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1 Speak Life Into Yourself 1 Speak Life Into Yourself
Submitted by Michelene Shannon, Infectious Diseases. The center features a picture of woman and the wording "Speak Life Into Yourself". Blue, pink, black and white tulle with gold leaves .
2 There Is Hope 2 There Is Hope
Submitted by Michelene Shannon, Infectious Diseases. Blue, green, pink and white tulle with the pink glitter word "Hope".
3 Be Merry 3 Be Merry
Submitted by Kam Simon, Microbiology. Red mesh with candy cane ribbon.
4 I Love You Snow Much 4 I Love You Snow Much
Submitted by Cheryl Franklin, Cynthia Martinez, Carol Porter and Paula Silverman, Ofc/EVP Physician-in-Chief. A whimsical assortment of snowmen that will truly make you believe in the magic of the holiday season.
5 Boot Cancer 5 Boot Cancer
Submitted by Shunice Edwards, Lynn Booker and Nicole Rogers, Leukemia. Christmas, country style. in support of Give Cancer the Boot theme. Country-themed ornaments adorn Christmas green wreath.
6 Christmas Elf 6 Christmas Elf
Submitted by Shunice Harris, Leukemia. Red, white, baby blue and silver mesh with matching "Merry Christmas" sign and red, white and silver ribbon.
7 Oh Dear, It's Christmas 7 Oh Dear, It's Christmas
Submitted by Yvette Banuelos, Cytopathology. Wreath with a large stag head, flannel and burlap ornaments, star ornaments with deer and a burlap bow.
8 Are You Ready For Football 8 Are You Ready For Football
Submitted by Gloria Trowbridge, Clinical Effectiveness. Houston, let's show our pride for hosting Super Bowl LI!
9 Golden Winter Cardinal 9 Golden Winter Cardinal
Submitted by Veronica Mendez-Wood, Thoracic & Cardiovasc Surgery. Rustic winter wreath with warm, golden accents featuring a pair of stark red cardinals nesting for the winter in piney woods with snowy white poinsettias.
10 We're All Mad Here 10 We're All Mad Here
Submitted by Krystal Watson, IT Cancer Network. Filled with whimsy, this "Alice Thru the Looking Glass" wreath is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Paying homage to one of your favorite childhood fairy tales, you will get lost in the attention to details. Features a vintage 11-piece Card Suit Tea Set (4 teacups, 4 card suit saucers, teapot with lid, creamer & sugar bowls) to have your very own tea party. This wreath is accompanied with a vintage tea set.
11 Twas The Night Before Christmas 11 Twas The Night Before Christmas
Submitted by Emy Chen, Enterprise Business Systems. A vintage style wreath complete with Santa and festive holiday embellishments.
12 Santa Claus Is Coming 12 Santa Claus Is Coming
Submitted by Matt Fisher, Enterprise Business Systems. This festive holiday wreath, decorated with a peppermint design and -- everyone's favorite -- Santa Claus, will look great on your front door!
13 Holiday Ombre 13 Holiday Ombre
Submitted by Marina Niemann, Clinical Flow Cytometry A wreath of simple holiday spirit with a touch of sparkling white to shimmering silver into glimmering gold to welcome dear friends and family at your door.
14 Celebrating 75 Years 14 Celebrating 75 Years
Submitted by Janeen Paprocki, HR Total Rewards Comp. Wreath contains sign adorned with special anniversary design with deco mesh and ribbon highlighting our primary color palette.
15 Boo Y'all 15 Boo Y'all
Submitted by Janeen Paprocki, HR Total Rewards Comp. A wreath that showcases southern hospitality and the colors of Halloween. Wreath contains a "Boo Y'all" sign along with the vibrant Halloween colors of orange, lime green and purple.
16 Celebrating Life 16 Celebrating Life
Submitted by Shapel Webber, Ashley Florence, Cristobal Rodarte and Cynthia Gonzalez, RCC Administration. Red, white, silver and black balloon-filled wreath intertwined with red, white and black pipe cleaners decorated with a silver and red noisemaker and a festive silver party hat. The wreath includes a silver Christmas ornament autographed by J.J. Watt!
17 Peace, Love And Joy 17 Peace, Love And Joy
Submitted by Kathy Jinkins, Patient Education Office. Head to the woods for some peace, love and joy this holiday season. Sparkling gold, silver and red holly berries, with deer antlers and leaping gold deer.
18 Pet Life 18 Pet Life
Submitted by Nicole Rogers, Lynn Booker and Shunice Edwards, Leukemia. Red and tan burlap, wooden puppies and "Naughty and Nice" dog bones. Red and tan ribbons.
19 The Wreathening III 19 The Wreathening III
Submitted by Danika Dirba and Jennifer Ng, Behavioral Science. There are lights! Bright white LED lights, powerd by AA batteries, with vellum paper cutouts.
20 The Wreathening IV 20 The Wreathening IV
Submitted by Jennifer Ng and Danika Dirba, Behavioral Science. Traditional green wreath with origami paper and LED fairy lights, powered by AA batteries.
21 Christmas Cheers With Santa 21 Christmas Cheers With Santa
Submitted by Luz Eguia, Fac Mgt-PC&PF-Property Mgt. Santa Claus with guitar.
22 Back The Badge 22 Back The Badge
Submitted by Erica Pentecost, Fac Mgt AFCO Adm Office. Blue and black canvas ribbon wreath with silver stars and the UTP-H Badge. Ribbons read "Courage" and "Compassion".
23 Dreaming Of A Frosty Christmas 23 Dreaming Of A Frosty Christmas
Submitted by Hilda Trevino, Erica Pentecost and Elizabeth Tenorio, Fac Mgt AFCO Adm Office. Double wreath in the shape of a snowman. Red top hat, black and red scarf, cinnamon arms with mittens, red boots, cardinal on his shoulder, snowflakes for buttons, and a red and black ribbon on his chest. Sprinkled with snow.
24 Joy To The World 24 Joy To The World
Submitted by Christigale Mandapat, Genomic Medicine. Tin stars and snowflakes with a red striped burlap ribbon. The "JOY" marquee sign lights up, powered by two AAA batteries.
25 Cardinal Christmas 25 Cardinal Christmas
Submitted by Kelley Gilpin, CME/Conference Management. Red glitter, red berries, red flowers and red birds -- perfect for the holiday season!
26 75th Anniversary Wreath 26 75th Anniversary Wreath
Submitted byJeff Flaasik, Shalise Daniels, Jennifer McGee and Donna Boudreaux, Medical Graphics & Photography. Wreath reflecting the holidays from 1941 to acknowledge the 75-year celebration of MD Anderson!
27 Boot Walk Wreath 27 Boot Walk Wreath
Submitted by Donna Boudreaux, Jeff Flasik, Medical Graphics & Photography and Imelda Licano, Telehealth Services. Wreath inspired by the 2016 Boot Walk to End Cancer held at MD Anderson.
28 Red Christmas Wonderland 28 Red Christmas Wonderland
Submitted by Samantha Tippen, Genomic Medicine. Decorated with pinecones, birds, and berries, this wreath looks like it was prepared from nature.
29 It's Island Time 29 It's Island Time
Submitted by Samantha Tippen, Genomic Medicine. Prepared from shells collected on Galveston County beaches.
30 Golden Christmas 30 Golden Christmas
Submitted by Dorothy Franklin, RCC Woodlands. Beautiful green wreath with red and gold decorated balls, highlighted with gold and red ribbon; wrapped in gold mesh.
31 Red Bird Spirit 31 Red Bird Spirit
Submitted by Betty Spears, Dermatology. "Bright Red birds with birdhouses, burlap, pine cones, berries."
32 Christmas Town 32 Christmas Town
Submitted by Anne Acerra, Gastrointestinal Center. Jack Skellington doll set in ribbons and bows with black, silver and red snowflakes and ornaments of varying size and shape. Main characters of The Nightmare Before Christmas can be found throughout the wreath as well.
33 Old Frosty 33 Old Frosty
Submitted by Elizabeth Garcia, Thoracic/Head & Neck Med Onc. Bobble head snow man, with 2 additional snowmen on the side. Big red bow with poinsettia in the middle at the tip top of the wreath.
34 A Cozy Christmas 34 A Cozy Christmas
Submitted by Cynthia Sanchez, Thoracic/Head & Neck Med Onc. Two birds nestled cozily, within a bed of burlap Poinsettias. Sprinkled with red and gold Christmas joy!
35 Nutty Brigade 35 Nutty Brigade
Submitted by Jadi Bohac, Cynthia Sanchez, Melissa Shorter and Betty Reagin, Thoracic/Head & Neck Med Onc. A tall nutcracker soldier surrounded by four nutcracker battalions bearing gifts, playing drums, and ringing their bells!
36 Peppermint Pizzazz 36 Peppermint Pizzazz
Submitted by Catherine Sullaway, Neuro-Oncology. Beautiful silver and red 25" wreath with peppermint accents.
37 Mele Kalikimaka 37 Mele Kalikimaka
Submitted by Rebecca Yzquierdo in Behavioral Science. Hawaiian Christmas with hula girls and mini umbrellas.
38 Let It Bow 38 Let It Bow
Submitted by Katherine Cain, Rebecca Previs and Roshonda Finch, Pharmacy Clinical Programs. Multi-colored glitter ribbon wreath with bow.
39 Nutcracker Christmas 39 Nutcracker Christmas
Submitted by Ashley McDonald, A&CC Clinical Support. This wreath was created with nuts, pine cones and a splash of sparkle, 2 Tickets for the Houston Ballet "The Nutcracker" for Sunday, December 18th, 2016 @ 7:30PM come with the wreath. Hope you enjoy, wishing you a very Happy Holiday!!
40 A Merry Bird-lap Christmas 40 A Merry Bird-lap Christmas
Submitted by Laura Falk, Neurosurgery. A beautiful woodlands wreath complete with burlap birds and more.
41 A Grinch-mas Christmas 41 A Grinch-mas Christmas
Submitted by Susan Urban, Invest. Cancer Therapeutics. It's all about the Grinch with this wreath - green sparkle ribbon, Santa hat and personal sign from the Grinch himself.
42 Elves At Work 42 Elves At Work
Submitted by Frances Quintana, Imaging Physics. Deco mesh wreath in green, red and lime green with sign and elf pick. .
43 Pink Blossom 43 Pink Blossom
Submitted by Laurie Calvert, Transfusion Medicine. Christmas wreath with pink poinsettias, pink Christmas balls, and pink accent pieces. .
44 Aggie Starry Night 44 Aggie Starry Night
Submitted by Ruth Reitzel, Infectious Dis&Inftn Ctrl-Rsch. Texas A&M University themed wreath featuring a large star and metal ATM in the middle, stars placed throughout the wreath, and a handmade bow crafted out of 12th Man towels!
45 Dallas Cowboys 45 Dallas Cowboys
Submitted by Sandra Smith, Epigenet & Mol Carcinogenesis. Dallas Cowboys with silver bow and stars.
46 Snowmen Merry And Bright 46 Snowmen Merry And Bright
Submitted by Michelle Herrera. Large bow with ribbon around the wreath in bright pink, blue and green. One large pink snowman head ornament, one large blue snowman head ornament, one large purple ornament, one large silver ornament and multiple smaller pink, blue, purple and silver ornaments. .
47 Golden Chimpanzee 47 Golden Chimpanzee
Submitted by Lisa Reamer, Veterinary Sciences. Wreath with gold ornaments and a chimpanzee painting in the center. .
48 Anchors Aweigh 48 Anchors Aweigh
Submitted by Jennifer Crunk, Epigenet & Mol Carcinogenesis. Burlap and ribbon wreath with a painted chipboard and metal center.
48 Anchors Aweigh 48 Anchors Aweigh
Submitted by Jennifer Crunk, Epigenet & Mol Carcinogenesis. Burlap and ribbon wreath with a painted chipboard and metal center.
49 Whimsical Winter 49 Whimsical Winter
Submitted by Rebecca. Deen, Epigenet & Mol Carcinogenesis. Designed by Rebecca and her daughter, Shelby, this colorful wreath includes pink & turquoise deco mesh surrounding a light blue glittery snowflake and accented with pink, blue, green, and white ribbons, picks, and ornaments.
50 Peacock Wreath 50 Peacock Wreath
Submitted by Rebecca. Deen, Epigenet & Mol Carcinogenesis. This beautiful peacock-themed wreath is wrapped with green and turquoise deco mesh, and a gorgeous peacock ribbon. It is centered with glittery peacock tail picks and accented with gold ornaments, along with turquoise, peacock blue, green and gold picks.
51 Elf On MD Anderson Shelf 51 Elf On MD Anderson Shelf
Submitted by Laura Blaskowsky, Patient Advocacy. Wreath with red mesh ribbon and red and white wire ribbon. Wreath contains one male " Elf on the Shelf" . The wreath also includes red and green holly beads and several ornaments.
52 Peace On Earth 52 Peace On Earth
Submitted by Mohamed Zaid, Radiation Oncology - Research. "I decorated the wreath with 6 Snow flakes equally distributed at the lower half of the wreath. A Reindeer is fixed at 12:00 O'clock surrounded by 2 Pine cones. ""Peace"" word is hanged near the center of the wreath. " .
53 Bringing Joy From Around The World 53 Bringing Joy From Around The World
Submitted by Baishali Chaudhury, Radiation Oncology - Research. This wreath has an international feel to it. It has pictures of Women from around the world dressed in their traditional clothes and all tied in a single wreath showing oneness. These gorgeous women will bring joy to your family this Christmas.
54 A Very Berry Christmas 54 A Very Berry Christmas
Submitted by Christy Rodriguez and Rose-Marie Liboiron, Neuro Interventional Radiology. "A lavish blend of cherry red, olive green and plum colored Christmas berries spectacularly arranged in a bed of greenery, accented with a crimson flower bouquet and twigs."
55 #1 Texan Fan 55 #1 Texan Fan
Submitted by Merlessa Rosacina, Catherine Noche and Ratnawati Zach, Nursing 8P. The ULTIMATE wreath for the TRUE Houston Texan Fan!
56 Making Reindeer History 56 Making Reindeer History
Submitted by Emily Ellard, Provost & EVP Office. The Classic, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer themed wreath!
57 Merry Memories 57 Merry Memories
Submitted by Hanna Palomino. Wreath donated by the Palomino Family (Pansy Palomino), the sister-in-law of Hanna Palomino in our International Center. The highest bidder will receive a 30-minute photo photo session, donated by Gabby Ochoa from Oh Wonderful Photography, also family. Photo session to occur in Hermann Park and include immediate family members only; up to five digital images provided.
58 Pokeball 58 Pokeball
Submitted by Shelby Perez and Veronica Vasquez, Integrative Medicine Center. This wreath was created by the Integrative Medicine Center Team. Our wreath is inspired by the popular Pokemon game, Pokemon Go! Gotta catch em' all!
59 Partnering To End Cancer Around The World 59 Partnering To End Cancer Around The World
Submitted by Melissa S. Lopez and Ellen Baker, Cancer Prev & Control Platform. This wreath represents world unity and includes flags from 11 partnering Countries and Sister Institutions all over the world. It is adorned with holiday notes in 7 languages. Winning bidder also will receive a $100 gift card to Pappas Restaurants.
60 Santa's Get Away 60 Santa's Get Away
Submitted by Linda Mundy, Patient Affairs. Santa Claus standing on wooden camper with two white birds, there are two knapsack candy canes with a bow that says Merry Christmas.
61 Candy Cane Christmas 61 Candy Cane Christmas
Submitted by Cari Fiero, Breast Surgical Oncology. "Green wreath with faux peppermint candies, candy canes, peppermint ornaments, red and white berries, and red and white curly cues. Topped with a red and white ribbon bow. "
62 Always And Forever 62 Always And Forever
Submitted by Anita Rios, General Accounting. Loving memory: Maria Rios; Abraham Rios; Bruce Johnson; Benita Wilburn
63 Red And Gold Holiday Wreath 63 Red And Gold Holiday Wreath
Submitted by Ruth Amaku, Nursing G10 East. This vibrant red and gold themed holiday wreath features a hand painted birdhouse with a beautiful long-tailed songbird. It is further adorned with deco mesh, poinsettias, bows, bells, ornaments, pine cones, and cranberry branches to give a festive charm.
64 Homestead Holidays 64 Homestead Holidays
Submitted by Tara Fujimoto, Experimental Radiation Onc. This beautiful country chic wreath has jolly bells that will get you in the spirit of the holidays anytime it moves. The ornaments are detachable to allow you to change them out or make use of them in any way you would like! Winning bidder also will receive a gift certificate for two 30-minute riding lessons from Bay Area Equestrian Center.
65 Mardi Gras Christmas 65 Mardi Gras Christmas
Submitted by Jeffrey Simmons, Enterprise Business Systems. Mardi Gras themed wreath.
66 Christmas Glitz 66 Christmas Glitz
Submitted by Carrie Anderson, Ombuds Office - MD Anderson. A wreath made of green, red, gold, and white glittered spheres.
67 Merry Christmas Y'all 67 Merry Christmas Y'all
Submitted by Katie Glosson, Elizabeth Roos and Kristi Mercer, Cancer Systems Imaging. Fun holiday wreath with country Christmas charm.
68 Kendra Scott Christmas 68 Kendra Scott Christmas
Submitted by Yajaira Garza, Dana Hedge, Letty Trinidad-Upton, Jan Ward, and Noemi Gavia, Cancer Systems Imaging. This wreath embodies big dreams, colorful confidence and inspired design. It includes three MD Anderson gold charms and chains – donated by Kendra Scott.
69 Rustic Glam Christmas 69 Rustic Glam Christmas
Submitted by Angela Wolf, Enterprise Dev & Integration. Earth toned mesh wreath with brown, gold and golden glitter adorned ribbons. The center piece is a gold deer head.
70 Howdy Cowboy Boot 70 Howdy Cowboy Boot
Submitted by Maryann Dela Cruz, Case Management. MD Anderson's Boot Walk to End Cancer inspired this Christmas wreath. Bidders can use boots if desired after the holidays. A merry cowboy Christmas!
71 Cris And Adrian Wine 71 Cris And Adrian Wine
Submitted by Christiane Jocys, UTP-H, PASS. For wine lovers, this lovely wine Christmas wreath demonstrates love, wine and happy holidays. Love like wine gets better with time. Happy holidays!
72 Let It Snow 72 Let It Snow
Submitted by Rudy Martinez, UTP-H, PASS. Christmas-themed with a snowman and ornaments.
73 Celebration 73 Celebration
Submitted by Liz Gonzalez, Volunteer Services and Merch./Gift Shop. An explosion of red and green ribbon with red glitter poinsettia flowers that will welcome guests in to celebrate the season.
74 A Touch Of Autumn 74 A Touch Of Autumn
Submitted by Shamsha Momin, Cancer Prevention Center. A fall-inspired wreath with some colorful fall squashes, a scarecrow and some fall leaves.
75 Season To Be Jolly 75 Season To Be Jolly
Submitted by Shabina Momin, Nursing G15. Winter wreath with traditional Christmas ornaments, mistletoe, gingerbread men and snowmen.
76 Pine Cones And Winterberry Wonder 76 Pine Cones And Winterberry Wonder
Submitted by Kimberly Hunt, Isabel Smith, Pamelia Stavley and Krystal Watson, Global Business Development team. Winterberries nestled among scented pine cones and golden accents of beads and foliage. This wreath will make you think of of your favorite winter holiday (or the one you always dreamed of).
77 How The Grinch Stole Christmas 77 How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Submitted by Amber Tarvin, Carla Johnson, Brittany Morgan and Betsy Lewis, Clinical Nurse Leaders team. This wreath celebrates the classic story, Dr Seuss' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". Winning bidder also will receive two "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" DVDs: the classic Dr. Seuss version and the contemporary version starring Jim Carrey.
78 He Who Dares Not Grasp The Thorn ... 78 He Who Dares Not Grasp The Thorn ...
Submitted by Seema Prasad, Symptom Research CAO. A circlet of felt roses in warm fall colors: crimson, red and yellow ochre. Ecofriendly fabric used to create this piece. Creates a warm welcome for any holiday or season.
79 Little Blue Bow Boxes With Tiffany Jewelry 79 Little Blue Bow Boxes With Tiffany Jewelry
Submitted by Erin Eaton, Cord Blood Bank Program. Festive holiday wreath draped in pearls and silver beads, adorned with Tiffany & Co. signature blue bow boxes. The winning bidder will also receive a Tiffany & Co. ""T"" collection necklace and matching bracelet, with a combined retail of $545.00.
80 A Wreath From A Galaxy Far, Far Away 80 A Wreath From A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Submitted by Esmeralda Fuentes, Carletta Carey, Natasha Howard and Palencia Lewis, Diagnostic Radiology Section Administration Team. This wreath contains ornaments of Yoda, Chewbacca, R2D2, BB-8, and the Millennium Falcon. This is our interpretation of the newest Star Wars saga, "Episode VII", a.k.a. ""The Force Awakens".
081 Pokemon Ho Ho 081 Pokemon Ho Ho
Created by Marian Critical Care. It's easy to find Santa Pikachu and his friends on this wreath. Catch them in the Pokeballs and they will be yours forever!
082 Mele Kalikimaka 082 Mele Kalikimaka
Created by Marian Von-Maszewski in Critical Care. Surf away to the islands for the holidays with a jolly ukulele player and a lovely hula dancer who are surrounded by native Hawaiian flora.
083 Avengers Assemble To Fight Cancer 083 Avengers Assemble To Fight Cancer
Created by Virginia Schneider in Critical Care. Holiday wreath featuring the mighty Avengers: Captain America, Hulk, Ironman, Black Widow and Thor, with an assist from Spider-Man, gather to support the fight against cancer for patients and families this holiday season. Battery-operated star lights up this super crew.
084 Wings Of Hope 084 Wings Of Hope
Created by Sarai Garcia in Biostatistics. This wreath was inspired by hope to cure cancer, with a hint of pink representing the Georgia pink marble at MD Anderson. In a Shabby Chic design, whimsical, and elegant this wreath will warm up any home's heart!
085 A Cookie Christmas 085 A Cookie Christmas
Created by Shelby Urich, Betty Holder, Leslie Ott, Rehab/Occupational Therapy, and Yvonne Valdecanas, Rehab/Physical Therapy. A FUNctional wreath with all you need to make your Christmas sweet! Includes decorative cookie cutters, plate, flour sack towels and other baking accessories. Enjoy!
086 Ho-ho-whole Lot Of Santas 086 Ho-ho-whole Lot Of Santas
Created by Richelle Millican in Positron Emission Tomography. Celebrate the holidays with some Santa Hallmark ornaments donated by a wonderful woman who survived seven different types of cancer. Never give up!
087 A Texas Christmas 087 A Texas Christmas
Created by Delia Schwarz and Jenny Lannom, Spiritual Care and Education. Burlap wreath with cowboys and boots.
088 Gingerbread Lane 088 Gingerbread Lane
Created by Grace Martin, Pharmacy Residency PGY2. This wreath is full of whimsical gingerbread décor and Christmas sparkle! It includes polkadotted ribbon, red and white striped ribbon, and gingerbread men ornaments.
089 Whimsical Christmas 089 Whimsical Christmas
Created by Diana Bearden, Clinical Nutrition. Green, red and white sparkled ribbon with whimsical patterns.
090 Jack's Christmas 090 Jack's Christmas
Created by Sarah Guzman and Alexandra Larremore, Nursing G17. Black and purple deco mesh wreath featuring Jack Skelington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas".
091 The Light Of The World 091 The Light Of The World
Created by Bernadette McFadden, Pharmacy Inpatient. "In Him was Life, and the Life was the Light of men." John 1:4 Wreath includes a collection of Fischer Price Little People: Military Hero, Hair Stylist, Photographer, Teacher, Dentist, Police Officer, Veterinarian and three friends. LED-color changing candy lights.
092 Tis The Season With The Texans 092 Tis The Season With The Texans
Created by Noe Carrasco, Patient Affairs. A Christmas wreath decorated to support the Texans and their fans. Go Texans!
093 Have Yourself A Mesozoic Christmas 093 Have Yourself A Mesozoic Christmas
Created by Kasey Marsh, Volunteer Services & Merch - Chld Art Project. Four scenes of DINO-mite holiday fun! Stegosaurus Snow Day, Tchaikovskisaurus's Nutcracker, Christmas Dinner Jurassic Style, and last nut not least ... Tyrannosaurus Tree Trimming (with a little help from their tall, herbivorous friend).
094 Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend 094 Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
Created by Mayra Moran, Specimen Processing. This wreath is dedicated and inspired by the iconic glamour of Marilyn Monroe in the film "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend". Monroe is surrounded by diamonds and a sassy bow inspired by her dress.
095 Fruit Delight 095 Fruit Delight
Created by Donna M. Brown, Specimen Processing. A warm holiday arrangement to remind of us of simple good cheer and sharing time with our family and friends.
096 Christmas Spectacular 096 Christmas Spectacular
Created by Michelle Duong, PRS Administrative Services. Beautiful Christmas wreath that will add timeless sparkle to your holidays.
097 Anniversary Salute/Breast Cancer Awareness 097 Anniversary Salute/Breast Cancer Awareness
Submitted by Ana Burke, Clinical Revenue/Reimbursement. A beautiful salute to our 75th Anniversary and tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness.
098 Tis The Sea-son 098 Tis The Sea-son
Created by Patricia Rayson, Stem Cell Transplantation MUD. Sea shells, starfish and other treasures from the sea.
099 Have A Hooty Holiday 099 Have A Hooty Holiday
Created by Lisa Marsh, Surgical Oncology. Crocheted owl wreath.
101 Oh So ADORYble 101 Oh So ADORYble
Created by Jennifer Phan, Alanna Motzi, Maureen Triller, and Gayle Harper in Office of the VP Clinical Support Services. Clinical Support Services Administration wishes you a FINtastic and aDORYble holiday season! This wreath is filled with "Finding Dory" action figures and includes a giant Dory pillow.
102 Celebrate PAs 102 Celebrate PAs
Created by Elizabeth Sutherland, Surgical Oncology. White, covered in glittery silver bows. There is a heart on top that says "Celebrate PAs." On the bottom is "PA" in big wooden silver letters.
103 Happy Healthful Holidays! 103 Happy Healthful Holidays!
Created by Taylor Austin and Casey Dutton, Integrative Medicine Research. This wreath is dedicated to the inspiring women of the Comprehensive Lifestyle Study, which promotes a diet full of organically grown, nourishing, antioxidant-rich foods to encourage ultimate healing & recovery. Happy Healthful Holiday!
104 Houston Astros: Jose Altuve Autographed Ball 104 Houston Astros: Jose Altuve Autographed Ball
Created by Britnie Perthuis, Pharmacy - Bay Area. Handmade Astros wreath, made out of tulle and Astros ribbon. Also included with wreath is an authentic signed Jose Altuve baseball in a case with his baseball card. No better way to celebrate Jose's accomplishment of Sporting News' MLB Player of the Year!
105 Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening 105 Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening
Created by Daniel Ledbetter, Neurosurgery Research. The materials on this wreath nod to the Robert Frost poem that inspired it. Harness bells, seeds and pods dusted in glittering snow flakes recall the lovely, dark and deep scene he described.
106 Heaven Sent 106 Heaven Sent
Created by Charnese Mosley and Edith Castelan, ASC Post Anesthesia Care Unit and Johanna Caballero, ASC Short Stay Nursing Unit. White felt handcrafted into flowers with a hint of golden embellishment attached to glitzing angel wings made of white and golden leaves with a metal base.
107 Corky Christmas 107 Corky Christmas
Created by Srisuda Lecagoonporn, Melanoma Medical Oncology. A variety of wine and Champagne cork (total of 317) accented with red berries and Christmas-color ribbon.
108 Holiday Wheels 108 Holiday Wheels
Created by Melanie Gracia, Diagnostic Radiology, and Jose Campos, Facilities Management AFCO Parking and Transportation. This wreath is designed with wheels in mind for the holidays. A mixture of Hot Wheels Cars and Monster Trucks. Wreath comes with a small Matchbox "Shark Pier" play set and two single Hot wheel cars.
109 #CancerSucks 109 #CancerSucks
Created by Lataska Duchane, IND Office. Multicolored wreath made of tulle to symbolize all types of cancer with stars for hope and a changeable sign that says #CancerSucks.
110 Fighting Breast Cancer With Hope 110 Fighting Breast Cancer With Hope
Created by Deyla Montgomery, Graciela Davila and John Pandurevic in Facilities Management AFCO Operations Control. White wreath with pink, white and silver baubles, a white dove, pink flowers, white sprays and white and silver ribbon.
111 I Love Paris 111 I Love Paris
Created by Deyla Montgomery, Graciela Davila, John Pandurevic and Sarah Fellat in Facilities Management AFCO Operations Control. White wreath with blue and silver baubles, grey flower pods, silver and white garland, Eiffel Tower miniature and white ribbon.
112 Peppermint Elf 112 Peppermint Elf
Created by Claudia Mena Alanis, Thalia Perrett and Virginia Ford in Clinical Nutrition. A fun, candy cane dotted wreath with a sweet Christmas elf to brighten the center of your world.
113 CDU's The Nightmare Before Christmas 113 CDU's The Nightmare Before Christmas
Submitted by Nomar Bayaua and Rowela Castacio in Nursing Clinical Decision Unit. The theme is "The Nightmare Before Christmas."
114 Musical Christmas 114 Musical Christmas
Created by Soledad Escobar-Chaves in Genitourinary Medical Oncology. This wreath expresses what my heart feels during the best time of the year: Christmas! It includes a small excerpt of "La Roza Linda", by Houston composer Richard Lavenda.
115 Beary Hopeful 115 Beary Hopeful
Created by Linda Pierson, Shermari Sykes, Ursula Toliver and Rayna Glass in Facilities Management AFCO Parking and Transportation. The wreath of hope was designed to promote cancer awareness. It stands in tribute to those affected by the disease who refuse to lose hope and fight back. Wreath features battery-powered Christmas lights with many combinations, with a teddy bear in the center. The bear was hand made and donated by D'Milay Boutique. The winning bidder also will receive a $45 gift certificate from D'Milay Boutique.
116 Let It Snow 116 Let It Snow
Created by Shahina Quadir, Histology. The bow is on the left. There are four small snowmen, one big snowman, along with twenty blue silverfish snow flakes.
117 May The Force Be With You 117 May The Force Be With You
Created by Lydia Gutierrez, EHR Inpatient and Ambulatory. Star Wars wreath for the Star Wars fan including Darth Vader's and Luke Skywalker's light sabers! Items not shown include an R2-D2 bento box, Star Wars light-up journal (The Force Awakens), and a Dark Side gift set (one necklace, two bracelets).
118 Puerto Rico Christmas 118 Puerto Rico Christmas
Submitted by Brittany Cullen, Palliative Care Med. Large green wreath with Puerto Rican-themed items.
119 A Pokemon Christmas 119 A Pokemon Christmas
Created by Selene Fletcher, Paul Panis, Jumil Jovellanos and Duyen Nguyen in Leukemia. This wreath contains 11 handmade Pokémon character ornaments all which were created by the Research Data Coordinators in the Leukemia Department. The wreath also contains a one-of-a-kind hand sewn Pokémon ball, yellow ribbon and a burlap and black ribbon bow.
120 Pokemon Go Christmas 120 Pokemon Go Christmas
Created by Lynn Daniel, Institutional Compliance. Mesh wreath with collectable Pokémon characters. Pokémon GO!
121 Pokemon Go 121 Pokemon Go
Submitted by Zaile Niangar and Ricci Stephenson, Nocturnal Program. Designed with the popular special theme of Pokemon Go, featuring all your favorite characters. The wreath also features battery-operated lights.
122 Blue Thundershock 2016 122 Blue Thundershock 2016
Submitted by Maribel Salazar, Bennett Nguyen, Robert Haynes and Latonia Barnes, Police Department. Holiday wreath with University of Texas Police at Houston theme. The wreath features battery-operated lights.
123 Crystal Clear 123 Crystal Clear
Submitted by Rosina Brooks. Full description to come.
124  #ProtivitiCares Wreath 124 #ProtivitiCares Wreath
Submitted by Nicole Skupnjak, Financial Controls. A wreath for all seasons! Welcome guests at your door with spring flowers, rustic rope, and shimmery tiles.
125 Oh What Fun! 125 Oh What Fun!
Submitted by Lakecia Quinney, Surgical Oncology. Red, green and white with an "OH WHAT FUN!" sign. This is a fun wreath for all to enjoy.
126 Pet Lovers 126 Pet Lovers
Submitted by Sireesha Amaram, Histology. The wreath has dog and teddy bear ornaments, a dog toy and some doggy treats attached to it. The dog toy and treats can be removed for your pets and the wreath can still hang with the dog ornaments.
127 Taking Cancer Into Custody 127 Taking Cancer Into Custody
Submitted by Delores Meaders, Monica Crist and Nancie Lutze, UTP-H, PASS. The UTP-H themed wreath relates how UTP-H is an intrinsic part of the cancer fighting team at MD Anderson by supporting the mission, our colleagues and the campus we serve. The wreath includes nostalgic- and modern-themed police ornaments
128 Sparkle Forest Christmas 128 Sparkle Forest Christmas
Submitted by Brittany Cullen, Palliative Care Med. Wreath with gold and red ribbon, pine cones, trailing red/gold ribbon, and red, gold, and white ball ornaments.
129 Christmas In The Woods 129 Christmas In The Woods
Submitted by Selene Fletcher and Glenda Banks, Leukemia. Wreath contains burlap ribbon, plaid ribbon, small pine cones, faux cinnamon sticks and faux cranberries.
130 Bold And Beautiful 130 Bold And Beautiful
Submitted by Linda Pierson, Linda Gostomski, Fairy Shelvin and Jennifer Cobb, Fac Mgt AFCO Prkg & Transp. The wreath has the original greenery in the center with white pinecones. On the outside of the greenery is a circle of burlap with silver stripes. Then a bold and beautiful outer circle of red and silver tulle. Also adorned with three big and beautiful ribbons.
131 Salute To Soldiers 131 Salute To Soldiers
Submitted by Anya Montoya, Dermatology. Evergreen wreath with camouflage ribbon and burlap star garland. adorned with rustic bells, black sparkling ornaments, a pair of combat boots and a combat helmet. A burlap bow with camouflage ribbon sits on top of the wreath, and a green tin sign.
132 Wreath-cyclable Me 132 Wreath-cyclable Me
Submitted by Angelita Tinnirello, Cytopathology. Reuse: recycle. Recycle: save a tree+clean air. The flowers and Minions are made of paper rolls with scarf yarn. The "Recycle" icon is made with an old tent. The garland is a grad scarf. The tree is made of paper. Merry green holidays!
133 Holly Jolly 133 Holly Jolly
Submitted by Jessica M. Martinez, Breast Surgical Oncology. Curly red and white deco mesh wreath with a "Merry Christmas" sign.
134 Joyful Bird 134 Joyful Bird
Submitted by Victoria Magare, Health Disparities Research. The wreath has a red ribbon that has a Christmas theme around it with some scarce ornaments on it. A red-and-brown bird is resting on the lower part of the wreath.
135 The Buck Stops Here 135 The Buck Stops Here
Submitted by Gwendolyn Ganaway, A&CC Admin Support. Deer antlers are the major focal point of this wreath. A combination plaid/solid poinsettia provide the color palette of the piece which incorporates earth tones with splashes of white and gold to create an eclectic but festive addition to holiday décor.
136 A Christmas Story 136 A Christmas Story
Submitted by Angela Marx, Breast Medical Oncology. A wreath paying homage to a classic Christmas movie, decorated with the infamous leg lamps that light up when plugged in.
137 Angels And Pinecones 137 Angels And Pinecones
Submitted by Bailey Robertson, CME/Conference Management. This wreath features four glittering angels playing instruments. Glittering silver ribbon, golden bows and silver pinecones accompany the angels to add a touch of wintery magic to the design.
138 What's Your Super Power? 138 What's Your Super Power?
Submitted by Darlene Hernandez, Linda Tran, Juanita Alvarado and Kimbrly Crawford, Fac Mgt Finance. Blue, yellow, red deco mesh, blue polkadot ribbon, red star ribbon and super hero patches. T-shirt (L) "I am fighting cancer. What's your Super Power?"
139 Simply Gather 139 Simply Gather
Submitted by Katrina Sondermann, Leukemia. Grapevine wreath accented with faux succulent clusters, highlighted with a silver "Gather" sign.
140 Owl I Want For Christmas Is You 140 Owl I Want For Christmas Is You
Submitted by Stephanie Sanchez, Leukemia - Research. Winter holiday-themed wreath adorned with two snowy owlets perched on a lush crimson hydrangea and burlap bow. Holly berries, pomegranates, and rustic stars surround this pre-lit evergreen wreath.
141 First Snow 141 First Snow
Submitted by Heather Beam, Ctr for Reconstructive Surgery. Momma bird is eagerly awaiting her flock, in the wake of the first snow fall of the year.
142 Mesh Santa 142 Mesh Santa
Submitted by Debbie Delgado, Research Medical Library. Bright green mesh wreath with festive polka, felt Santa legs, and felt Santa hat.
143 Burrrr-lap Christmas 143 Burrrr-lap Christmas
Submitted by Vanessa Rangel, Cancer Prevention Center. This majestic wreath is made up of green forest heavenly grown pine complemented with red velveteen ribbon bedazzled with a touch of sparkly glitter. It's accented with timeless burlap, a touch of golden ribbon and enchanting pearl decorative.
144 75 Years Of Making Cancer History 144 75 Years Of Making Cancer History
Submitted by Debbie Delgado and Laurissa Gann, Research Medical Library. Black frame with black and white chevron ribbon; 75th Anniversary ticket and turquoise and silver accents.
145 Knot Cancer 145 Knot Cancer
Submitted by Jacqueline Velasquez, Melissa Gonzalez, Cristina Nuila and Elizabeth Reimschissel, Nursing G15. Burlap with black chevron and an intricate nail art plaque.
146 Joy For Christmas 146 Joy For Christmas
Submitted by Jennifer Hernandez, Quality Measurement and Eng. Colors: Brown, gold and maroon. One large "JOY" ornament, three angels, mixture of different small ornaments, brown ribbon with red writing.
147 Dreaming Of A Snow Day 147 Dreaming Of A Snow Day
Submitted by Mercedes Geaslin, Quality Measurement and Eng. Mini houses with snow and trees accompanied by little deer, mice and sleds.
148 Hyperspace 148 Hyperspace
Submitted by Puja Chugh, Jessica Anderson, Julia Tran and James Frier, EHR Clinical Ancillaries. This wreath was decorated with love by the EHR Project Team! They have painted the planets and have created astronauts and aliens from felt to bring you a wreath that is out of this world!
149 Happy Sithmus 149 Happy Sithmus
Submitted by Mai Ta-Ekasingh, EHR Inpatient & Ambulatory. A Darth Vader-inspired wreath with the centerpiece being a Darth Vader mask. A mini light saber is also attached to the wreath and it lights up.
150 Mickey And Minnie Magical Christmas 150 Mickey And Minnie Magical Christmas
Submitted by Elsy John, Stem Cell Transplantation Ctr. Mickey and Minnie Mouse would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
151 Snow Cones 151 Snow Cones
Submitted by Erica Latigo, Fac Mgt REF O&M Main Campus. Wire wreath wrapped in tulle, pine cones with snow spray, owl ornaments and silver bow.
152 Twinkle Little Snowman 152 Twinkle Little Snowman
Submitted by Sandra Leyva, Fac Mgt EHS. Hand-painted snowman, snowflakes, felt hat, and wood material.
153 Happy Holidays 153 Happy Holidays
Submitted by Mary Ann Richie, Vicki Jeanis, Virginia Bayer and Tina Fitch, Leukemia. An old-fashioned holiday season celebrated with an antiques store, rustic sleigh, carolers, and snowmen.
154 Think Pink 154 Think Pink
Submitted by Sheela Singh, Cancer Systems Imaging. This gorgeous wreath is perfect for any lovely lady in your life. Whether a gift for a woman fighting breast cancer or a child to hang on their door, this wreath will inspire all.
155 Santa Mickey 155 Santa Mickey
Submitted by Sheela Singh, Cancer Systems Imaging. Celebrate the holidays with Santa Mickey! Bring joy to the life of you and yours with this adored cartoon character.
156 Nightmare Before Christmas 156 Nightmare Before Christmas
Submitted by Maria Martinez, Veronica Davis, Maricris Quinteros, Judith Casazza, Room Service. If you like Tim Burton movies, then this is your wreath! Jack Skellington sitting cheerfully at the center of our wreath surrounded by all the glittery magic of Christmas.
157 Pretty In Pink Christmas 157 Pretty In Pink Christmas
Submitted by Keyania Day and Shileta Parker, Room Service. If you're a fan of pink then this wreath can't be beat! Pink spray painted wreath with silver and white highlights will have you dreaming of a pink Christmas!
158 Multitasking Wreath: One Wreath, All Occasions 158 Multitasking Wreath: One Wreath, All Occasions
Submited by Donna Strasser, Spiritual Care and Education. An adaptable wreath that comes with accessories to celebrate July 4, Mardi Gras, birthday parties, and other life events! Can be a centerpiece or hung on a door.
159 Give Cancer The Boot! 159 Give Cancer The Boot!
Submitted by Gina Ramirez, Proton Therapy Center. Red cowboy boot filled with Christmas decorations, faux twigs, faux berries, small faux pinecones, and a big red bow.
160 Jolly Retirement 160 Jolly Retirement
Submitted by Olivia Meyer, Presidents Office. Wreath designed by Olivia Meyer, retired from President's Office.
161 Guardian Angel With Attitude 161 Guardian Angel With Attitude
Submitted by Donna Strasser, Spiritual Care and Education. Hand-made angel with a tutu wreath skirt, looking for someone to watch over this holiday season -- preferably someone eccentric with flair.
162 Whimsical Christmas Wreath 162 Whimsical Christmas Wreath
Submitted by Lillian Wanjagi, Facilities Management Administration. This fun and whimsical red wreath is sure to make you smile as you think of all the holiday joys! Made of deco mesh and lots of ribbons.
163 Peace 163 Peace
Submitted by Thao Nguyen, Histology. Red poinsettias with two white doves, two grey doves, white Hydrangea flowers, pine cones with gold ribbons, and white wire garland.
164 Believe 164 Believe
Submitted by Maria Guerrero, Histology, Pathology Department . Just like a soldier, we need to believe that anything can be possible. We have to be strong and keep in mind that if we want something to happen, we have to believe.
165 Reason for the Season 165 Reason for the Season
Submitted by Donna Quin, Cardiopulmonary Center. Large mesh wreath with original handmade nativity scene.
166 Noel 166 Noel
Submitted by Veronica Martinez, Sharah Covington, Lisa Connor and Tiffany Phillips, RCC Katy. Vintage holiday wreath.
167 Houndstooth Holidays 167 Houndstooth Holidays
Submitted by Margaret Dunseith, Clinical Cancer Prevention. White grapevine wreath with some flocking, a snowman, black and white houndstooth ribbon, and red, green, and white balls (mix of plain, striped, and plaid).
168 #1 Fan - Houston Texans 168 #1 Fan - Houston Texans
Submitted by Jane Zulovich, GMP Laboratory. This Texans-themed wreath has a full base of light brown textured ribbon with accent bows in red, white and blue. At its center is the fabulous license plate designating "#1 Fan - Houston Texans".
169 Thank You For Being A Wreath 169 Thank You For Being A Wreath
Submitted by Mary Kane and Donna Mark, Cytopathology. Golden Girls-inspired wreath: Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche and Rose in your home, delivering holiday cheer!
170 Candy Cane Christmas 170 Candy Cane Christmas
Submitted by Rosalind Redmond, Treasury Services & Ops. This wreath is full of sweetness just in time for Christmas. This wreath is made with red and white deco mesh with fake peppermint candy and red, white and silver sprays.
171 The Gift Of Christmas 171 The Gift Of Christmas
Submitted by Maria Baula, Financial Clearance Center-Cigna & Other. Who is Santa? Santa Claus is synonymous with a world of fantasy while the historical St. Nicholas is known to be godly, charitable and generous.
172 All That Glitters Is Red And Gold 172 All That Glitters Is Red And Gold
Submitted by Olivia Saavedra, Cytopathology. Wreath has a red glistening tulle halo. Various poinsettias adorn the wreath (red glittery, gold, burlap with gold outline, and traditional). The wreath is wrapped in a red sparkling ribbon and scattered with golden pine cones, red gems, and a silver ornament.
173 Christmas Grinch 173 Christmas Grinch
Submitted by Less Stoltenberg, Information Security. Wreath with the Grinch in the center and a puppy reindeer stuffed animal. It also plays music from the Grinch Soundtrack.
174 A Minnie Christmas 174 A Minnie Christmas
Submitted by Edrea Gonzales, Palliative Care & Rehab Med Rsch. Black and red Minnie Mouse inspired wreath. White dots on bottom of the wreath.
175 The 175 The "Rad-dest" Wreath Of All
Submitted by Natalee Courtney, Head and Neck Radiation Oncology. The colors, ribbons and textures of this wreath were inspired by the colors of MD Anderson's Nursing uniforms. I worked at MD Anderson full-time while in nursing school in the evenings. MD Anderson and our Cohort Nursing program paid for my education, something I would have never been able to afford on my own. I will forever be grateful to the institution and my supervisors that encouraged and facilitated my success. The wreath can be placed on a table or bent into an arch to be hung over a door.
176 Lego Wreath 176 Lego Wreath
Submitted by Maria Mutmansky, Development Office, and other members of TexLUG Houston. An engineering masterpiece to celebrate the season! Red, green and yellow Legos form a whimsical wreath. Red bows and three clear ornaments, each featuring a different aspect of the holiday season, adorn the constructed creation.