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#1 Burlap & Bling #1 Burlap & Bling
Burlap accented with glitz and chevron harmonizes with a sparkling red mesh to create a unique holiday decoration. Created by Rebecca Deen of Molecular Carcinogenesis.
#2 Merry Chimpmas #2 Merry Chimpmas
Chimpanzee Painting Wreath. Artist Judumi. About the artist: Judumi loves to blow kisses to anyone walking by, making him a favorite with everyone! Judumi moved to the Keeling Center from the Primate Foundation of Arizona, where he was raised. Since moving to Texas, Judumi has charmed everyone with his kisses and obsession with shoes. He enjoys playing a fun game of chase whenever he can and, occasionally, painting. He hopes whoever gets this painting will enjoy it very much! Created by Lisa Reamer of Veterinary Sciences.
#3 Monkey Merriment #3 Monkey Merriment
Wreath with ornaments painted by rhesus monkeys. Created by Mary Beth Sarnowski of Veterinary Sciences.
#4 Ginger Men & Peppermint Oh So Nice #4 Ginger Men & Peppermint Oh So Nice
Big striped bow outlined in pink with two plush gingerbread men and peppermint ornaments. Created by Michelle Herrera of Veterinary Sciences.
#5 Peace. Love. Christmas #5 Peace. Love. Christmas
Rustic burlap wreath with navy/white flower and feathers. Created by Altrivice Revis of SVP/Chief of Clinical Operations.
#6 Making Cancer History #6 Making Cancer History
Wreath has Cancer awareness ribbons. Created by Ehola Cushenberry, Charlene Brown-Polk, Chantell Farinas and Nishma Ramzan Ali of Pathology Research - Insitutional Tissue Bank.
#7 Silver Bells #7 Silver Bells
Evergreen garland reef intertwined with decorative silver mesh. It has silver poinsettias, green & silver mistletoe, glitter pinecones, decorative ornaments, and an elegant bow trimmed with silver glitter lining. Created by Lucrece Nunn of G12 NW Palliative Care.
#8 Country Christmas #8 Country Christmas
Burlap poinsettias, burlap snowman, large green, brown & red bow. Created by Jacquelyn & Gloria Reuther of Translational Molecular Pathology.
#9 Christmas Tradition #9 Christmas Tradition
Glittery ornaments and a gold bow embellish a green wreath to convey Christmas wishes in a traditional way. Created by Jennifer Marshall of Molecular Carcinogenesis.
#10 Rock-N-Roll #10 Rock-N-Roll
Wreath with Hoola Hoop, records, green and pink ribbon. Created by Linda Pritchard of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery.
#11 Finding Mickey #11 Finding Mickey
Straw wreath, 12 in. balloons, greenery pins, red bow, Mickey Mouse holiday doll. Created by Christina Guajardo of Critical Care.
#12 A Few of Our Favorite Things #12 A Few of Our Favorite Things
Winter themed picture wreath. Created by Global Business Development Project Mgmt: Rhonda Smith, LauraBeth Gonzalez, Beth Vu, Beth Vanderhoofven, Tracy Buchanan, Sarah Berger, Erin Williams, Catherine Craig of Global Business Development.
#13 Christmas Colors #13 Christmas Colors
Red with green plaid deco mesh. Created by Patricia Moore of Physicians Network.
#14 Happy PAW-lidays! #14 Happy PAW-lidays!
Pet themed wreath with "woof" ornaments, stocking filled with raw-hide treats, dog holding raw-hide lollipop and "Happy PAW-lidays" sign. Created by Scherezade & Anahita Mama of Health Disparities Research.
#15 All that Glitters #15 All that Glitters
Red & gold decorations. Created by Michele "Cheri" Stokola of Urology.
#16 On Angel's Wings #16 On Angel's Wings
In loving memory of Maria Rios. Created by Anita Rios of General Accounting.
#17 Candy Lane #17 Candy Lane
Red & white candies with Santa & snowmen. Created by Benita Wilburn of Treasury Services and Ops.
#18 Golden Reindeer #18 Golden Reindeer
Red burlap ribbon, gold ribbon with glitter, red and gold foliage embellishments. Created by Grady Johnson of Neck and Center.
#19 Christmas Morning Bird #19 Christmas Morning Bird
Mesh and red bird. Created by Katie Cain of Pharmacy Clinical Programs.
#20 Never Solo in America #20 Never Solo in America
American flag with Solo cups and dove. Created by Erica Bins of Facilities Management.
#21 M&M Holiday #21 M&M Holiday
Red & gold decorations with M&M plush dolls. Created by LaTonya Gray of Cardiopulmonary.
#22 A Sweet Taste of Christmas #22 A Sweet Taste of Christmas
Gingerbread man with peppermint. Created by Jasmin Berrios of Clinical Research Support Ctr.
#23 A Christmas Night #23 A Christmas Night
Blue tulle & snowflakes. Created by Jasmin Berrios of Clinical Research Support Ctr.
#24 Have a DOGGONE Good Holiday! #24 Have a DOGGONE Good Holiday!
Red berries, dogs, gold ribbon, dog collars with bells. Created by P10 Nursing Unit.
#25 Home for Christmas #25 Home for Christmas
Red birds and bird houses. Created by Monette Salvacion & Monette Insani of Tumor Registry.
#26 Sea-Maids #26 Sea-Maids
Crocheted mermaids & shells. Created by Diane Schaub & Brenda Terrell of the Office of Performance Improvement.
#27 A Burgundy Christmas #27 A Burgundy Christmas
The actual color is beautiful warm burgundy with an olive green bow trimmed in gold. Created by Pamela Samuels of Cancer Biology.
#28 Frosty Pine #28 Frosty Pine
Created by Helia Fouzan of Hematopathology.
#29 My Mother's Poinsettia #29 My Mother's Poinsettia
Silver/red mesh décor ribbon with a poinsettia in the middle using red & silver ornaments. Created by Lisa F. Honor'e of Cytogenetics.
#30 Not So Despicable Christmas #30 Not So Despicable Christmas
Minions figurines, & stuffed minions. Created by Ellen Mullen, Rosie Guerrero, Jill Atmar, Carolina Cua & Mitch Gudes of Lymphoma/Myeloma Center.
#31 Houston Rocket's Jingle #31 Houston Rocket's Jingle
Houston Rockets, red & white bells. Created by Ginny Carrizan a Retiree.
#32 Tribute to Survivorship and Moon Shot Program #32 Tribute to Survivorship and Moon Shot Program
Created by Ellen Mullen, Rosie Guerrero, Jill Atmar, Carolina Cua & Mitch Gudes of Lymphoma/Myeloma Center.
#33 An Image of Hope #33 An Image of Hope
Red, silver, clear & white with red ribbon. Created by Tavasha Douglas of Diagnostic Imaging.
#34 Red & Silver Splendor #34 Red & Silver Splendor
Red & silver deco mesh wreath with flower accents. Created by April Holubar of Experimental Therapeutics.
#35 Burlap Wonderland #35 Burlap Wonderland
Brown Burlap, white chevron burlap with brown & gold ornaments & snowflakes & a white bow on top. Created by Kimberly Soares, Jacqueline Lara, Darlene Guerrero of Epidemiology.
#36 Rockin Around The Christmas Sea! #36 Rockin Around The Christmas Sea!
Santa's been shipwrecked and Gator Clause is coming to the rescue with all of the gifts. Luscious green pine garland entangled around Captain Santa's ship wheel. Includes a special message in a bottle, "welcome Aboard" sign, anchor along with sea creatures and holiday decor. Created by Robin Bryce, Rajvi Gandhi, Nargis Khalfe, Maria Paguinto of Experimental Therapeutics.
#37 Elves #37 Elves
Variety of elves including Elf on the Shelf. Includes Elf on the Shelf book, DVD & coloring book. Created by Kimberly Willis of Department of Nursing.
#38 A Stocking Full of Merry! #38 A Stocking Full of Merry!
Stocking with bows & beads with Styrofoam backing - red & green with white puffy pom poms. Created by Melissa Menchaca, Janet Slocum, Kenna Shaw of IPCT.
#39 Golden Sparkle #39 Golden Sparkle
Green & gold ribbon with gold ornaments. Created by Paula Willy of Pharmacy ATC R2.
#40 The Shiny Sugar Plum #40 The Shiny Sugar Plum
Purple and silver mesh wreath with purple, silver & chevron pattern ribbon & a sugar plum house ornament. Created by Marielly Monsalve & La Toya Sayles of Patient Guest Relations.
#41 Snowflakes in Houston-In Memory of Zoey Dockal #41 Snowflakes in Houston-In Memory of Zoey Dockal
Fabric wrapped wreath with white & black snowflakes & red felt flowers. Created by Alisha Garcia of Pharmacy - ATC ACB.
#42 Sounds of Joy #42 Sounds of Joy
Cones & rosettes made of Christmas sheet music with violin. Created by Linda Thompson, Lisle Billings, Veronica Ramos, Anne Fisher of Center for Advanced Biomedical Imaging.
#43 The Tardis #43 The Tardis
Gold ribbon top center with blue & silver garland, bows, and a "Police Box" sign and blue tardis. Created by Emmony Pena of the Center Health Equity and Eval Res.
#44 Holidays & Words With Friends #44 Holidays & Words With Friends
Black wreath with board game attached (Words with Friends). Complete game included. Created by Kim DeVaughn of Head and Neck Surgery.
#45 3 Point Wreath #45 3 Point Wreath
Created by Ting Wang of Pathology Admin.
#46 Fell-Ho-Ho-Ho-Ship #46 Fell-Ho-Ho-Ho-Ship
Santa on wreath and green wreath. Created by Kary Garnica of DOCMHeme/ONC Fellowship.
#47 Pretty in Pink #47 Pretty in Pink
Created by Sonia Davis of Surgical Oncology
#48 Paws for a Cause. #48 Paws for a Cause.
4 dog ornaments & on snow flake with paw print ribbon: "Paws for a Cause this season to help out another." Created by Karla Valencia of Dr. El Naggar's Head & Neck Laboratory.
#49 On Victory, On Harley, On Triumph, On Honda #49 On Victory, On Harley, On Triumph, On Honda
Santa on a motorcycle on a tree shaped wreath. Rhonda Hassenbusch of Business Analytics & Riders for the Cure.
#50 Duck the Halls - Inspired by Duck Dynasty #50 Duck the Halls - Inspired by Duck Dynasty
Wreath includes Duck Dynasty Season1 DVD, cap, bandana, and license plate frame with battery-operated lights. Created by Darla Hedge of Patient Safety & Accreditation. (Items provided when wreath is picked up.)
#51 A Nutcracker Christmas #51 A Nutcracker Christmas
Adorned with Nutcrackers, drums, gifts & ornaments. Created by Palencia Reaux Lewis of Diagnostic Radiology.
#52 Winter Frost #52 Winter Frost
Turquoise & white mesh, snowflake ribbon & ornaments. Created by Julie Ngo of Head and Neck Center.
#53 Frosty & Friends #53 Frosty & Friends
Pine wreath, indoor/outdoor, snowmen with touch of holiday style. Created by SCT MUD Team.
Wreath has beautiful nativity scene with angel. Created by Carrie Purdhomme of Core Lab.
#55 Candyland Noel #55 Candyland Noel
Candies galore! Created by Cindy Gonzalez of Radiation Oncology Department.
#56 Beach Christmas #56 Beach Christmas
Seashells & Beach Santa's with "Beach Christmas" in gold letters. Created by Cyndi Chaney of Fac Mgt Fac Administration.
#57 Clara's Christmas #57 Clara's Christmas
Purple mesh ribbon, Nutcrackers theme ornaments. Created by Erica Latigo of Facilities Managment-Customer Service.
#58 Mardi Gras Magic #58 Mardi Gras Magic
Mask, gold & purple ribbon with green ornaments. Created by Mary Beth Storms of Genitourinary Medical Oncology.
#59 Fall Harvest #59 Fall Harvest
Created by Valerie Sepeda of Clinical Cancer Prevention.
#60 Country Christmas Cross #60 Country Christmas Cross
Burlap, maroon & gold ribbon with bronze cross. Created by Megan Orsak of Pathology.
#61 Gyn Snow Much Fun! #61 Gyn Snow Much Fun!
Blue, white polka dot sparkling ribbon with snowmen & red, green, blue decorations. Created by Jeanette Glenn of Gynecologic Oncology and Reproductive Medicine.
#62 Be a Friend Indeed #62 Be a Friend Indeed
Hand craft embroidered miniature pillows on vine wreath with red berries. Created by Vulan Vu of Pharmacy Inpatient.
#63 Sea Reef #63 Sea Reef
Lime green bow with gold spikes & ornaments. Created by Dianne Gordon of Facilities Managemet - Plan Design & Construction.
#64 Celebrate 2014 #64 Celebrate 2014
Pink, green & blue with glitter ribbon & hanging owl with birds. Created by Melissa Mims of the Office of Health Policy.
#65 Royal Christmas #65 Royal Christmas
Wrapped with red ribbon & glittery bow on top, 2 gold church bells, yellow bird, gold presents, red flowers & pine cones. Created by Christine Vaughn of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics.
#66 Max & The Grinch #66 Max & The Grinch
Created by Institutional Compliance Office.
"Believe" sign. Created by Rabia Khan of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics.
#68 Guess What Day It Is! #68 Guess What Day It Is!
Ribbon & ornaments with a "Camel". Created by Cynthia Felan of The Gastrointestinal Center & Casey Felan of Bone Marrow Aspiration.
#69 My Garage, My Rules #69 My Garage, My Rules
Created by Sireesha Amaram of Histology.
#70 Peppermint Crush #70 Peppermint Crush
Candy canes, candies & ribbons. Created by Clinical Nutrition - Rm Service Call Ctr.
#71 Festive Elegance #71 Festive Elegance
Created by Diana Urbauer, Graciela Nogueras-Gonzalez & Becky Slack of Biostatistics.
#72 Royal Peacock #72 Royal Peacock
Peacock with blue & green ornaments. Created by Linda Wagner of Special Chemistry.
#73 A Polka Dot Christmas #73 A Polka Dot Christmas
Teal, lime green & pink floral with polka dot bow. Created by Kathryne Pruitt of Neurosurgery.
#74 Holiday Gears!  Holiday Cheers! #74 Holiday Gears! Holiday Cheers!
Frosted wreath with blue, red, turquoise décor with bicycle parts. Red bow at bottom made of bicycle tube.Created by Julia Tran of Pharmacy ATC R10.
#75 Angelic Christmas #75 Angelic Christmas
Silver wreath with red & silver glittery ornament & silver angel. Created by Clinical Nutrition - Rm Service Call Ctr.
#76 Tribute to The Children's Art Project #76 Tribute to The Children's Art Project
Ornament's made from the Children's Art Project designs trimmed with glitter. Wrapped with a strand of battery powered lights. Created by Linda Pierson of Facilities Management - Parking & Transportation.
#77 Fabulous Friendships #77 Fabulous Friendships
Fabulousity in chocolate brown, gold, copper, sage green & orange bird. Created by Claudette Mendoza & Julma Alcantara of GU Medical Oncology.
#78 Red, Green & Haute! #78 Red, Green & Haute!
Light green dotted ribbon & sparkly green picks with red ornaments. Created by Deidre Mooring of Lymphoma/Myeloma.
#79 The Bronze & the Berriful #79 The Bronze & the Berriful
Green berries, bronze leaves, burlap striped ribbon. Created by Morgan Mace & Katie Tipton Patel of Pharmacy Clinical Programs.
#80 Texans Christmas Cards #80 Texans Christmas Cards
Wreath with Texans sports cards including Case Keenum, Arian Foster, and Andre Johnson. Autographs of Brian Cushing, Brandon Harris & Lestar Jean - Photo. Created by Leland Page of Imaging Physics. Imaging Physics
#81 Fight Like a Girl #81 Fight Like a Girl
Pink feathers with pink tulle. Created by Jane Garcia & Cindy Mendez of Breast Center.
#82 Baby's First Christmas #82 Baby's First Christmas
Wreath decorated with pink & blue baby ornaments. Created by Carmelita Prokopiou, Catherine Gibson, Marla Bean of Lymphoma/Myeloma Center.
#83 A Frosty Christmas #83 A Frosty Christmas
White mesh with a black top hat, red snowflakes on a wire wreath. Created by Vanessa Pena of Case Management & her Mother, Patricia Jones an MD Anderson breast cancer survivor.
#84 Holly Jolly #84 Holly Jolly
It's a wreath. :) Created by C. Whittenberg of Critical Care.
#85 Christmas Kaleidoscope #85 Christmas Kaleidoscope
This unique wreath is crafted from Christmas cards, stencil design patterns used: holly leaf, doves, snowflakes, stars. Created by Irma Ortega, Ruben Serna, Jenny Beach, Jennifer Ballou, Karla Bogaard, Shirley Dai of the Office of Multicenter Clinical Research.
#86 Glad Tie-dings for a Happy Holiday #86 Glad Tie-dings for a Happy Holiday
4 neck ties around pine cones & gold bow. Created by Mildred, Jeff & Stacey Simmons of Administrative and Financial Services.
#87 Let the Good Times Roll #87 Let the Good Times Roll
Mardi gras beads, café du monde coffee tin. LSU items, A Cajun Night Before Christmas (book). Created by Sarah Brooks of Radiation Oncology - Research.
#88 Candy Land #88 Candy Land
Festive red & white deco mesh wreath filled with sparkly Santa boots, candy canes, lollipops & snowballs. Created by Lucrece Nunn of G12NW Palliative Care.
#89 A Merry Monsters University Christmas #89 A Merry Monsters University Christmas
Wreath is made with blue & green ornaments accented with silver, purple & pink. The wreath includes all kinds of goodies in it including Mike, Sulley, figurines of Squishy, Art, Johnny, Carrie, Archie the Scare Pig, Randy, Terry & Terri, Don & of course a copy of Monsters University on DVD. Created by Mai Ta-Ekasingh & Daniel Mullen of Nursing P5.
#90 Shooting for the Moon #90 Shooting for the Moon
Dedicated to the commitment of MD Anderson's physician scientists working towards the cure for cancer. Created by ICU – Nocturnal Program.
#91 Mariposa #91 Mariposa
Blue ribbon, blue & silver butterflies. Created by Vanessa L. Davis of Melanoma & Skin Center.
#92 Owl Be Home for Christmas #92 Owl Be Home for Christmas
Stunning white & black feather wreath features a metallic black owl with translucent eyes that are illuminated by a flameless tea light candle. Created by Chelle Smith Parsons of UT Systems Engineering. Quality Measurement and Eng.
#93 Christmas Dreams #93 Christmas Dreams
Gold & white deco mesh tree shaped wreath. Can be a wall, door or tabletop (easel) decoration. Created by Olivia Meyer of the President's Office.
#94 Angels of Hope #94 Angels of Hope
Large white bow, with 1 large angel hanging in the middle surrounded by 7 small angels. Created by the CDI Team of HIM Clinical Coding.
#95 The Grinch Family #95 The Grinch Family
Pappy Grinch in center with 5 baby Grinches. Casey Donovan, Nina Alvarez, Alicia Smith, Paula Moynihan, Niki Malham
#96 Holly on the Green - Golf Certificate Included #96 Holly on the Green - Golf Certificate Included
Boxwood & holly wreath. Includes a certificate for a round of golf for 4 people at Quail Valley Golf Course with golf carts & 4 golf balls. Created by Mary Veazie of Clinical Research Finance. (Certificate is presented when wreath is picked up).
#97 Purple Pop! #97 Purple Pop!
Purple and red decorations. Created by Joanna LaFontaine of Melanoma & Skin Center.
#98 Santa is Coming to Town #98 Santa is Coming to Town
Red & white mesh, Santa, gifts, noels, red, green & gold ornaments. Created by Judy Corke, Dorie Gray, Wanda Reese, Laura Barrera & Dara Kenner of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery.
#99 Joy to the World #99 Joy to the World
Red & green mesh wreath with red & green décor, a large "Joy" sign on the side. Created by Brandi Baker of Radiation Oncology.
#100 Hello Kitty Christmas #100 Hello Kitty Christmas
Pink & white Hello Kitty. Created by Dayanara "Dee" Dioses & Jessica Wilson of Revenue Capture and Support.
#101 Snoopy Skates to Conquer Cancer #101 Snoopy Skates to Conquer Cancer
Stuffed Snoopy surrounded by holiday decorations. Created by Judy Overton & Laura Jackson Overton of Internal Medicine.
#102 Sweet Christmas - $25 Gift Card included #102 Sweet Christmas - $25 Gift Card included
Red glitter chevron ribbon with cookie ornaments & $25 gift card. Created by Colleen & Jose of Clinical Research Finance.
#103 The Jewel #103 The Jewel
Assembled with costume jewelry donated by Dr. Jessica Tyler & Deborah Watkins. Created by Deborah Watkins, Roseann Martinez, Doris Green & Leisa McCord of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
#104 The Price is Right! #104 The Price is Right!
Wishing Good Fortune this Holiday Season - The wreath is adorned with various shades of green ornaments, Russell Stover's money chocolate favors, real $2 bills ($20 worth) and lottery tickets ($15 worth). Copies on wreath. Real to be provided at time of purchase. Created by Marian Ldoux of Gastrointestinal Center. (Actual cash & lottery tickets to be provided when picked up.)
#105 SpongeBob Holiday #105 SpongeBob Holiday
Oversized SpongeBob eyes peer thru a green wreath with lights. Created by Lisa McLemore & Carolyn Grantham of Process Improvement & Quality Education.
#106 Shake Your Pom Poms for UT #106 Shake Your Pom Poms for UT
Celebrate the longhorns in unique style with homemade pom poms & a homemade burlap bow. Also includes glitter ornaments & a longhorn pennant. Created by Jennifer Burleson. of Molecular Carcinogenesis
#107 Happily Ever Apples #107 Happily Ever Apples
Apples & red berries with silver ribbon wrapped around green wreath. Created by Vulan Vu of Pharmacy Inpatient.
#108 Hope & Healing for Pancreatic Cancer #108 Hope & Healing for Pancreatic Cancer
Purple deco mesh with large purple glitter ribbon for hope. Created by Compliance Programs of Compliance.
#109 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing #109 Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Large silver & blue angel with snowflakes, blue & silver ribbons. Created by Rena Lawson of Histology.
#110 Golden Holiday #110 Golden Holiday
Burgundy & gold ribbon, ornaments, fold poinsettias with gold glittery picks. Created by Maria L. Martinez of Social Work.
#111 Have A Merry Minion Christmas #111 Have A Merry Minion Christmas
Candy stripe ribbon on green wreath with candy & Despicable Me characters. Created by Treasury Services Cashiers of Treasury Services & Operations.
#112 Christmas Rose #112 Christmas Rose
Gold roses & pine cones. Created by Janie Walker & Muriel Camarillo of Clinical Research Finance.
#113 We Finch You a Merry Christmas #113 We Finch You a Merry Christmas
Mauve, rust, green, & gold accents adorned with red finch birds. Created by Susan Tse of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics.
#114 Happy Holidays #114 Happy Holidays
Red & gold holiday inspired. Created by Frank Sanchez of Conference Support Services & his family Ethan & Marisol Sanchez.
#115 Purple & Gold #115 Purple & Gold
Purple mesh & ornaments. Created by Jim Haynes of Talent Development.
#116 Ho Ho Ho! Jolly Red Santa #116 Ho Ho Ho! Jolly Red Santa
Red white glitter & ribbon with Santa Belt. Created by Marlana Klinger of Gynecologic Oncology & Reproductive Medicine.
#117 Holiday Cheer #117 Holiday Cheer
Red & green deco mesh with Ho Ho Ho & ornaments. Created by Krystal Watson of Project Support & Coord Services.
#118 Christmas in Purple #118 Christmas in Purple
Purple mesh, gold ribbons & butterflies. Created by Kim Morris of the Head and Neck Center.
#119 The Burlap Bundle #119 The Burlap Bundle
Created by Bonnie Eve Malone of Gastroenterology Research.
#120 Stars of Christmas #120 Stars of Christmas
Red & silver stars & ornaments. Created by Marian DeMarco of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery.
#121 Happy Big Bang Holidays #121 Happy Big Bang Holidays
Scientific theme includes: DNA garland, Petri dish, test tube ornaments & The Big Bang Theory First Season DVD. Created by Jeff Flasik, Francisco Vergaray, Kathleen Wagner, Darian Hofer, Sonny Sosa of Medical Graphics and Photography. (Actual DVD provided when wreath is picked up.)
#122 A Black Tie Christmas #122 A Black Tie Christmas
Black & silver decorations with a bow. Created by Natasha Pappas of Clinical Cancer Prevention.
#123 Reaching for the Moon #123 Reaching for the Moon
This wreath is dedicated to the Moon Shots Program. It is shaped like the moon and has a rocket ship named MD Anderson & Making Cancer History Ribbon. Created by Privacy Compliance of the Institutional Compliance Office.
#124 Christmas Snowman #124 Christmas Snowman
Green, red & white mesh wreath with snowman & Ho Ho Ho sign hanging at the bottom. Created by Sharon Vining of P7.
#125 Silver Bells #125 Silver Bells
Teal & burlap poinsettias surrounded with silver accents (bows, branches, leaves & silver bells) & battery operated white twinkle lights. Created by Solana Kloby-Varner of Behavioral Science.
#126 Proud as a Peacock #126 Proud as a Peacock
Peacock feathers accentuated with ribbon & blue & green ornaments. Created by Tranel Flowers of Administrative & Financial Services.
#127 A Warm & Bright Christmas #127 A Warm & Bright Christmas
Red & gold wreath with Merry Christmas sign, presents & sleigh. Created by Laura Falk of Nursing Post Anesthesia Care Unit.
#128 Enchanted Winter Forest Dreams #128 Enchanted Winter Forest Dreams
Beautiful winged birds, feathers & bling snowflakes & acorns. Created by Tangela Sinegal of Enterprise Development & Integration.
#129 When Rose the Eastern Star Rose... #129 When Rose the Eastern Star Rose...
The Birds Came from Afar. Pinecones with winter flower & bird. Created by Stacia Gollihar of Surgical Oncology.
#130 Elegant White #130 Elegant White
Created by Lillian Wanjagi of Facilities Administration.
#131 Victorian Yuletide #131 Victorian Yuletide
Dress center of wreath, wooden butterfly light pink & gold ornaments and cameo lock. Created by Sandra Leyva of Facilities Management - Research & Education.
#132 Santa! #132 Santa!
Santa face with candy stipe ribbon. Created by Pam Breeden of Pharmacy Administration Support.
#133 Southern Hospitality #133 Southern Hospitality
Trimmed in red & gold ribbon, accented with red holly berries, magnolias & nuts. Created by Danielle Baham, Rebecca Toon, Kathleen Bradford, Debra Ruzenski, Angel Zemkowski of Clinical Nutrition.
#134 Ho Ho Hol! #134 Ho Ho Hol!
Santa Claus figure. Created by Rabia Khan of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics.
#135 Sparkle #135 Sparkle
Snowman with sparkling pink, purple & green accents. Created by Rochelle Detiege Allen of Gastrointestinal Center.
#136 Together We Will Win #136 Together We Will Win
The multicolor ribbons represents all different cancers. Purple bow represents all cancers. Created by Ezra Panganiban of ATC - Bed/Chair Unit.
#137 Guardian Angel #137 Guardian Angel
White & blue mesh with an angel. Created by Anamaria & David Fals of Hematopathology/Lab Medicine.
#138 Bells of Hope #138 Bells of Hope
Bells represent hope - patients ring the bells once radiation/chemo treatment completed. Created by Sharon Reine of ATC - Bed/Chair Unit.
#139 Christmas in the Country #139 Christmas in the Country
Natural grapevine wreath filled with rustic pinecones, red berries, green pine needle accents, & a red feather mocking bird, all bought together by a natural burlap bow with red & green mistletoe accents. Created by Lucrece Nunn of G12 NW Palliative Care.
#140 Black Angels Dancing #140 Black Angels Dancing
Ballerina angels dancing with pink ribbons. Created by Bettina Shivers of ATC - Bed/Chair Unit.
#141 Pine Cones & Berries #141 Pine Cones & Berries
Green wreath with pine cones & berries with red bow. Created by Athena Simko of Thoracic/Orthopedic Center.
#142 Pet-Acular Holiday #142 Pet-Acular Holiday
Pet themed wreath with pet treats. Created by the Communications Office.
#143 A Child's Toyland #143 A Child's Toyland
Ornaments displayed were hand painted by pediatric patients in the MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital. The art project was under the direction of Lisa Sitz, Art Teacher. The bells signify "ringing of the bell" to celebrate the patients' treatment milestones. Created by Paula Ramirez of the Pediatrics Dept.
#144 Let It Snow!!! #144 Let It Snow!!!
Polar bear & two snowmen ornaments, beads & ornaments in silver, white & shades of blue. Created by the Cord Blood Bank Lab Team.
#145 White Poinsettias & Burgundy Bows #145 White Poinsettias & Burgundy Bows
3 white poinsettias, 3 burgundy bows with red & green accents. Created by Barbara C. Brown of Legal Services.
#146 Christmas on Wheels #146 Christmas on Wheels
Red ornaments & red bows. Created by Fairy & Vanessa of Parking & Transportation.
#147 Hope Takes Flight #147 Hope Takes Flight
Cobalt blue & silver ornaments, silver bow, 2 dragonflies & 1 butterfly with LED lights. Created by Scott Haberer of Cord Blood Bank Program SCTCT.
#148 Christmas Presents #148 Christmas Presents
Gold pinecones, snow balls & tiny presents. Created by the Thoracic and Cardiovasc Surgery staff.
#149 Peppermint Schnapps #149 Peppermint Schnapps
Red & white mesh with red glittery tulle topped off with red & white ornaments highlighted with red & white ribbon tufts. Created by Kathy Jinkins of Patient Education - Learning Center.
#150 Winter Wonderland #150 Winter Wonderland
Silver & red with large poinsettia on right side. Created by Sue Shrum & Jaquine Jones of the Center for Adv Biomedical Imaging.
#151 Holiday Cupcakes #151 Holiday Cupcakes
Colorful cupcakes, bells & other ornaments & lights. Created by Stacey Glass & Jennifer Hernandez of Melanoma Medical Oncology.
#152 Duck Dynasty Christmas #152 Duck Dynasty Christmas
Includes a talking Uncle Si Bobble-head. Created by the Patient Advocacy staff.
#153 Touched by Holly #153 Touched by Holly
Created by Srisuda Lecagoonporn of Melanoma Medical Oncology.
#154 Stop the Music... #154 Stop the Music...
...It's a Charlie Brown Christmas! Small Charlie Brown TV with Charlie brown bobble head ornaments (star shape, flakes, round) green, red, white, silver & snoopy timer. Created by Yvette Luna & Violeta Hinojosa-Galindo of Melanoma Medical Oncology.
#155 Traditional Christmas #155 Traditional Christmas
Green mesh wrapped with red ribbon with poinsettia, teddy bear & musical instrument embellishments. Created by Karen Bigley of Patient Education - Learning Center.
#156 Little Blue Box - $250 Tiffany necklace incl. #156 Little Blue Box - $250 Tiffany necklace incl.
The “Little Blue Box Wreath” is adorned with Tiffany & Co. bow boxes and pearl garlands. A sterling silver Tiffany 1837™ Collection pendant, retailing for $250, was generously given by Tiffany & Co. Houston Galleria in support of the Adopt A Family wreath auction. The pendant goes to the highest bidder of "Blue Box Wreath" and will be provided when wreath is picked up (pendant wrapped in Tiffany box with white bow). Created by the Cord Blood Bank Lab Team.
#157 DC Heroes Meet Christmas #157 DC Heroes Meet Christmas
Batman, Superman & Green Lantern ready to save Christmas & the world. Created by Luz Eguia of Facilities Management - Property Management.
#158 Hunter's Gold #158 Hunter's Gold
Gold ribbon with deer & lights. Created by Sue Shrum of the Center for Advanced Biomedical Imaging.
#159 Es Navidad!!! #159 Es Navidad!!!
Joyful wreath with the nativity scene. Created by Rosa Mostorino of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics.
#160 A Traditional Christmas #160 A Traditional Christmas
Velvet red bow with gold swirls; red & gold poinsettias & ornaments with fruit accents. Created by Kim Antley of Experimental Therapeutics.
#161 A Horse for the Holidays #161 A Horse for the Holidays
H&-painted horse ornaments complimented by rustic stars, berry garland & jingle bells as well as a festive burlap bow. Created by Jennifer Mitchell & Julie Basham of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery.
#162 Night Owls #162 Night Owls
This wreath describes our department well - we stay up all night watching out for our patients. Created by the Nocturnal MLPs of the Nocturnal Program.
# 163 Mad about Plaid # 163 Mad about Plaid
Santa & his Reindeer, burlap ornaments, red berries, pine cones & plaid ribbon. Created by Betsy Williams of Breast Medical Oncology.
#164 A Classic Christmas Morning #164 A Classic Christmas Morning
Black red & gold drums with gold & silver snowflakes & a silver & red bow. Created by Marietta Hernandez of Materials Management - Services Inst.
#165 Longhorn Holiday #165 Longhorn Holiday
Burnt orange & white plastic ornaments & penguin. Created by Andy Oliver of Information Technology and Services
#166 Happy Holidays Sock Monkey! #166 Happy Holidays Sock Monkey!
A pink sock monkey surrounded by candy ornaments holding a "Happy Holidays" chalkboard. Created by Jana Howe of Head & Neck Surgery - Research.
#167 Ee-yuletide Greetings #167 Ee-yuletide Greetings
Eeyore door hanger in center, 3 gold stars, silver garland, assorted color ornaments. Created by Grace Taupo of Experimental Therapeutics.
#168 Pixar Pit Shop #168 Pixar Pit Shop
Cars featured in the Disney Pixar movie "Cars". Created by Mark Choate of Cancer Med - IT.
#169 What A Hoot! #169 What A Hoot!
Brown/copper mesh, burlap & owls. Created by Debbie Ralon of Radiation Oncology Department.
#170 Blue Christmas #170 Blue Christmas
Blue, silver & white with snowflakes. Created by the Facilities Administration Team.
#171 Peek-a-boo Santa #171 Peek-a-boo Santa
Red, green & gold "Merry Christmas" ribbon. Created by Susan Calderone of Human Resources.
#172 Crystal Holidays #172 Crystal Holidays
Silver ribbons & bows with crystals & stars. Created by Loraine Perkins of Administrative & Financial Services.
#173 It's A Country Kind of Christmas #173 It's A Country Kind of Christmas
Burlap wreath with burlap poinsettia with gold & red accents. Created by Alma DelaGarza of Lymphoma/Myeloma.
#174 Whimsical Wonderland #174 Whimsical Wonderland
A wintery, colorful & fun blast of Christmas Spirit. Created by Sara & Denise Erdman of Radiation Oncology Department.
#175 Deck the Halls #175 Deck the Halls
White deco mesh with red & green décor ornaments. Created by Mary DeleGarza of Lymphoma/Myeloma.
#176 Best in Show #176 Best in Show
Big pink & silver glitter flowers. Clear plastic snowflakes. Silver & pink awareness ribbons. Created by Jennifer Akre of Breast Medical Oncology.
#177 Red Bird Christmas #177 Red Bird Christmas
Red & gold with red gold. Created by Jeanette Martinez of Lab Medicine.
#178 Sparkly Spirits #178 Sparkly Spirits
Everyone should have sparkles for Christmas! Created by Lauren Miller (pedi leukemia survivor) & Terry Oakes (former employee, breast cancer survivor) & Clinical Applications & Support.
#179 Happy Bling-i-Days #179 Happy Bling-i-Days
Blue wreath with blue bling & white poinsettia. Created by Investigational Cancer Therapeutics.
#180 I'll Be Home for Christmas. #180 I'll Be Home for Christmas.
In honor of my brother serving in the Army & ALL military families. Green wreath with brown & gold glitter accents, large flowers, pine cones & Army emblem ornament. Created by Natalie Aguilar of the Head & Neck Center.
#181 Pink & Purple Passion #181 Pink & Purple Passion
Pink, purple, silver, leopard, ribbon with pink & purple ornaments. Created by Lynn Grimes of Surgical Oncology.
#182 Let It Solo for the Holiday #182 Let It Solo for the Holiday
Creative Christmas wreath made of Solo cups. Created by Erica Bins