath
Designed by Elana Lee, Head & Neck Surgery. This botanical wreath is embellished with festive burlap stars and white, blue, and pink flowers. This wreath was crafted to be inviting and elegant for year-round use.
044 Merry Christmas Everyone! 044 Merry Christmas Everyone!
Designed by Mercedes Geaslin, Quality Measurement and Eng. Poinsettia shatterproof ornaments, glitter foliage and poinsettias, wooden clothes pin deer, gold and white ornaments, metal glitter bells, a wooden sleigh, a Christmas bag of goodies and a large box with the words, 'Merry Christmas" on it.
045 Dia De Los Muertos 045 Dia De Los Muertos
Designed by Jennifer Hernandez, Quality Measurement and Eng. Sugar skulls, battery operated lights, multi color ornaments and ribbon (teal, pink, green).
046 We Bring the Heat - Let's Go Astros 046 We Bring the Heat - Let's Go Astros
Designed by Susan Urban, Invest. Cancer Therapeutics. If you want to show off your Astros pride, this is the Home Run for you! The wreath includes original hand painted wooden signs and stars with a glitter finish. It also has mini MLB baseballs and bats with a final touch of white, orange and blue tulle.
047 White Deer in Forest 047 White Deer in Forest
Designed by Tally Keeney, Stem Cell Transplantation Rsch. White deer on evergreen branches with burlap bow and ornament.
048 Feeling the Holidays 048 Feeling the Holidays
Designed by The SCTCT Administrative Support Team and SCTCT Finance Team. The groups that helped with creating the wreath were the SCTCT Administrative Support Team (Ana Saucedo, Cristabel Andrade, Arnetta Allen, Reema Budhwani, Esthela Guillen) and the SCTCT Finance Team (India Fender,Marina Rivas).
049 A Red and White Christmas 049 A Red and White Christmas
Designed by Hai Hong Cai, ATC - Sugar Land. Pine cones, gingerbread, snowflakes, candy canes, and jingle bells set the season with this wreath!
050 Totally 80s Wreath 050 Totally 80s Wreath
Designed by Anton Blender, Strategic Comm - Integ Media. Celebrate the holidays 80s style with this totally radical wreath! Comes with a DVD of a 1980s classic film starring John Cusack.
051 Is There Christmas on Mars? 051 Is There Christmas on Mars?
Designed by Danielle Walsh, Leukemia, and Damian Walsh, Symptom Research CAO. From Space Oddity to Blackstar, this wreath honors the great Starman himself--David Bowie. It's fun and eclectic: A mishmash of red, turquoise and gold glitter balls reminiscent of Aladdin Sane, hand-painted black stars, Bowie guitar picks and button pins, and a centerpiece featuring a custom laser-cut Bowie silhouette and Rebel Rebel necklace (removable for wearing). A true Bowie fan will face the strange and bid for this unique wreath honoring the icon.
052 A Holiday Hygge 052 A Holiday Hygge
Designed by Cynthia Wyche, Radiation Physics. Hygge (pronounced Hue-guh) is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment of being cozy or special.
053 Merry Corky Christmas 053 Merry Corky Christmas
Designed by April Holubar, Experimental Therapeutics. Purple, green and burlap ribbon with grapes and wine themed accents. Created and designed by Linda Schreiber.
054 Christmas Cheer 054 Christmas Cheer
Designed by Laurie Calvert, Transfusion Medicine. Red and green ribbon with small signs and a Christmas sign in the center.
055 Holiday Flowers 055 Holiday Flowers
Designed by Kelsey Hensler, Research Medical Library. Wreath decorated with red, gold, and silver origami flowers embellished with glitter and bells. Each flower hand made by the designer.
056 Comfort and Joy 056 Comfort and Joy
Designed by Jennifer Anderson and Susie Avila, Chief Academic Office. It is said that having a red cardinal in your home during Christmas will bring you good luck throughout the coming year. It is also a said it is a sign of those passed being near.
057 A Chico Christmas 057 A Chico Christmas
Designed by Jeffry Cutrera, Gyn Onc & Reproductive Med. A classic pine Christmas wreath with red and white adornments.
058 A Very Longhorn Christmas 058 A Very Longhorn Christmas
Designed by Krystal Wishkoski, Breast Surgical Oncology. University of Texas themed Christmas wreath. Texas Longhorn wooden cutout, pine cones, football ornaments, glitter christmas ornaments/balls with ribbon, and burlap bows.
059 Very Berry Christmas 059 Very Berry Christmas
Designed by Dana Willis, Yudith Carmazzi and Edward Guerro, Histocompatibility Laboratory. Woven red and white ribbons with gold ribbon bows center top and bottom. Red and gold berries alternate around the wreath.
060 Candy Cane Wishes 060 Candy Cane Wishes
Designed by The Quality Development Team at Physicians Network. The Quality Development team at Physicians Network would like to transport you into Candy Cane Land with this handmade and festive MINT-condition explosion of Christmas Cheer! Merry Christmas! -- Eric T. Koval and Team (Monica Ramirez-Garcia, Peggy Tong, Karen Sullivan, Tara Osby, Franklin Wynn and Rosie Mendez).
061 Waiting for Santa Paws 061 Waiting for Santa Paws
Designed by Jeffrey Simmons, Enterprise Business Systems. This wreath, with adorable holiday dog ornaments, will give you a case of puppy love. Play a game of fetch with the Christmas tennis balls!
062 Girl Power 062 Girl Power
Designed by Saryah Leyton, Vol Svc & Merch - Vol Svcs. The Spice Girls brought girl power to the 90s and now it's back for Christmas 2017. Included: "Baby Spice" Barbie doll, ginger spice for holiday baking, lollipops for Christmas stockings.
063 Poinsettias Delight	063 Poinsettias Delight
Designed by Robyn Sarpy and the Biostatistics Team. Holiday Greetings to you! Get a head start on your holiday decoration with these gorgeous poinsettias.
064 Kate Spade Inspired Wreath	064 Kate Spade Inspired Wreath
Designed by Rosalind Redmond, Treasury Services & Ops. This wreath is made with pink, black and gold ornaments. It also has two pink purse ornaments and two black high heeled shoe ornaments with gold sprays.
065 The Poinsettia 065 The Poinsettia
Designed by Keshante Harris, Asiane Venkatesan, Tabitha Zahradnik and Lauren Mills, Nrsg Post Anesthesia Care Unit. This poinsettia wreath is decorated in red and green burlap with gold accents.
066 A Frightful Christmas 066 A Frightful Christmas
Designed by Lydia Gutierrez, Oncology Care & Research IS. This is Halloween! This is Halloween... err... I mean Christmas! Celebrate this joyous season with Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King! This frightful wreath has ornaments and pumpkins; look closely and you will even find some of Sally's soup seasonings (Does "Frog's Breath" ring a bell?). There is also removable refrigerator tin magnets with The Nightmare Before Christmas buttons inside. Jack is removable as well, and comes with a display stand (not pictured). This wreath comes with the box that Jack came in as well as an additional refrigerator tin magnet with a button inside.
067 Blessed are the Peacemakers 067 Blessed are the Peacemakers
Designed by Christine Ramirez, Proton Therapy. I made this wreath in honor of all the men and women in Law Enforcement. For the time you took your Oath. For the time you responded to my need. For your service. For my security. For your bravery. For my peace. For my protection. For my courage. For my safety. For your sacrifice. For the times you've left your family. For risking it all. Thank you for your service.
068 Dreaming of a White Christmas 068 Dreaming of a White Christmas
Designed by Yekaterina Khotskaya and Melissa Menchaca, IPCT. Grapevine wreath with white, silver flowers and birds, one red cardinal.
069 A Game of Thrones Christmas 069 A Game of Thrones Christmas
Designed by Allison Baring, Dora Bogan, Kelley Gilpin and Bailey Robertson, CME/Conference Management. Christmas as seen through the lens of the hit show "Game of Thrones". The Department of CME/Conference Mgmt. assisted with the decorating of this wreath.
070 Fall Shimmer 070 Fall Shimmer
Designed by Joanna LaFontaine, Patient Access Services Admin. Wreath with the colors of bronze, gold, red and brown.
071 Santa Strong 071 Santa Strong
Designed by Allison Stewart, Kavya Ramkumar, Robert Cardnell and Lauren Byers, Thoracic/Head & Neck Med Onc. Large red, white and green bow with a 2017 Santa Claus and accents of red, white and pine cones.
072 A Doctor Who Christmas Special 072 A Doctor Who Christmas Special
Designed by Elizabeth Sumner, Invest. Cancer Therapeutics. This wreath showcases the eleventh doctor from Doctor Who. The characteristic bow tie of the eleventh doctor is at the bottom of the wreath as the TARDIS hangs in the middle of the wreath against a starry backdrop. The daleks and cybermen surround the TARDIS and a signature quote from the eleventh doctor is featured.
073 Country Christmas 073 Country Christmas
Designed by Kyle Kahanek and Nicole Love, Fac Mgt RAF. This wreath takes you to an old country farm where family gets together to enjoy the simple wishes of Christmas: Love, Peace, Joy, Hope, Faith, Fellowship, Family and Friends.
074 Believe in the Magic of Christmas 074 Believe in the Magic of Christmas
Designed by Patricia Rayson, Stem Cell Transplantation, and Yolanda Brown, Leukemia. Wreath is Bruno Mars Celebrating the Magic of Christmas with the glitz, bling, pearls etc., with CD attachment to bring out the MAGIC of Christmas.
075 Blue and Silver Song Birds 075 Blue and Silver Song Birds
Designed by Betty Spears, Dermatology. Blue and silver flowers and birds. Silver ribbon at the bottom with two snow birds.
076 Felt Flowers 076 Felt Flowers
Designed by Tim Coleman, Clinical Nutrition. Calming collection of felt flowers to adorn your door.
077 Christmas Memories 077 Christmas Memories
Designed by Richard Behringer, Rachel Mullen, Alejandra Ontiveros and Tokiko Furuta, Genetics. Handmade faithful recreations of nine Christmas tree ornaments originally made by grandmother more than 50 years ago.
078 Marvel versus DC Wreath 078 Marvel versus DC Wreath
Designed by Paul Panis, Lade Adewale, Selwyn Chopin-Sanderson, Grace Ward, Duyen Nguyen, Maleeha Arshad, Deandra Renaud, Dana and Brian, Leukemia. Includes: Dancing Groot, $28 value; collectible DC figurines; collectible Marvel figurines; and features iconic foam comic action bubbles.
079 A St. Nicholas Tradition 079 A St. Nicholas Tradition
Designed by Sarah Kaddour Djebbar and Dr. Piha-Paul's Team in Invest. Cancer Therapeutics. 'Tis the season of giving! The orange segments represent the ability to share with others and a historical reminder to care for those in need.
080 Frosty Pines 080 Frosty Pines
Designed by Jessica Anderson, Francis Simms, Daniel Shin and Amin Esmaily-Fard, Oncology Care & Research IS. A festive holiday wreath decorated with pine cones, holly berries and snow to brighten your holiday spirit.
081 Never Underestimate the Power of Music 081 Never Underestimate the Power of Music
Designed by Daniel Ledbetter, Neurosurgery - Research. Inspired by the new Pixar movie "Coco", this bright wreath is decorated with handmade paper flowers and hand painted guitars.
082 Jingle Bells Making Spirits Bright 082 Jingle Bells Making Spirits Bright
Designed by Pamela Brooks, Patient Resource Admin. Grapevine wreath adorned in burlap and bells.
083 Spring Thing 083 Spring Thing
Designed by Asiane Venkatesan, Keshante Harris, Tabitha Zahradnik and Lauren Mills, Nrsg Post Anesthesia Care Unit. Natural twisted grapevine with white flowers and a burlap bow.
084 Wonder Women: Battling Cancer Together 084 Wonder Women: Battling Cancer Together
Designed by Greg Buchold, IPCT. Red and white stripe wire base, star spangled Wonder Woman sword, shield, and lasso, and breast cancer awareness/survivors. Dedicated to the collaborative efforts between the strong women in IPCT, MD Anderson and our patients with the goal to end cancer.
085 Joy to the World 085 Joy to the World
Designed by Kelley Gilpin, CME/Conference Management. Joy to the World, Peace on Earth, Goodwill towards each other, my wish for this season. Colors of red, gold & cream to celebrate this holiday season.
086 Cancer Prevention Here and Everywhere 086 Cancer Prevention Here and Everywhere
Designed by Katherine Oestman, Cancer Prev & Control Platform. The wreath shows that Houston is the heart of MD Anderson and we project out our resources and knowledge for cancer prevention throughout Houston, the state, nation, and world.
087 A Wreath Out of This World 087 A Wreath Out of This World
Designed by Melissa Lopez and Ellen Baker, Cancer Prev & Control Platform. Designed in honor of space exploration, adorned with balls resembling planets in our solar system, astronauts and rockets. Finished with a ribbon inspired by earth’s colors. The winner of this wreath will have the pleasure of enjoying lunch with female NASA astronaut Ellen S. Baker, M.D., M.P.H. Dr. Baker flew three times on the Space Shuttle, including once to the Russian Mir Space Station in 1989, 1992 and 1995.
088 Golden Mist 088 Golden Mist
Designed by Seema Prasad, GI Medical Oncology. Beautiful array of roses made with felt fabric. The roses in combination with golden ribbons is a perfect door décor for any festive season as it brings in warmth and brightness.
089 Get Yo Wreath On! 089 Get Yo Wreath On!
Designed by Sylvia Bazan, Jennifer Charles and Felicia Campbell, Diagnostic Imaging Admin. Dancing elves Christmas music wreath celebration.
090 Winter Forest 090 Winter Forest
Designed by Heather Beam, Ctr for Reconstructive Surgery. Winter has come upon the forest and is settling in for the night.The birds are nestling in while the owls are awakening for flight.
091 Oh Deer! Christmas is Here! 091 Oh Deer! Christmas is Here!
Designed by Joann Vu, Kimberly Beltran and Anna Lui, Invest. Cancer Therapeutics. Oh deer! Christmas is here! A wonderful assortment of holiday cheer that will truly make you, family, friends be in the spirit of the season.
092 Have a Merry Mickey Christmas 092 Have a Merry Mickey Christmas
Designed by David Diaz, Payroll. Mickey Mouse wreath created by Stacy Brister.
093 Frosty the Snowman 093 Frosty the Snowman
Designed by David Diaz, Payroll. Frosty the Snowman wreath created by Stacy Brister.
094 Aggie Nutcracker 094 Aggie Nutcracker
Designed by Ruth Reitzel, Infectious Dis&Inftn Ctrl-Rsch. Our 10th year of making Aggie Wreaths brings a delightful Aggie Nutcracker wreath featuring eight miniature nutcrackers and one large Texas A&M University themed nutcracker. The wreath also contains multiple clusters of mixed nuts and a hand made bow crafted out of TAMU 12th Man Towels! Gig 'em!
095 Tiffany Little Blue Bow Box Wreath 2017 095 Tiffany Little Blue Bow Box Wreath 2017
Designed by Erin Eaton, Cord Blood Bank Program. Wreath is decorated with little blue boxes from Tiffany & Co. The winner of the wreath will also receive a sterling silver jewelry set valued at $1,200. Tiffany HardWear is a modern interpretation of an archival design from 1971. View jewelry details online at
096 Houston Strong – Sports Wreath 096 Houston Strong – Sports Wreath
Designed by Duyen Nguyen, Brian Witt, Maleeha Arshad and Deandra Renaud, Leukemia. Detachable Texans centerpiece; four lanyards; two car decals. Winner also receives two tickets to Rockets vs Jazz game on Dec. 18, 2017, Section 417.
097 Texas Strong –  It's in Our Genes! 097 Texas Strong – It's in Our Genes!
Designed by Elva Lopez, Lisa Watson, Jennifer Weaver and Lisa Gower, Genetics. A Texas-themed wreath with red, gold and ivory burlap ribbon featuring a centerpiece designed by an MD Anderson patient. This Texas Strong wreath pays tribute to all survivors, and will be a lovely decoration all year round that proclaims the strength and spirit of our beloved state of Texas!
098 Berries are Ringing 098 Berries are Ringing
Designed by Megan Rose, Biostatistics. Bring in the holidays with this festive wreath adorned with berries, it’s sure to bring joy and peace into your home. Hand made by our team in Biostatistics. May this joyful season greet you with happiness.
099	Welcome Home Red Christmas 099 Welcome Home Red Christmas
Designed by Sandra Reyes, Fac Mgt Fac Administration, representing the Organization for Women. Three poinsettia flowers, three gold glitter pine cones, four red glitter leaves, and a "Welcome Home" wooden sign.
100 Christmas Joy 100 Christmas Joy
Designed by Lindsey Jones, Mercy Cherian, Bettina Patterson and Sobha George, Quality Measurement and Eng. A green wreath with red, gold, and silver balls and the white letters J and Y.
101 #HoustonStrong 101 #HoustonStrong
Designed by Sheela Singh, Cancer Systems Imaging. This beautiful red, blue, and silver ornament wreath represents the strength of Houston's Texans! We are #HoustonStrong, and #HoustonProud!
102 Majestic Houston Astros 102 Majestic Houston Astros
Designed by Sheela Matthews and Fnu Rensi Zacharia, Rad Onc Clinical Research. Designed to cheerfully raise funds for patients who are in need and built on a cup full of joy and pride for our city for such an outstanding accomplishment. Together we did it! Cypress wreath decorated with orange mesh, blue ribbon, silver ornaments, baseball glove ornament and a baseball. Houston Astros: Reflection of Houston Professional Baseball team made us proud.
103 Rustic Triple Wreath 103 Rustic Triple Wreath
Designed by Cyndi Shaw, Barry Kalmus, Patricia Henderson and Nina Alvarez, Clinical Revenue/Reimbursement. Triple wreath with rustic embellishments. Christmas accessories included: Santa hat, red scarf & bows.
104 Astros 2017 Champion Explosion with Lights 104 Astros 2017 Champion Explosion with Lights
Designed byToni Hutto, Lymphoma/Myeloma. In memory of my sister Patricia who Made Cancer History! Astros wreath contains two Houston Astros 2017 Champions drink cozies and Astros 2017 Champion lanyard. Wreath contains lights and batteries included for adapter.
105 A Joyful Christ-moose 105 A Joyful Christ-moose
Designed by Sireesha Amaram, Histology. Wreath designed with two moose all ready in buffalo check fabric for christmas. Added three house ornaments in the same buffalo check design. And a few pincones and brown ribbon complets the wreath.
106 The Spirit of the Season 106 The Spirit of the Season
Designed by Victoria Magare, Brittney Edwards, Loren Bryant and Marwa Taha, Health Disparities Research. Your inner child peeking out – a huge red-bowed wreath with golden ornaments all around it and ooh my... See who's hiding in the wreath.... It's Santa's helper!!
107 Merry Christmas 107 Merry Christmas
Designed by Cristina Gonzales, Emergency Medicine. Red and green mesh wreath accented with brightly colored ornaments.
108 Joy and Peace to the World 108 Joy and Peace to the World
Designed by Maria Cruz Carreras, M.D., Emergency Medicine, and Millie Carreras, mother of Emergency Medicine physician Dr. Maria Cruz-Carreras, who is here from Puerto Rico.
109 The Magical Nutcracker 109 The Magical Nutcracker
Designed by Pamela Mixson, Cristina Gonzales, Medhanit Zekarias and Lisa McLemore, Emergency Medicine. Decorated with a Nutcracker in the center and characters from the ballet.
110 Wizarding World of MD Anderson 110 Wizarding World of MD Anderson
Designed by Miriam Garcia-Hocker, Andrea Lopez and Brandi Pham, Nursing 12P. Harry Potter inspired wreath mixes yellow and red burlap to represent the Gryffindor scarf along with a golden snitch, wand, glasses, and owl. On P12, we are muggle nurses working our magic on Making Cancer History!
111 Joy to the World — the Astros Won! 111 Joy to the World — the Astros Won!
Designed by Vulan Vu, Vicky Tran, and Pamela Porter, Pharmacy Inpatient; and Truong Vu, Enterprise Business Systems. Handcrafted wood Astros logo, wood bat, baseballs, orange burlap, blue baseballs satin.
112 Bow Season 112 Bow Season
Designed by Laura Carrasco, Katie Delucia and Elsa Arvide, Surgical Oncology. Burlap bows, accented with gold, red chevron and green polka dot ribbon. Poinsettias sit in the center of each bow.
113 Chimpanzees and Pearls 113 Chimpanzees and Pearls
Designed by Lisa Reamer, Veterinary Sciences. Wreath with pearly decorations and a CHIMPANZEE PAINTING in the center! Has lights and a festive picture of a chimpanzee with a Santa hat!
114 Rustic Chic 114 Rustic Chic
Designed by Kari Sneed, Fac Mgt REF O&M Bastrop. Green wreath with burlap, gold accents, rustic bells, snowman and stocking.
115 Gingerbread Spice and Everything Nice 115 Gingerbread Spice and Everything Nice
Designed by Michelle Herrera, Veterinary Sciences. From the MD Anderson site in Bastrop, Texas. Red glitter bow, two large plush snowmen with milk and cookies, four gingerbread men and women ornaments, and a gingerbread sign in the middle of the wreath.
116 Winter Dreams 116 Winter Dreams
Designed by Marian Von-Maszewski, Critical Care. Muted metallics on a snow kissed wreath usher in a peaceful holiday season.
117 Let's Freeze Cancer in Its Tracks! 117 Let's Freeze Cancer in Its Tracks!
Designed by Wanda Vosmus, Davina Matson, Tamera Joshua, Rene Mothershed, Aracely Martinez and Susan Jose, Access Operations. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year. We have the theme from Frozen with Olaf and Elsa. We have a white wreath with blue ribbon, Christmas ornaments, blue flowers, blue and white icicles, blue lights. Spread the word: Preventive care is the key.
118 Houston Astros 118 Houston Astros
Designed by Sandra Smith, Epigenet & Mol Carcinogenesis. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE 2017 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS, THE HOUSTON ASTROS. This wreath is decked out in Astros colors, with a baseball field in the center.
119 Winter Wonderland 119 Winter Wonderland
Designed by Donna Gale Wooley, Translational Molecular Path. Angels resting on Silver leaves with birds perching on nearby branches cover with frozen dew. Nature scene is tied together with a big bow.
120 Countryside Cardinal 120 Countryside Cardinal
Designed by Rita Steckler, Veterinary Medicine & Surgery. A cardinal perches atop a grapevine wreath adorned with frosted boxwood sprays, red berries, and iced fruit.
121 Peppermint Delight 121 Peppermint Delight
Designed by Karla Valencia, Histology. Red ribbon, swirl ribbon, glitter, peppermints.
122 Golden LOVE 122 Golden LOVE
Designed by Eron Wahid, Nursing 8P. A wreath made with LOVE which is the most valuable gift one can give and receive!
123 #EarnedHistory 123 #EarnedHistory
Designed by Marilyn Ramirez, Zalie Niangar and Ricci Stephenson, Nocturnal Program Large 34" x34" 2017 World Series Champions Houston Astros wreath. This Astros FANATICS wreath is decorated with vibrant orange and beautiful royal blue colors surrounded by the perfect contrasting ribbons. Baseball themed ornaments and ribbons add FUN to this sporty wreath. This Astros baseball wreath comes with one Astros can cooler, one large Astros decal, one World Series Champions lanyard, and one custom-made Astros chef's towel.
124 Houston Strong 124 Houston Strong
Designed by Zalie Niangar, Ricci Stephenson and Marilyn Ramirez, Nocturnal Program. This wreath reminds us of how Houston Texans got together to help each other during the painful and scary circumstances caused by hurricane Harvey. This wreath has a custom made "Houston Strong" wooden Texas map-shaped sign with the Houston colors. Texas wild flowers surround the sign on this square wooden wreath. Around the wooden wreath are quaint Texas-themed ornaments; some of these feature cowboy boots, spurs, cowboy hat with a guitar, a saddle and a fun "y'all" ornament. A red ribbon in the center has a steer skull with turquoise detail, from it hangs a lone-star metal décor that completes this rustic Texas-themed wreath.
125 Go Coogs! University of Houston Wreath 125 Go Coogs! University of Houston Wreath
Designed by Zalie Niangar, Ricci Stephenson and Marilyn Ramirez, Nocturnal Program. This wreath comes with custom made blue, red and white University of Houston ornaments showing Cougar pride. It also comes with UH-themed ribbons and custom made red Texas map-shape décor with the white UH in the middle. This wreath will come with UH T-shirt and other goodies.
126 Blitzen's Glitz 126 Blitzen's Glitz
Designed by Rebecca Deen, Epigenet & Mol Carcinogenesis. This holiday wreath wrapped with cream & gold deco mesh and burlap combines country and glitz. Burlap ribbon accented with glittered deer silhouettes, is an essential part of the wreath design. This wreath was inspired by the designer's love of all things country and all things sparkly.
127 Winter Magnolias 127 Winter Magnolias
Designed by Melisa Weiss, Epigenet & Mol Carcinogenesis. Winter Magnolias represents the beauty of winter snow with typically southern flowers.
128 Home Sweet Home 128 Home Sweet Home
Designed by Jennifer Crunk, Epigenet & Mol Carcinogenesis. Rose gold painted wooden "home sweet home" with handmade crochet flowers, pom poms and a burlap/lace bow.
129 Seasons Grootings 129 Seasons Grootings
Designed by Marian Von-Maszewski and Virginia Schneider, Critical Care Baby Groot dancing across the galaxy (and this wreath) in a variety of handmade ornaments with a large figure in the center.
130 GO FOR THE GOLD! Cure Childhood Cancer! 130 GO FOR THE GOLD! Cure Childhood Cancer!
Designed by Soraya Neal and Patricia Amado, Nursing G9. Blue, orange, and gold wreath with baseball and Astros theme. The gold represents Childhood Cancer awareness to support and represent our G9 Pediatric Patients!
131 Strike Out Childhood Cancer! 131 Strike Out Childhood Cancer!
Designed by Patricia Amado and Riley Johnson, Nursing G9. G9 Pediatrics is "Striking Out" Childhood Cancer! Gold & Baseball themed wreath. The gold represents Childhood Cancer Awareness.
132 Color Me Merry 132 Color Me Merry
Designed by Alanna Motzi, Jennifer Phan, Maureen Triller and Gayle Harper, Ofc/VP Clinical Support Svcs. May your holiday season be cray-z and bright! Wreath lights up for extra holiday cheer.
133 Winter Blues 133 Winter Blues
Designed by Lauren Heese, Leukemia-Research. This snowman wreath is all you need to kick the winter blues. With jolly snowmen throughout, this wreath is sure to brighten your spirits with its vibrant blues and reminders of what is like to have a white Christmas.
134 Into the Woods 134 Into the Woods
Designed by Lauren Heese, Leukemia-Research. Bring a woodsy warmth to your traditional Yuletide with the rustic charm and squirrelly cuteness of a wreath that will have you expecting the sweet smell of pine in the air.
135 FaLaLaLa LaLaLa 135 FaLaLaLa LaLaLa
Designed by Christina Henry, Claudia Vasquez, Ashley Guerrero and Miguel Brigante Mogollon, Behavioral Science. Find enjoyment in a classic yet cherry wreath combined with red and gold sparkling tones.
136 Christmas 136 Christmas
Designed by Quwana Rice, Head & Neck Center. Created by the Dental Team.
137 Holiday Giggles 137 Holiday Giggles
Designed by Lagaya Boyd, Jamie Meadway, Cynthia Martinez Cindy Han-Castillo, Yamilett Medrano, Cheryl Franklin and Kim Duron, Ofc/EVP Physician-in-Chief. The SVP / CCO office is wishing everyone lots of smiles, giggles and laughs for the Christmas Holidays and for the upcoming New Year!
138 Texas Strong 138 Texas Strong
Designed by Oanh Kazim, Case Management. My home got flooded out with Hurricane Harvey, and I'm stronger for it through the grace of MD Anderson and friends and family.
139 Shimmering Seaside 139 Shimmering Seaside
Designed by Kathryn Jinkins, Patient Education Office. Indulge your inner mermaid with a shimmering under-the-sea wreath with gold, rose gold, platinum, & champagne sea fans, starfish, and pearls. Perfect for the beach house or for the beach vibe this holiday season.
140 Of Snowmen and Pinecones 140 Of Snowmen and Pinecones
Designed by Rita Martin, Patient Transportation. Description to come.
141 Christmas in the Pinefield 141 Christmas in the Pinefield
Designed by Rohenee Boodhu, Histology. Pine leaves and cones, bow with bells, reindeer with bells, red mesh. Includes wreath hanger.
142 Flores de Noche Buena 142 Flores de Noche Buena
Designed by Sarah Duran, Inst Analytics & Informatics. Poinsettia wreath with leaves and petals made of decorative mesh (Red and Green), which surround a golden center made of Christmas ornaments.
143 Strength, Courage & Hope 143 Strength, Courage & Hope
Designed by Susan Ford, Michelle Duong, Deborah Adair, Lena Timgren, Diane Tran, Yolanda Bernard and Natasha Sylvester, PRS Administrative Services. We celebrate Christmas by giving the light of love & faith to those who need it most. Your ordinary acts of kindness can result in extraordinary strength, courage & hope for others. Merry Christmas and happy healthy holidays!
144 Welcome to Mt. Crumpit 144 Welcome to Mt. Crumpit
Designed by Janessa Elder, DI-Patient Reception Services "Maybe Christmas" the Grinch thought, "Doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more." - Dr. Seuss. This wreath is one you would find on the top of Mt. Crumpit! A little bit crazy and disheveled but still embodies Christmas and the Grinch alike: with trees from Mt. Crumpit, Christmas candy and balls and glitter from Whoville.
145 Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards ALL. 145 Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards ALL.
Designed by Michael Eckenfels, Lymphoma/Myeloma Center. This wreath has multicolored LED lights (continuous light, i.e., no blinking).
146 Believe in Miracles 146 Believe in Miracles
Designed by Maria Baula, Genitourinary Patient Access Operations. Red Burlap looped around the circular wreath adorned with antiqued finish “Believe in Miracles” Cross. Scented pinecones and balls symbolizes growth and everlasting life. We remember the miracles in our everyday life; when we count those amazing blessings, we remember how blessed we are and we are hopeful for other blessings that will come our way. Merry Christmas.
147 Earn It! Holiday Champs 147 Earn It! Holiday Champs
Designed by Erica Facundo, Stem Cell Transplantation Ctr. World Series Champions banner, baseballs, and other accoutrements of the sport.
148 Christmas Flower 148 Christmas Flower
Designed by Lynn Daniel, Carolyn Vargas, Penny Stanton and Linda Aucoin, Institutional Compliance. What is the meaning of poinsettias? Also known as the Christmas Star and Christmas Flower, it's said that poinsettias’ association with Christmas comes from a Mexican legend. The story goes that a child, with no means for a grander gift, gathered humble weeds from the side of the road to place at the church alter on Christmas Eve. As the congregation witnessed a Christmas miracle, the weeds turned into brilliant red and green flowers.
149 Angels We Have Heard On High; Gloria In Excelc 149 Angels We Have Heard On High; Gloria In Excelc
Bernadette McFadden, Pharmacy Inpatient. An indoor wreath containing a collection of 'Angel' ornaments and one 'Nativity Scene' ornament. It also includes wings and battery operated LED lights.
150 Natural Beauty 150 Natural Beauty
Designed by Margaret Dunseith, Clinical Cancer Prevention. Grapevine wreath with a red fabric bow, flanked by artificial pine greenery with red berries.
151 Peppermint Explosion Christmas Wreath 151 Peppermint Explosion Christmas Wreath
Designed by Pamela Scurry, HIM Administration. Two large red ribbon with white trim, many candy cane ornaments, candy cane ribbon streamers, holly leaves, on a green wreath.
152 Golden Wreath of Holiday 152 Golden Wreath of Holiday
Designed by Delia Schwarz, Spiritual Care and Education. Gold glitter pine cones with a gold bow.
153 We literally LOVE the Astros! 153 We literally LOVE the Astros!
Designed by Heather Cienfuegos, LanAnh Nguyen and Karen McFarland, Infusion Therapy Astros Game Day Wreath submitted by the Port Clinic Nurses. Winner receives a $60 gift certificate to Taqueria Arandas and two Lone Star Series Astros Club Level Tickets for game of choice to their second home meeting (vs Rangers May 11-13, 2018).
154 Houston Strong 154 Houston Strong
Designed by Maricris Quinteros, Kamilah Watson and Brianna Stafford, Room Service. The Houston Strong Wreath is 36". The illuminated picture garland and the gold and teal color scheme shines bright and depicts some of Houston's highlights of this year. The wreath has lights, and the wintry house lights up as well!
155 Holly Jolly Christmas 155 Holly Jolly Christmas
Designed by Linda Pritchard, Thoracic & Cardiovasc Surgery. Large and bountiful wreath with red berries, hydrangeas, classic Santa, reindeer and snowman.
156 A Charlie Brown Christmas 156 A Charlie Brown Christmas
Designed by Georgia Nelson, Proton Therapy. This wreath represents the Christmas classic “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. The materials used to create the wreath are newspaper, giftwrap, tape, glue, bread ties, felt fabric, and mini decorations. Charlie Brown provides a great example of love by taking care of the Christmas tree no one wanted. He quotes, “All it needs is a little love.” We all need a little love sometimes, show some today and happy holidays to you and yours.
157 Houston Sports Fanatic 157 Houston Sports Fanatic
Designed by Alyssa Lalanne, Nursing G12NW Palliative. This wreath is for all the Houston sports fans! Included are Astros stickers and a keychain, Dynamo socks, Rockets drink holder, and Texans lanyard and decal. A usable chalkboard also is included.
158 'Twas the Night Before Christmas 158 'Twas the Night Before Christmas
Designed by Tamara Welch, CTRC Lab. A scenic view from the roof tops of homes as Santa Claus flies into the night delivering Christmas gifts.
159 Black and White Christmas 159 Black and White Christmas
Designed by Nylev Vargas-Cruz, Infectious Dis&Inftn Ctrl-Rsch. Black glitter wreath with white decorations that includes snow flakes, clear rocks and pine cones.
160 Classic Christmas 160 Classic Christmas
Designed by Susan Hogue, Surgical Oncology. Decorate your home with a classic traditional wreath featuring a red and gold bow, snow-frosted pine cones, red berries, colored Christmas ornaments and golden swirls. It's sure to welcome guests to your home with the holiday spirit!
161 This Was the Year 161 This Was the Year
Designed by Tamara Haygood, Diag Rad - Musculoskeletal Img. This wreath is decked out in 2017's Christmas colors - orange, navy, and white. It is topped by a big orange bow and decorated with navy and white Christmas balls, baseballs, and pictures of our Houston Astros in action. There are also lapel buttons celebrating the Astros and eight Topps NOW collectible baseball cards depicting especially great moments of Astros history from Game 5 (two cards) and Game 7 (six cards). These are represented on the wreath with copies, but if you are the winner of this wreath, you also get the real things.
162 Neatly Packaged 162 Neatly Packaged
Designed by Mary Nowak, Invest. Cancer Therapeutics. The wreath will be made up of small, wrapped boxes in a particular color scheme, either blue and silver, or red, green and gold.
163 Rocking My Red-Lacquered Soled Louboutins 163 Rocking My Red-Lacquered Soled Louboutins
Designed by Donna Strasser, Spiritual Care and Education. Horizontal wreath topped with handmade nurse/angel doll sporting a white retro nursing uniform with shoes depicting red-soled Louboutins, the iconic shoe favored by Hollywood stars, MD Anderson nurses and the holy angels in heaven. May be displayed: * Hung on the wall * As a table centerpiece * Suspended from the ceiling, floating above a Christmas Tree Doll: * 21" tall * Handmade * Materials: Cloth, stuffing, yarn, felt detail, thread
164 Pop Goes the Weasel 164 Pop Goes the Weasel
Designed by Donna Strasser, Spiritual Care and Education. "Punch", a 20" handmade jester doll, jumps out of the box. Surprise! Commemorating 500+ years of Jack-in-the-Box toys.
165 Babe, the Beautiful Lady on the Flying Trapeze 165 Babe, the Beautiful Lady on the Flying Trapeze
Designed by Donna Strasser, Spiritual Care and Education. "Babe, the Beautiful Lady on the Flying Trapeze", a 42" handmade doll, is seeking a very special buyer with whom she can fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Warning: Not recommended for the faint of heart.
166 Winter Whimsy 166 Winter Whimsy
Designed by Karen Coffey, Nursing 9P. Pink, teal and metallic assortment of festive shatterproof ornaments. A little glitter and a little glam make this wreath the perfect addition to any holiday décor!