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001 Merry Christmas From The Lost Pines 001 Merry Christmas From The Lost Pines
A traditional greenery wreath decorated with authentic Bastrop County pinecones, red ribbons, and brass bells with just a touch of sparkle. Created by Jennifer Marshall with the Department of Epigenet & Mol Carcinogenesis.
002 Have a Sparkling Christmas 002 Have a Sparkling Christmas
Red, turquoise, and white with a Merry Christmas sign. Created by Rebecca Deen, Department of Epigenet & Mol Carcinogenesis.
003 Red Holiday Cheer 003 Red Holiday Cheer
Green wreath with red ribbon and holiday ornaments. Created by Michelle Herrera, Department of Veterinary Sciences.
004 Christmas Chimpanzee Wreath 004 Christmas Chimpanzee Wreath
Red, gold and green decorated wreath with white battery-powered twinkle lights, and colorful jingle bells. Center painting done by chimpanzee artist (photo incl.) living at the MDA Keeling Center in Bastrop, TX. Created by Lisa Reamer and Mary Mareno, Department of Veterinary Sciences.
005 Advent calendar wreath 005 Advent calendar wreath
Christmas tree advent calendar with a magnetic star is in the center, with ornaments and tinsel to add sparkle. Created by Debra Larsen, Department of Veterinary Sciences.
006 Meshy Christmas 006 Meshy Christmas
16" Ashland work wreath, decorative mesh. Red and Red with white stifes and ornaments. Created and Submitted by Reshma Vohra.
007 Disney Christmas 007 Disney Christmas
Celebrating Christmas Disney-style! Created by Melissa Mims, Office of Health Policy.
008 HPV Vaccination Awareness Wreath 008 HPV Vaccination Awareness Wreath
Don't wait, vaccinate against HPV! HPV vaccines protect against certain high risk types of HPV that cause cancers. Created by Melissa Mims of Office of Health Policy.
009 Santa's Christmas Chalet 009 Santa's Christmas Chalet
Christmas village wreath with 5 little houses and a church with pine trees. Created by Yvette Banuelos of Cytopathology.
010 Bling it on! 010 Bling it on!
A wreath that celebrates our patient's spirit to #EndCancer, Created by Veronica Payne, Santos Castro, Caitlin Byler and Chastity Boudreaux of Cancer Network.
011 Watt Child Is This- with autographed football 011 Watt Child Is This- with autographed football
A wreath that keeps on giving!! All ornaments can easily be detached to decorate your Christmas tree and it comes with an AUTHENTIC SIGNED JJ WATT FOOTBALL!! No better way to celebrate JJ's Accomplishment as the Best NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Created by Veronica Payne, Larry Rook, Courtney Kessenich and Amy McLeod of Cancer Network.
012 At the Movies with the Minions w dvd/gift card 012 At the Movies with the Minions w dvd/gift card
Created by Wendy Garcia, Yoliette Goodman, Shonice Holdman, Karen Stepan and Gloria Trowbridge of Clinical Effectiveness . The "Despicable Me" movie is included along with gift cards valuing $370.
013 Gingerbread Land 013 Gingerbread Land
Gingerbread land has a house in the center of the wreath along with the gingerbread family. Created by Deshun Washington, Cheryl Franklin, Cindy Han-Castillo of Ofc/EVP Physician-in-Chief.
014 Picture Perfect 014 Picture Perfect
Fun, cheerful decorated 20x24 gold frame decorated with red and gold bow and ornaments. Created by Mary Ware, Amy Hankins, Sherry Cantu and Kim Nguyen of Inf Dis Inf Ctrl and Emp Hlth
015 Snoop Dog 015 Snoop Dog
Happy Dancing Snoopy & Merry Christmas Charlie Brown (50th Anniversary Addition DVD). Kiss him on the nose & his ear flap, squeeze his hand & he dances. Created and Submitted by Loraine Perkins, Department of Enterprise Business Systems.
016 All Road Lead to Texas 016 All Road Lead to Texas
Texas Star Surrounded by World Figures. Created by Melissa Menchaca of IPCT.
017 Merry & Bright 017 Merry & Bright
Green Mesh, oversize red/green ornaments. Created by Danielle Walsh of Leukemia.
018 Glitz, Glam, Gold!!! 018 Glitz, Glam, Gold!!!
Gold, White, Bronze on green Wreath. Created by Marielly Monsalve and LaToya Sayles of Patient Guest Relations.
019 Nut Cracker 019 Nut Cracker
Nut Cracker wreath created by the Shuttle team.
020 A Merry Christmas Chef 020 A Merry Christmas Chef
Deck the table with lots of Goodies from our Merry Christmas Chef! Created by Mary Ann Dela Cruz of Case Management.
021 Christmas Cardinal 021 Christmas Cardinal
Created by Specimen Processing 3rd Shift: Mayra, Jennifer, Vincent, Sarah, David, Em, Michael, Evan, Tammie, Josie
022 Grandma's Christmas 022 Grandma's Christmas
Specimen Processing 3rd Shift: Mayra, Jennifer, Vincent, Sarah, David, Em, Michael, Evan, Tammie, Josie
023 Country Christmas 023 Country Christmas
Specimen Processing 3rd Shift: Mayra, Jennifer, Vincent, Sarah, David, Em, Michael, Evan, Tammie, Josie
024 Minty Fresh 024 Minty Fresh
Specimen Processing 3rd shift
025 Millennial 025 Millennial
Specimen Processing 3rd Shift: Mayra, Jennifer, Vincent, Sarah, David, Em, Michael, Evan, Tammie, Josie
026 Delighted in Christmas 026 Delighted in Christmas
Created by Core lab third shift
027 Owlberry 027 Owlberry
Specimen Processing 3rd Shift: Mayra, Jennifer, Vincent, Sarah, David, Em, Michael, Evan, Tammie, Josie
028 Woodlands 028 Woodlands
Specimen Processing 3rd Shift: Mayra, Jennifer, Vincent, Sarah, David, Em, Michael, Evan, Tammie, Josie
029 Tiffany Blue Box 2015 w necklace and bracelet 029 Tiffany Blue Box 2015 w necklace and bracelet
Created by Erin Eaton of the Cord Blood Bank. The winning bidder will receive the Tiffany Infinity jewelry set with a total retail value of $475, generously donated by Tiffany & Co. Houston Galleria in support of MD Anderson.
030 Whose House? Coogs House! 030 Whose House? Coogs House!
Created by Laura Hargraves of Lymphoma/Myeloma. This University of Houston wreath is perfect for a hard-die Coog! Decorated with hand-painted ornaments, hand-made Coogs sign, red glittered spirals, clear beaded branches, red ribbon with metallic mesh, and additional greenery.
031 The Feast of Dedication 031 The Feast of Dedication
Created by Bernadette McFadden of Pharmacy Operations. Hanukkah Wreath, celebrating light, hope and the miracle of life!
032 Silent Night 032 Silent Night
Created by Delia Schwarz of Spiritual Care and Education. Blue and Silver with A Big Star and the Joy of the season.
033 Our Hearts Forever 033 Our Hearts Forever
Created by Anita Rios of Controller's Office. In Loving Memory: Maria Rios; Bruce Johnson, Jr. and Benita Wilburn
034 Red-Nosed Reindeer 034 Red-Nosed Reindeer
Created by Sandra Leyva of Fac Mgt Res&Ed Fac. Black and white stripped ribbon, paper mache reindeer painted gold, red nose, and red beads.
035 Enchanted Wonderland 035 Enchanted Wonderland
Snow Wreath with White Dove. Created by Ayla Luna and Ilene Gunn of Pharmacy ATC R10.
036 Wreathening II:  Return of the Wreath 036 Wreathening II: Return of the Wreath
Created by Danika Dirba and Jennifer Ng. Mixed media wreath with origami flowers. It has battery operated LED fairy lights with the control switch adhered to the back of the wreath.
037  Sledding Into The Season 037 Sledding Into The Season
Created by Mary Storms of Clinical Research Support Ctr. Wooden sled decorated with ornaments, bows, and greenery.
038 Festive Christmas 038 Festive Christmas
Created by Michelle Harrison. Festive green Christmas wreath with colorful ornamental decorations.
039 Essence of the Season 039 Essence of the Season
Created by Sandy Schoen. Red & Gold
040 Christmas Elves Kids 040 Christmas Elves Kids
Created by Shunice Harris. Mesh gold, red and green ribbons
041 Stitch in Good Time 041 Stitch in Good Time
Created by Irma Ortega. Handcrafted snowmen, stars,and santas, with a red plaid poinsettia, adorned with cream and red swirl streamers and snowflake flowers.
042 A Hoot'n Christmas 042 A Hoot'n Christmas
Creaated by Christian Reyes. Brown Wreath with Owl
043 Yeehaw Christmas 043 Yeehaw Christmas
Created by Nicole Skupnjak. Red, White, and Blue wreath with boot and star ornaments and battery powered lights!
044 Last-minute Christmas 044 Last-minute Christmas
Created by Jorge Delapena. Great wreath for a brown-colored door.
045 Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler 045 Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler
Created by Emily Taylor. Mardi Gras Carnival Wreath consists of Purple, Gold, and Green Mesh accessorized with Mardi Gras Jester Mask, Doubloons, and other Mardi Gras Trinkets.
046 All Dressed Up 046 All Dressed Up
Created By Olivia Meyer. Red and white roses, white hydrangea with pearl garland trim and red and white ornaments
047 A Frosty Christmas 047 A Frosty Christmas
Created by Denise Erdman. Frosted wreath with happy snowman, glitter, classic Christmas colored green, red, and white ornaments, large Poinsettia Flower.
048 Shake Your Tailfeathers 048 Shake Your Tailfeathers
Created by Kinjal Parikh, Diana Cauley, Jessica Clover and Adrienne Chen. Wreath wrapped in blue, green, and white ribbon with adornments of blue and green ornaments and peacock feathers.
049 A Desert Christmas 049 A Desert Christmas
Created by Christy Rodriguez and Ancy George. An array of desert succulents and cacti nestled in a bed of luscious greenery, surrounded by an abundance of winter and Christmas berries.
050 What a girl wants 050 What a girl wants
Created by Shelia Jass, Amanda Burrows and Nicole Flodin. 4 Hydrangeas, Burlap ribbon, with crystal drops and Pearl tassels, and a Chandelier ornament hanging from the middle.
051 All Shook Up 051 All Shook Up
Created by Angela Marx. Oh no! Elvis is "All Shook Up" tangled in a string of Christmas lights! Take him home at let him “Be Your Teddy Bear" otherwise, he'll have a "Blue Christmas" without you! You know you “Just Can’t Help Falling In Love” with this Elvis- inspired wreath!
052 Rudy the Reindeer 052 Rudy the Reindeer
Created by Gaby Granda. Rudolph's little brother is coming to town!
053 Joy to the World 053 Joy to the World
Created by Jacqueline Lerma. Brown, red, and gold ribbon around outer wreath; Silver "berries", Red ornament balls, and Gold and red glitter bows; Big red mesh bow on top; Big gold bells with red berries in Center; "Joy to the World" gold ornament surrounded by Two silver angels ornaments
054 Frosty Winter Owls 054 Frosty Winter Owls
Created by Erica Latigo. Bronze & Rose Gold colored ornaments, frosted pine cone ornaments, 2 winter owl ornaments, wrapped in bright green shimmering ribbon
055 Purple Wreath 055 Purple Wreath
Created by Mary Kane of Cytopathology. "Purple rain, purple rain I only want to see you In the Purple Rain"
056 Peppermint Joy 056 Peppermint Joy
Created by Charisse Acosta of Path Lab Med Quality Assurance. Peppermint sprays with red and white ribbon.
057 Home for the Holidays 057 Home for the Holidays
Created by Patsy Concepcion of Neurosurgery. Simple, rustic, holiday wreath with a pair of cardinals.
058 Droid to the World! 058 Droid to the World!
Created by Laura Falk and Patsy Concepcion of Neurosurgery. Show off your Christmas spirit and Star Wars fandom this year with this Star Wars themed wreath.
059 Ride the Rainbow to a Cure 059 Ride the Rainbow to a Cure
Celebrate the magical healing power of unicorns & rainbows with an assortment of collectible unicorn plush toys and figurines, with a bonus tin of unicorn band aids. Created by Marian Von-Maszewski of Critical Care.
060 Cancer Socks! 060 Cancer Socks!
Created by Marian Von-Maszewski, M.D. of cricial Care. Celebrate the holiday season with 15 pairs of NEW holiday socks, enough for your entire family or department.
061 Harry Potter with book set 061 Harry Potter with book set
Created by Zalie Niangar of Nocturnal Program. This is a true Harry Potter fan wreath. The complete Funko POP! of Harry Potter collection is attached to wreath. This wreath also comes with the complete set of Harry Potter book set valued at $119.
062 Peppermint Fairy 062 Peppermint Fairy
Created by Ashleigh Auzenne of Internal Medicine ACB Center. Whimsical red and white wreath with a curly cue crown and Noel in the center.
063 Jingle Cells! 063 Jingle Cells!
Jingle Cells! Jingle Cells! T-Cells all the way…Phagocytes will come and eat that cancer up today.. Created by Janae Sargent, Priscilla Ortiz, Ivy Lai and Nam-Phong Nguyen of Melanoma Med Onco - Rsch
064 Woodsy Christmas 064 Woodsy Christmas
Created by Sharon Vining of Nursing 7P. Woodsy Christmas is a large beautiful red, green and gold colored wreath with lots of green foliage inspired by the woodlands in Winter.
065 Arendelle 065 Arendelle
Created by Lizzet Vasquez, Danielle Collado, Seohyun Cee and Cecilia Yachuan of Inst Cancer Care Innovation. Anna and Elsa's Frozen Kingdom
066 Let Freedom Ring 066 Let Freedom Ring
Created by Cathy Davis, Patsy Rodriguez, Sharon Soyyar, Nargis Khalfe, Deborah Shears-Green, Norma Ramirez, Shannon Hurst, Vicky Quiroz and Lurtese Sherrell Gardner of Genomic Medicine
067 Welcome the Holidays 067 Welcome the Holidays
Created by Samantha Tippen of Genomic Medicine. The combination of red and gold, expressed through poinsettias, ornaments, and holly berries, festively celebrates the holiday season.
068 Scents of the Season 068 Scents of the Season
Created by Samantha Tippen of Genomic Medicine. Scents of orange, cinnamon, and cloves paired with traditional holiday fruit embody the feelings of the holiday season
069 Holly Jolly Christmas 069 Holly Jolly Christmas
Created by Lisa Pruitt of GU Medical Oncology
070 The Wings of Peace 070 The Wings of Peace
Created by Kanchana Wadugodapitiya of GU Medical Oncology. Painted White Wreath in colors of white, red, brown and touches of gold, with scattered red cardinals and white doves. Hand painted gold and white antiqued "peace" sign.
071 Star Wars - R2D2 and Nolan Ryan baseball 071 Star Wars - R2D2 and Nolan Ryan baseball
Created by: Edrea Gonzales, Anne M Alcala, Sanober Anjani and Gabriel Lopez of Department: Integrative Medicine Center Comes with an Official MLB baseball autographed by Nolan Ryan.
072 Poinsettia Fun 072 Poinsettia Fun
Mesh Red, green, gold poinsettia created by Karen Bigley and Kathy Jinkins of Patient Educ - Learning Center.
073 Sunny Sunflower 073 Sunny Sunflower
Mesh Yellow, green, born sunflower created by Karen Bigley and Kathryn Jinkins of Patient Educ - Learning Center.
074 Merry & Bright- Copper 074 Merry & Bright- Copper
Copper and gold tones mesh and organza created by Kathy Jinkins of Patient Education.
075 Holiday Tradition 075 Holiday Tradition
Red Mesh with Red Bows created by Karen Bigley and Kathryn Jenkins of Patient Educ - Learning Center.
076 12 Days of Ribbon 076 12 Days of Ribbon
Green and red ribbon wreath with big red bow at top. Created by Katie Cain, Rebecca Previs and Roshonda Cinch of Pharmacy Clinical Programs and Gyn Onc & Reproductive Medicine.
077 Shine Bright Like A Snowflake 077 Shine Bright Like A Snowflake
Green wreath with festive red and gold ornaments, red glittery beads, snowflakes and red garlands. Created by Jubi Nair, Nichole Cruz and Christine Hinojosa.
078 Frosty's Candy Christmas 078 Frosty's Candy Christmas
Green wreath, candy ornaments, cranberries, snowflakes and black top hat. Created by Nichole Cruz, Sarah Renner and Jubi Nair.
079 Social Work Snoopy and the Great Pumpkin 079 Social Work Snoopy and the Great Pumpkin
The Social Work Department created this fun take on Snoopy and the Great Pumpkin. Snoopy sings and dances too and will brighten your day!
080 Oh Harley 080 Oh Harley
Created by Linda Pierson, Linda Gostomski and Jamar Walker. Harley Davidson license plate in the center. Decorated with four die-cast metal handcrafted Hallmark keepsake Harley ornaments.
081 HO HO HO It's Santa Claus! 081 HO HO HO It's Santa Claus!
Created by Kimberly Willis of Department of Nursing. Santa Claus theme wreath of red, white, black and gold with large Santa Claus character, Santa belt bulbs and HoHoHo sign.
082 Fabulous Fall 082 Fabulous Fall
Created by Valerie Sepeda of Cancer Prevention. Grapevine wreath adorned with fall leaves and fall decorations.
083 Hook'em Horns 083 Hook'em Horns
Created by Sheil Makan of Human Resources, Generalist Organization. Burnt Orange/White Wreath
084 Calculating the Days Till Christmas 084 Calculating the Days Till Christmas
Created by Jennifer Marvel, Yolanda Lomeli, Laurent Cogerino and Nneyen Umoh. The wreath contains a chalkboard marker to allow the owner to keep recalculating the days until Christmas.
085 Christmas Cash 085 Christmas Cash
Fake dollars, snowman bell and Joy sign. Created by Debbie Blankenship, Marie Washington and Ana Rodriguez of Treasury Services.
086  Go Coogs! 086 Go Coogs!
Red, Black & Silver Wreath with Bells and a University of Houston banner. Designed by Sabrina Bauggue and Alisha Abbs of the Clinical Nutrition & Room Services Department.
087 Candy Winter Wonderland 087 Candy Winter Wonderland
Pine wreath with a colorful assortment of peppermint candy ornaments, holiday colored ribbons and a cheerful Snowman. Designed by Claudia Mena Alanis, Thalia Perrett, and Maria Garcia in Clinical Nutrition and Room Service.
088 Peace on Earth 088 Peace on Earth
Created by Amie Koronczok. The center of the wreath is a cross made of pinecones. Red ribbon in laced through the wreath.
089 Frozen Christmas 089 Frozen Christmas
Created by Erika Bastard, Meyling Mora and Erika Reyes. Silver and Turquoise with ribbon and mesh in the Frozen theme character, with white snow flakes and Christmas bells.
090  Christmas Love in Paris 090 Christmas Love in Paris
Remember to Love on Christmas. Paris is known for it's presence of Love. Now, Paris is in need of Love and Support. This Wreath is a reminder of the love needed in the "City of Love" with ornaments in black, silver, white, and red. Designed by Salena Gourrier of the Diagnostic Radiology Department.
091 Birth of a Prince 091 Birth of a Prince
A nativity scene depicting the birth of Christ. This wreath is surrounded by a set of 6 round "For We Have Seen His Star Holy Family Three Kings" nativity decoupage ornaments. This will be a wonderful display on your door to welcome visitors to your home. Created by Palencia Lewis.
092 A Small Town Christmas 092 A Small Town Christmas
Created by Palencia Lewis of Diagnostic Radiology.
093 Oh What Fun 093 Oh What Fun
Red, Silver & Mickey created by Lakecia Quinney
094 Round Top Christmas 094 Round Top Christmas
Painted Tin Ornaments from Round Top Texas. Burlap Poinsettias Festive Harlequin Ribbon Created by Matt Fisher of Enterprise Business Systems and Karen Carr of Fisher Farms.
095  Survivors' Sweet Success 095 Survivors' Sweet Success
Wreath shaped into a Pink Cancer Awareness Ribbon. Designer: Dana Houtchens of Pharmacy Operations.
096 America 096 America
Created by Tiffany Bartlett of Pharmacy Education. Please note this wreath was photographed upside down. The flag pendant is meant to dangle in the center.
097 Big Jolly Elf- Holly Jolly Christmas 097 Big Jolly Elf- Holly Jolly Christmas
Extra large heavy wreath designed by Jennifer Davis of Pharmacy Clinical Program.
098  A Very Merry Horseshoe Christmas 098 A Very Merry Horseshoe Christmas
This beautiful horseshoe wreath comes with 2 30 minute horseback riding lessons, donated by Bay Area Equestrian Center in Pearland. Add some country to your Christmas this year! *Note the red ribbon is for ease of hanging from a single point, simply remove. Designed by Tara Fujimoto of the Experimental Radiation Oncology Department.
099 Hot Pink Christmas 099 Hot Pink Christmas
Hot pink flowers with hot pink balls with a white ribbon. Created by Betty Spears of Dermatology.
100 Christmas Baubles 100 Christmas Baubles
Blue, gold and silver bauble wreath. Created by Alison Gulbis of Pharmacy Clinical Programs.
101  Christmas Snowflake 101 Christmas Snowflake
Blue and Silver flowers with blue balls. Designed by Dorothy Franklin with the North Region - Woodlands Location.
102 Holly Jolly Christmas Stars &, Balls 102 Holly Jolly Christmas Stars &, Balls
Christmas is the most magical time of year. Here’s a wreath to celebrate this joyful season. Glimmering of glitter, stars, and, Christmas balls. Created by Joseph Pushong and Bethela Garcia of Supply Chain Management.
103 A Charlie Brown Christmas Wreath 103 A Charlie Brown Christmas Wreath
This year celebrates 50 yrs of Charlie brown , our wreath captures iconic moments of the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Enjoy Charlie and Lucy tangled in lights, Snoopy curious as ever peeking down from above. Designed by Geena Arackal, Jennifer Obodoechina, Jennie Pham, Joanne Dalusung, and Ivy Bertram in the Acute Care Procedure Team.
104 We Wish You an Orlando Vacation! 104 We Wish You an Orlando Vacation!
Disney themed wreath which includes a one week stay at Regal Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida. Reservations must be made before December 31, 2016. Designed by Cristina Gonzales, Jayne Viets-Upchurch, Lisa McLemore and Pamela Breeden in Emergency Medicine.
105 White Christmas 105 White Christmas
Beautiful white wreath with red and green accents to highlight the festivities of Christmas. Created by Catherine Sullaway of Neuro-Oncology.
106 Christmas in Florida 106 Christmas in Florida
The wreath was inspired by sunny festive Florida! Designed by Gina Sekula in Radiation Oncology Department.
107 Royal Poinsettias 107 Royal Poinsettias
Wreath covered in red and silver burlap ribbon, green diamond studs, holiday red and gold poinsettias. With peppermint and silver jingle bells. Created by Rayna Glass, Michael Rodriguez and Debbie Venglar of Facilities Mgmt, AFCO.
108 Moon Shots Merry Xmas 108 Moon Shots Merry Xmas
32 inch green wreath with sliver ornaments the center photo of a full moon in black and white with a pink cancer ribbon, silver bells and pink metal bells. Created by Debbie Venglar, Jean A Morgan and Rayna Glass of AFCO.
109 The Holiday Awakens 109 The Holiday Awakens
Alliance vs. Dark Side-Star War Characters. Created by : Lynn Daniel, Carolyn Vargas, Linda Aucoin, and Laura Stanford from the department of Institutional Compliance
111 Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey 111 Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey
Dr. Who wreath with K9, sonic screw driver, red dalek, cyberman, doctor who symbol, 2 tardis and wooden sign with stars. Comes with a 16" by 16" Dalek pillow. Created by Brittany Cullen and Susan Frisbee-Hume of Palliative Care.
112  Peaceful Christmas 112 Peaceful Christmas
Wreath covered with gold, red, and green ornaments, with "Peace" sign and bow. Designed by Lindsay Wilson of the Veterinary Medicine & Surgery Department.
113 Hanukkah Wreath 113 Hanukkah Wreath
White wreath with blue flowers and assorted blue and white Star of David and menorah ornaments. Designed by Adina Feldman, Jennifer Meyer, Jennifer Miller and Lindsay Wilson of the Veterinary Medicine & Surgery Department.
114 Fruitful Christmas 114 Fruitful Christmas
Pink Glitter Ribbon. Create by Yvonne Patterson and Angela Shiro Center for Recon Surgery.
115 Blood Bank Bear Hugs For All! 115 Blood Bank Bear Hugs For All!
Created by Ivette Sung of Donor Operations. Burlap and black striped wreath with Blood Bank accents (stress balls, blood sample tubes, cotton swabs, stethoscope, thank you donor teddy bear, MD Anderson magnets).
116 Burlap Believer 116 Burlap Believer
A burlap wreath adorned with golden glittering stars, a golden "Believe sign, encircled by glittered magnolia leaf sprays. Created by Elizabeth Sirmans of Melanoma Medical Oncology.
117 Snoopy's Dog-Gone Good Christmas 117 Snoopy's Dog-Gone Good Christmas
Created by Jennifer Mitchell of Veterinary Medicine & Surgery. Wreath adorned with Snoopy, Woodstock and other Christmas themed toys for your favorite canine companion.
118 Uptown Snow Woman 118 Uptown Snow Woman
Three ring snow woman with hat and scarf Designed by Courtney Johnson with the Sarcoma Medical Oncology Department.
119 The gift that keeps on giving 119 The gift that keeps on giving
Created by Debra Jaime, Alexandria Sauceda and Elsy John of Stem Cell.
120 Bountiful Christmas 120 Bountiful Christmas
Red Poinsettia created by Helen Sprigg Saenz of Patient Safety & Accredidation.
122 Mardi Gras Time 122 Mardi Gras Time
Everything about Mardi Gras: Gold, Purple, and Green. Designed by Lisa Honore in Cytogenetics.
123 A Very Snoopy Christmas 123 A Very Snoopy Christmas
Created by Lori Gamez and Lianne Biegay
124 The Nightmare Before Christmas 124 The Nightmare Before Christmas
This wreath was inspired by the movie "The Nightmare before Christmas" a Tim Burton film. The story of Jack Skellington (The Pumpkin King) who tries to steal Christmas from Santa Claus. Created by Robert Shoneff, Pat Phillips, Kristina Olivares and Norma Garcia of Treasury Services & Operations.
125 Merry Fairy Christmas 125 Merry Fairy Christmas
Wishing everyone Happy Holidays! Created by Ria Whaley of Cardiopulmonary Center.
126 Home for Christmas 126 Home for Christmas
Created by Laura Gibson, Donna Lundy and Lisa Corberg of Cancer Biology. Wreath has a rustic bell in center, red and green plaid ribbon thru wreath, white and red bow, burlap poinsettias and flowers, fake holly, holiday clothes pins, plaid moose, and owl.
127 Star Light, Star Bright 127 Star Light, Star Bright
Created by Lauren Morin of Plastic Surgery. A snowy forest scene with a silver doe, fawn and owl surrounded by red and silver holly berries. A bright star floats above the doe and her fawn and the word "believe" rests on the bottom right of the wreath.
128 Owl-ing for Christmas! 128 Owl-ing for Christmas!
Owl-ing for Christmas! Created by Violeta Hinojosa-Galindo of Melanoma Medical Oncology
129 Christmas in Texas 129 Christmas in Texas
Burlap poinsettias and berries on a grapevine wreath. Created by Daniel Ledbetter of Neurosurgery - Research
130 Rudolph, Won't You Guide My Sleigh Tonight 130 Rudolph, Won't You Guide My Sleigh Tonight
Female deer in party dress with red, black, white color scheme. Created by Deborah Harris of Genitourinary Medical Oncology
131 Going UP 131 Going UP
Blue wooden wreath with a wood house and pom pom balloons. Based on Disney's UP. Created by Kelsey Creed of Nursing G18
132 Country Christmas 132 Country Christmas
Greenery, holly and pine cones all tied together with a burlap ribbon. Created by the Surgical Oncology Research Team - Theresa Honey, Vanessa Martinez, Donna Branham and Pamela Davis.
133 MD Anderson Superheroes 133 MD Anderson Superheroes
This exciting and action-packed Christmas wreath is for the home in need of Superheroes. This wreath is ornamented with collectable AC, DC, and Marvel comic book super hero action figures. Created by Liliana Vallejo of Leukemia.
134 Frosty 134 Frosty
Blue and white snow man ribbon, blue and white ribbon, snow flakes, blue and silver ornaments, snow man face in the middle of the wreath. Created by Kori Ostigin of General Internal Medicine.
135 Frosty's Big Christmas 135 Frosty's Big Christmas
Wreath: Frosty's Big Christmas (Little Frosty is sitting on a wreath surrounded with holiday joy) Created by Toni Hutto of Lymphoma/Myeloma.
136 Wreath #1 Baby's First Christmas              136 Wreath #1 Baby's First Christmas
Baby's First Christmas ( 6 month baby booties and hat with metal placard to greet guest). Booties are wearable and super cute. Created by Toni Hutto with the Lymphoma/Myeloma Department and her sister, a cancer patient who took pride in making the bows.
137 An Elf for Good Health 137 An Elf for Good Health
Extra long whimsical holiday swag with stuffed Elf hanging on the side. Created by Michelle Grissom, School Of Health Professions- Clinical Laboratory Science Student
138 Ho Ho Ho Candy Cane Swag 138 Ho Ho Ho Candy Cane Swag
Created by Julma Alcantara of GU Cancer Center.
139 Whimsical Elf Swag 139 Whimsical Elf Swag
Created by Julma Alcantara of GU Oncology.
140 Dear Santa, 140 Dear Santa,
Dear Santa, "I want it all!" Designed by Ricci Stephenson and Shemeka Fransaw with the Nocturnal Program Department.
141 Comfort and Joy 141 Comfort and Joy
"A traditional Christmas wreath that is wrapped with holiday ribbon and adorned with ornaments. It also has cinnamon scented cones and berries." Designed by Noe Carrasco of the VP Patient Services Department.
142  House Divided:  Houston Texans/Dallas Cowboys 142 House Divided: Houston Texans/Dallas Cowboys
Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys Ribbon Wreath Created by Epidemiology's Administrative Team
143 Santa's Wreath Belly 143 Santa's Wreath Belly
Created by Ashley Jeffers and son. He wanted it to be decorated with a Santa in mind. We did the best we could to make it festive!
144 Country Burlap Christmas 144 Country Burlap Christmas
Created by Luz Eguia of Facilities Management.
145 Catz Toyz 145 Catz Toyz
Red, silver, and gold wreath decorated with cat toys to celebrate the cats in our lives. Designed by Kristin Siimar, Haleigh Mistry, Hong Yang Wang and Peter Lai of the Lymphoma Department Unit #429.
146 A House Divided is United 146 A House Divided is United
" Is your family divided between orange and maroon? This UT / Texas A&M wreath is a perfect blend of the 2 rivalry schools. Designed to unite your allegiances in Christmas wishes for all to see! Green 24 inch wreath with orange / white/ maroon deco " Designed by Sheryl Murphy with the Cardiology Department.
147 Noel- Silver Bells 147 Noel- Silver Bells
Designed by Rose and Kenisha Falls with the Radiation Oncology Department
148 Bluebell 148 Bluebell
Blue, white and silver, Designed by Sheela Mathews, Liset, Monica, Myra, Isabel, Reinell, Uma, Suja in Radiation Oncology - Research
149 Merry Christmas Paris 149 Merry Christmas Paris
Black and Gold Wreath with starbursts and ribbon. Designed by Dannia Duque of the Social Work Department and assistant, Keyla Villarreal.
150 Tessellated Winds 150 Tessellated Winds
Geometric forms with Swirls Designed by Robert Men of the School of Health Professions
151 Can't wait for Spring 151 Can't wait for Spring
Handmade paper flowers with button centers and four glittery butterflies on a burlap background Designed by Jennifer Crunk (Smithville Employee) Department of Epigenet & Mol Carcinogenesis.
152 Baby, It's Cold Outside- Woodland Owl 152 Baby, It's Cold Outside- Woodland Owl
Created by Laura Gibson Lisa Norburg and Donna Lundy of Cancer Biology.
153  Aggie Stocking 153 Aggie Stocking
Green wreath with 5 maroon Texas A&M stockings filled with maroon floral. Top 5th stocking features a ceramic Texas A&M ornament. Bow is hand made from a silk Texas A&M scarf. Wreath made by Ruth Reitzel with Infectious Disease and Information Center -Research and Linda Reitzel (mother and MD Anderson patient).
154 You Have The Power 154 You Have The Power
Wreath with Batman, Flash, Superman and Green Lantern characters with blue, Pink and Yellow ribbons and hand painted Batman and Superman shields. Designed by Wanda Vosmus in Cancer Prevention Center.
155 Old Tyme Christmas 155 Old Tyme Christmas
Wreath decorated with red/green mesh with classic Santa, Reindeer and Sled. Inspired by a classic, rustic Christmas. Designed by Ivette Rios in Plastic Surgery.
Whimsical celebration of Christmas cheer in blue, red and white and the mischievous Elf on the Shelf in TEXANS clothing. GO TEXANS! Designer Team - Gyn Onc & Reproductive Med Carroll Valdez, Beth Soletsky, CarmenSummey, Sheila Stokes and Anna Rodriguez.
157  'Whimsical Wishes' 157 'Whimsical Wishes'
This wreath is a play on the rich colors of the things that real dreams are made of! Created by Diana Pollard with Treasury Services & Operations. Dedicated in memory of Benita Wilburn who loved and participated in the wreath contest. May her Soul Rest Blissfully.
158 A Very Merry Christmas 158 A Very Merry Christmas
Gold bow accented with red berries and gold berries. Two large poinsettias with a cluster of small ones accented by gold leaves and a bell. Designed by Anne Acerra in Ambulatory Operations.
159 It's the Journey 159 It's the Journey
Created by Virginia Schneider of Critical Care.
160 Peacock Pizzazz 160 Peacock Pizzazz
Turquoise, lime green, pink and purple accents with a lime green peacock and feathers. Designed by April Holubar in Experimental Therapeutics.
161 Country Burlap Christmas 161 Country Burlap Christmas
Burlap, Critters, berries and flowers. Designed by April Holubar in Experimental Therapeutics.
162 Traditional Holiday Wreath 162 Traditional Holiday Wreath
Traditional wreath comprised of poinsettias, holly berries, pinecones, and a large bow. Designed by Laura Stokes in Pharmacy.
163 Santa's Message 163 Santa's Message
May you have a Merry Christmas (Noel in French) Filled with Joy, Peace and Love. Designed by Maria Baula from FCC - Thoracic & Orthopaedic
164 Poinsettia 164 Poinsettia
Green and red mesh with gold accents to have the appearance of a poinsettia. Created by Brandi Baker of Radiation Oncology - Therapy
165 Silver Starlight Fantasy 165 Silver Starlight Fantasy
Silver and red ornaments. Designed by Janie Walker in VP Clinical Research.
Everyone loves desserts from cookies to ice cream. We created a festive holiday wreath that everyone can relate to and appreciate. Most of the ornaments are hand-stitched or handmade items. Created by multiple designers in the Leukemia Department.
167 Happy Wreath 167 Happy Wreath
Neon green, white and red bow with etchings. Red and Green decorations. Created by Lisa Montoya of VP Clinical Research.
168 Christmas Candy Cane 168 Christmas Candy Cane
Created by Kimberly Nelson of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.
169 Celebrate with  BB-8 169 Celebrate with BB-8
Celebrate the holidays with Star Wars BB-8 droid. Orange, Silver and White Ribbon Wreath. Created by Richelle Millican from DR- Clinical Operations
170 Sisterly love is always Frozen 170 Sisterly love is always Frozen
Sisterly love is always Frozen.
171 Happy Owlidays 171 Happy Owlidays
Winter themed wreath complete with pinecone owls and snowflakes. Hoot Hoot! Created by Emily Ellard with the Office of Provost and Executive Vice President.
172 Let your dreams soar 172 Let your dreams soar
Gold airplanes for childhood cancer awareness, painted by Pediatric patients. Created by G9 Pediatrics.
173 Christmas Peacock 173 Christmas Peacock
Glitzy peacock feather and ornaments. Designed by Yolanda Rowe in Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.
174 Patches McJingles 174 Patches McJingles
A wreath around a reindeer's head with a funny red nose and two eyes, with bells hanging from his collar. Created by Aleida Lewis from Gastroenterology Hepat & Nutr
175 Puppy Holidays! 175 Puppy Holidays!
This wreath is filled with dog treats, toys, 3 stuff (dog) animals, a sleigh, fire hydrant poop bag dispenser and bags, and dog collar. This wreath is décorated with silver and red ribbons, and Christmas ornaments and love. Created by Ellen Mullen, Jill Atmar and Carolina Cua, Lymphoma / Myeloma.
176 Peace 176 Peace
"Peace" decoration in the center of the wreath above a white ribbon with blue snowflakes. There are 4 light blue and silver snowflakes around the top of the wreath. Created by Irma Salinas and Cassadara Johnson from Internal Audit.
177 Merry Christmas, Y'all! 177 Merry Christmas, Y'all!
Created by Jennifer Phan and Alanna Motzi of Ofc/VP Clinical Support Svcs. Show your Texas pride this holiday season!
178 Dreaming of a White Christmas. 178 Dreaming of a White Christmas.
This wreath contains a majority of white ornaments followed with swarvorski crystals, and finalized with a red bow to symbolize the red line in the MD Anderson. Created by Gina Ramirez of Proton Therapy.
179 Bubbles of Whimsy 179 Bubbles of Whimsy
Nothing brings a smile to your face with as much ease as watching children (and pets) play with bubbles! This wreath is a nod to their simple and exuberant joy and the equally joyous holiday season. Submitted by the Research Administration Office
180 Candy Cane Deco Mesh 180 Candy Cane Deco Mesh
Candy cane shaped wreath adorned with various types of deco mesh, flex tubing and candy picks. Created by Janeen Paprocki of Human Resources.
181 A Very Mario Holiday 181 A Very Mario Holiday
Created by David McCue of Leukemia. The Nintendo icon appears in a number of suits from the classic Mario Bros. game.
182 Winter Wonderland 182 Winter Wonderland
Dyed corn husk with sparkly deco. Created by Leslie Kumpf from the Cardiopulmonary Center.
183 The Sweetest Swag 183 The Sweetest Swag
Candy cane and peppermint wreath, this is a large candy cane surrounded by mesh type fabric with peppermint ornaments. Created by Britnie Perthuis from Pharmacy Operations.
184  Frosty and Friends 184 Frosty and Friends
Detachable snow man with 20-25 little snowman ornaments along with gold and white ribbon. Designed by Sireesha Amaram in Histology.
185 Lego Wreath 185 Lego Wreath
Coordinated by Maria Mutmansky, Development and created by members of TexLUG-Houston. Includes 2 day family public exhibition membership (admits 4) to BrickFiesta July, 9 & 10, 2016 at The Westin Galleria, Houston.”
186 Laissez Lez Bon Temps Rouler 186 Laissez Lez Bon Temps Rouler
"Let the Good Times Roll!" New Orleans Mardi Gras Theme. Created by Donna Quin of Cardiopulmonary Center.
187 It's Game Time- Go Texans 187 It's Game Time- Go Texans
Created by Karla Valencia of Pathology/Histology.
188 I'd Rather be Hunting 188 I'd Rather be Hunting
Created by Frances Quintana of Imaging Physics
189 Santa's Wreath 189 Santa's Wreath
Created by Shannon Eady, Amy Carter, Abigal Guillory, Sarai Garcia from Biostatistics. Red fabric wreath on metal frame with Santa sash through the middle and the letters Ho Ho Ho across the top.
190 May The Force Be With You 190 May The Force Be With You
May the Force be with You This listing is for a 24" Mesh Wreath decorated in black and red/white/black striped Deco Mesh along with metallic red mesh to add a touch of sparkle. Created by Janelle Heallen.
191 Inside Out Christmas 191 Inside Out Christmas
Fun ribbon & colorful ornaments with a little glitter and glam. The wreath also includes the characters of Inside Out: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Bing Bong. Designed by Susan Urban in Investigational Cancer Therapeutics.
192 Golden Pines 192 Golden Pines
Created by Srisuda Lecagoonporn, Melanoma Medical oncology.
193 Hearts United, House Divided 193 Hearts United, House Divided
Created by Sara Guzman and Alexandra Larremore, Nursing Gq7. Decorate your house with one of the oldest rivalries in Texas. They may not be in the same division anymore, but the rivalry still lives on!!!!
194 Sublime Wreath 194 Sublime Wreath
Created by Janeen Paprocki of Human Resources. A deco mesh wreath made from various types of red and lime green deco mesh. The wreath is adorned with various coordinating picks.
195 A Simple Christmas 195 A Simple Christmas
This is made of burlap, pine cone, wires, and ornaments that made of natural materials. This represents the simplicity and creative way to celebrate Christmas. Created by Vivian Al Jahdhami, Stem Cell Transplantation Research.
196 The Doc is In 196 The Doc is In
Doc McStuffin and her friends Lamby and Stuffy all hung with mixes of pink, purple, silver, and doctor toys to make a beautiful creation. Created by Melanie Gracia of Diagnostic Radiology
197  I'm Dreaming of a Beaded Christmas 197 I'm Dreaming of a Beaded Christmas
This wreath is decorated with a variety of beads and ribbon. A hand-crafted star is featured at the top. My grandmother, great aunt, aunt, mother, and I put hard work and love into the making of this wreath. Designed by Melissa Zamora of the Molecular & Cellular Oncology Department and "team".
198 Axe out Cancer 198 Axe out Cancer
Rustic, burlap ribbon, pine cones, holly and wood. Created by Jaquelin Velasquez and Melissa K Gonzalez of Nursing G15
199 Frozen Fever 199 Frozen Fever
Your favorite characters - Elsa, Anna and Olaf hung together with frosted blue and silver colors with glittery snowflakes. Created by Melanie Garcia and Asuncion Moroi of Diagnostic Radiology.
200 Joy to You and Yours 200 Joy to You and Yours
A wreath spelling out JOY. It also includes colored berries, a star and jingle bells. Designed by Mercedes A. Geaslin in Quality Measurement and Engineering.
Chef's cooking utensils. Created by Shahina Quadir of Histology
202 Give a Hoot this Christmas 202 Give a Hoot this Christmas
Created by Jennifer Hernandez of Quality Measurement and Eng. Give a Hoot this Christmas.
203 African Royalty 203 African Royalty
Created by LeNisha Simon of Facilities Management.
204 Hark The Herald Angels Sing 204 Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Green wreath with red & gold ribbon and bow, 2 gold angels, manger scene, and a big star. Created by Brenda Anderson of Facilities Administration.
205 Peace & Harmony 205 Peace & Harmony
Created by Latonya Johnson. Red & Gold with lights
206 Christmas in Vegas 206 Christmas in Vegas
Created by Moderia Horn. The holidays are a time for wreath making and this one is made of clever non-festive materials to endure well past the holiday season. This card wreath would be great in a man cave.
213 Houston Astros Wreath 213 Houston Astros Wreath
Created by Maria DeLeon of Core Clinical Systems. Orange, Blue and Black Mesh