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Ovarian Cancer Quilt Project's Online Auction 2017

Ovarian Cancer Quilt Project's Online Auction 2017

Ovarian Cancer Quilt Project's Online Auction 2017

The Ovarian Cancer Quilt Project's Online Auction raised more than $52,000 for MD Anderson research this year. All 158 quilts featured in the auction drew bids, some going for over $1,000.

The quilts were made and donated to the auction by quilters from 24 states and the United Kingdom. We are grateful to the many generous quilters, quilt shops, quilt guilds and volunteers who have made the 2017 online auction possible. Special thanks to the Quilt Project's Steering Committee, the Woodlands Area Quilt Guild and its Wanna Bees, and to the leadership of Venetta Morger, Sharron Evans, Phyllis Pokorny and Lonnie Schlough. A big thank you to Shawn Green and Barbara Garvin for their tireless efforts in capturing photos of all quilts featured in the auction and, to MD Anderson's Wayfinding Department.

Please enjoy photos of the quilts and their winning bids below. Click on the photo to enlarge and utilize the zoom feature. Quilt sizes will vary: wall hangings; Lap (45" x 60"); Twin (70" x 90"); Double (85" x 108"); Queen (90" x 108") and King (110" x 108")

The auction begins with a number of art quilts made by quilters from across Texas and the United Kingdom, using Cherrywood hand dyed fabric. Thank you, Karla Overland, for the generous donation of Cherrywood fabric.

Please continue to support our cause and Like us on Facebook. Visit our Facebook page at Ovarian Cancer Quilt Project

FORMS OF PAYMENT: All winning bidders will be notified by email with instructions on how to make a payment and receive your quilt(s). The preferred payment method is credit card to ensure a timely delivery of quilt(s). MD Anderson can ship quilt(s) to your address, for an additional shipping fee of $25 (if domestic).

For Auction and Quilt Questions: Contact Community Relations, Department of Gynecologic Oncology and Reproductive Medicine at 713-792-2765.

If you call during the later hours of the day, please leave a message and we will make every effort to return your call the following day.

If you see an auction item you want to keep track of, you can add it to a Watch list. You will receive an email when a bid is entered for an item on your Watch list.
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Item Bids Current bid High bidder Appraised value
1  Full-Blown Serendipity  (TX)

1 Full-Blown Serendipity (TX)

An original design showing spectacular spheres. Donated by Alice Megna

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

4 $300.00 Shannon $300.00
2  Fractured Daylight  (TX)

2 Fractured Daylight (TX)

An ultra modern quilt with an original design using the "Fractured" technique. Donated by Alice Megna

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

1 $250.00 hope $250.00
3  Midnight in Georgetown  (TX)

3 Midnight in Georgetown (TX)

Traditional center block with colorful compass stars. Expertly pieced and beautifully machine quilted. Donated by Kathi Babcock.

24" X 24"

2 $175.00 Luvquilts $300.00
4  Nautilina  (TX)

4 Nautilina (TX)

Impressive! Raw edge applique, machine pieced and hand shaded design inspired by Caryl Bryer Fallert. Donated by Kathy Yeldezian.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

9 $525.00 Blessed $400.00
5  Bloom Strong  (TX)

5 Bloom Strong (TX)

Eye-catching and dramatic! Turned edge applique flower and hand beaded center. Whole cloth quilted. Design inspired by Barbara Olson. Donated by Madelyn Bell.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

11 $475.00 Supporter $400.00
6  Alchemy Quilt  (TX)

6 Alchemy Quilt (TX)

Original design featuring fabric weaving, hand embroidery, fabric painted /stamped and hot fix crystals. Machine pieced. Donated by Tammy Minnich.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

5 $300.00 Shannon $250.00
7  Blooms From My Garden  (TX)

7 Blooms From My Garden (TX)

Raw edge appliqued contemporary flowers from the garden. Machine pieced. Quilted by Roxie Kleinworth. Donated by Jill Waldie.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

1 $150.00 Auntie Che $300.00
8  A Fairy Tale of New York  (United Kingdom)

8 A Fairy Tale of New York (United Kingdom)

Original design depicting the five burroughs of New York. Hand appliqued, machine pieced and embroidery embellishments. Donated by Alison Garner.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

1 $200.00 LadyDay $400.00
9  Floral Fantasy  (TX)

9 Floral Fantasy (TX)

Stunner! Exquisite hand applique with hot fix crystals, beading and embroidery. Machine quilted by Gail Rowland. Donated by Billie Ryan.

24" X 24"

7 $325.00 Jenna Leigh $350.00
10  O Henri  (United Kingdom)

10 O Henri (United Kingdom)

Raw edge applique, hand beaded, machine pieced and metallic thread couching. Original design inspired by Henri Matisse. Donated by Paula Doyle.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

2 $225.00 PraisingGodforLife $400.00
11 Star Power  (TX)

11 Star Power (TX)

Traditional Feathered Star design with beautiful machine quilting. Donated by Shantheri Pai.

22" X 22"

1 $100.00 Iheartquilts $200.00
12  Love Blooms   (TX)

12 Love Blooms (TX)

A cheery and heartfelt design by Nancy Rink. Pieced and raw edge applique. Donated by Mary Carpenter.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

2 $175.00 Krisbar $300.00
13  Separated… (until we meet again)  (TX)

13 Separated… (until we meet again) (TX)

Teal diamonds framed by blocks of rich colors of purple, red and gold. Quilt donated in memory of Anna. Donated by Gloria Brister.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

4 $175.00 kbe $200.00
14  Giving Back  (TX)

14 Giving Back (TX)

An original, abstract design with a montage of blues highlighted with orange. Donated by Kaye Martindale.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

4 $300.00 Terri $300.00
15  Rebirth of Tolerance  (TX)

15 Rebirth of Tolerance (TX)

Show Stopper! A wild bird's nest depicted with dimensional leaves. Original design. Donated by Kaye Martindale.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

4 $350.00 Nurse $500.00
16  Cellular Service   (TX)

16 Cellular Service (TX)

This quilt was made in memory of famed art quilter, Yvonne Porcella, whose courage in the face of adversity is a high standard. Donated by Leslie Tucker Jenison.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

3 $300.00 liz $500.00
17  Birds of a Feather  (TX)

17 Birds of a Feather (TX)

O What Fun! Colorful raw edge applique birds are artistically interpreted to brighten any room. Donated by Jill Rimes.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

2 $250.00 Doxy $300.00
18  Harmony  (TX)

18 Harmony (TX)

Magnificent octagon shaped quilt with diamonds inside of a square. Donated by Alison Mueller.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

2 $175.00 Toots $300.00
19  Cool Breeze on a Hot Day  (TX)

19 Cool Breeze on a Hot Day (TX)

Three dimensional quilt depicting the cool breezes blowing over grass with the hot sun shining down upon the landscape. Donated by Jo Carlton.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

2 $150.00 Luvquilts $250.00
20  Rise and Shine  (TX)

20 Rise and Shine (TX)

Colorfully embroidered designs of roosters celebrating the start of each day. Donated by Peggy Wheeler.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

3 $125.00 Michael in Houston $150.00
21  Pansies in Bloom  (TX)

21 Pansies in Bloom (TX)

Original design using log cabin blocks. Accented with thread painted pansies and butterfly accents. Donated by Peggy Fetterhoff.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

3 $300.00 NanaCheryl $450.00
22  Kids Play  (TX)

22 Kids Play (TX)

Improvisationally pieced quilt top with raw edge fused applique. Donated by Kim Buchmann.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

3 $250.00 vdp $350.00
23  Detours and Crossroads  (TX)

23 Detours and Crossroads (TX)

Original design based on the quilter's series of "Life being a parade of detours". Donated by Connie Ashley Akers.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

2 $225.00 Crystal Lake $300.00
24  Congratulations!   (TX)

24 Congratulations! (TX)

Beautiful teal vase that holds needle turned, hand appliqued flowers. Entirely hand quilted. In honor of Sue, a seven year survivor. Donated by Amy DePan.

24" X 24"

5 $300.00 mav $350.00
25  Fleurs Magiques  (TX)

25 Fleurs Magiques (TX)

Uniquely hand painted "Convergence" pattern (by Ricky Tims) created by two quilt artists. Donated by Venetta Morger and Evelyn D. Wood.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

2 $300.00 Terri $400.00
26  Tulips for a Cure  (TX)

26 Tulips for a Cure (TX)

Stunning machine appliqued tulips on diamond green background. Quilted by Gail Rowland and donated by Debbie Shelton.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

1 $150.00 sb36695 $300.00
27  Sounds of Laughter  (TX)

27 Sounds of Laughter (TX)

Turned edge machine applique, hand beaded and hand embroidered embellishments with exquisite machine quilting. Quilt pattern by Sheri Howard "Pretty Petals" book. Donated by Venetta Morger.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

6 $375.00 BoBo $450.00
28  Caring (NJ)

28 Caring (NJ)

This petite treasure is hand appliqued and quilted on an antique red and white block. Design adapted from A Bountiful Life: an adaptation of the Bird of Paradise Quilt top in the American Folk Art Museum. Donated by Kathy Hall.

8" X 9"

1 $200.00 Memi $150.00
29  Plum Blossom (NM)

29 Plum Blossom (NM)

This is a wool applique mini quilt that is hand embellished with beads. Donated by Claudia Toenies.

Machine quilted - 10.5" X 10.5"

2 $100.00 YH $150.00
30  On the Reef  (TX)

30 On the Reef (TX)

Small wall hanging featuring tropical fish, turtle, and crabs. This technique was learned at a workshop at the Coastal Prairie Quilt Guild. Donated by Cathy Price.

Machine quilted - 10.5" X 17.25"

10 $275.00 Blessed $100.00
31  Run with Teal  (TX)

31 Run with Teal (TX)

Delightful mosaic collection of teal squares on black make this skinny wall hanging or table runner a focal point. Donated by Diane Hill.

Machine quilted - 11.5" X 48"

3 $150.00 Blessed $200.00
32  Flowers in Boot  (AR)

32 Flowers in Boot (AR)

Wonderful southern accents of machine appliqued flowers in a cowboy boot. Donated Ramona Bates.

Machine quilted - 12.5" X 15"

5 $256.00 Squeaky Dee $100.00
33  Summer Memory  (SC)

33 Summer Memory (SC)

This is so Special! Original design of a miniature garden scene complete with ribbon sunflowers, hand beading and hand painted. Perfect for framing. Donated by Betyann Shaver.

Machine quilted - 12.5" X 8.5"

3 $150.00 angie $100.00
34   Liberty  (TX)

34 Liberty (TX)

A patriotic panel that is hand quilted. Donated by Kelly Rangel and created by Pat Stallings.

17" X 18"

4 $225.00 jdpowell33 $80.00
35  Victorian Boutique Treasure  (TX)

35 Victorian Boutique Treasure (TX)

Darling wall hanging! This sweet quilt has raw edge applique and is machine quilted. Donated by Sarah Jimenez.

18" X 26"

4 $150.00 angie c $150.00
36  Pieces of Love and Support  (NJ)

36 Pieces of Love and Support (NJ)

This inspirational quilt features a white heart in the center that reflects strength and courage. The small dark hearts in the corners reflects the unsung heroes who provide support in many forms including family, medical staff, researchers and outreach. Donated by Joan Kelly.

Machine quilted - 18.5" X 24.5"

6 $255.00 Arivelmae $150.00
37  Storm at Sea  (NM)

37 Storm at Sea (NM)

Expertly pieced and quilted to adorn any table. Donated by Claudia Toenies.

Machine quilted - 18.5" X 46"

2 $175.00 ziffel $300.00
38  9 Patch Posies  (TX)

38 9 Patch Posies (TX)

Isn't this sweet! Hand appliqued, hand embroidered, hand quilted by an 82 year old quilter and ovarian cancer survivor. Donated by Marilyn Locke.

21 square

2 $200.00 Toots $100.00
39  New Growth  (TX)

39 New Growth (TX)

Contemporary wall hanging with leaves that are embellished with decorative machine stitches. Beautifully quilted. Donated by Deborah Holmes and Crystal Little.

Hand and Machine quilted - 21.5" X 43.5"

1 $125.00 Slatchem $250.00
40  Hooray for the Red, White and Blue Hexagons

40 Hooray for the Red, White and Blue Hexagons

Wow! The 220 - 1/2 inch hexagons are hand pieced. Machine quilted. "Reproduction Civil War" fabrics were used. Donated by Mary Ellen Reuther.

23" X 21"

4 $225.00 breastcancersurvivor $300.00
41  Autumn Haze  (TX)

41 Autumn Haze (TX)

Traditional hexagon flower surrounded by delightful 3D dragonflies. Donated by Cathy Price.

Machine quilted - 23.5" X 23.5"

2 $125.00 Supporter $200.00
42  Bow Ties and Blooms  (NJ)

42 Bow Ties and Blooms (NJ)

Precious 35 bow tie blocks that are machine pieced and machine quilted in pink and teal. Donated by Susan Morrison.

23.5" X 28.5"

2 $125.00 4MySuRvIvOr $200.00
43  Dresdens II  (TX)

43 Dresdens II (TX)

Multicolored fabrics in a Dresden plate design. Donated by Linda Kirk.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

3 $125.00 Roxie $150.00
44  Garden Butterflies  (TX)

44 Garden Butterflies (TX)

Lovely! Paper pieced butterflies are floating on an intricately quilted background. Donated by Cathy Kropp.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

2 $100.00 Blessed $150.00
45  Garden Lattice  (TX)

45 Garden Lattice (TX)

Striking lattice frames with beautifully quilted flowers on a sky blue background. Donated by Cathy Kropp.

Machine quilted - 24" X 24"

1 $100.00 srdent $150.00
46  Monica  (NJ)

46 Monica (NJ)

Delightful pictorial quilt with deep meaning. Embellished with satin stitched applique. Jewelry accents. This is dedicated to the memory of Monica. Her strength, grace and dignity were a true inspiration to all who knew and loved her. Donated by Cathleen Popp.

Machine quilted - 24" X 30"

6 $250.00 purdyk $250.00
47  Springtime Sparkles  (TX)

47 Springtime Sparkles (TX)

This Spring beauty is hand beaded. Beautifully machine quilted. Donated by Patt Poole.

24" X 24"

1 $150.00 nanasbug $200.00
48  Illusion  (TX)

48 Illusion (TX)

Vibrant fall colors of overlapping triangles. A "Caryl Bryer Fallert" pattern. Donated by Joy A. Press.

Machine quilted - 25" X 32"

6 $400.00 Luvquilts $400.00
49  Resting Songbird in a Magical Garden  (NJ)

49 Resting Songbird in a Magical Garden (NJ)

Traditional charm! Center medallion and corner motifs are applied using broderie perse applique technique. Framed by four patch, hand appliqued circles. Donated by Barbara Chas.

Machine quilted - 26" X 26"

5 $250.00 PatriciaA $300.00
50  Butterflies and Dragonflies  (NM)

50 Butterflies and Dragonflies (NM)

Impressive butterflies and dragonflies are embroidered on octagonal backgrounds. Hand beaded, hand quilted dragonfly motifs and machine quilted. Donated by Claudia Toenies.

28" X 36"

3 $225.00 HollysMom $300.00
51  Big Red  (NJ)

51 Big Red (NJ)

Visually appealing! Optical illusion technique as if you were viewing a large poppy through a window. Donated by Laura Kushner.

Machine quilted - 29" X 29"

5 $275.00 Unicorn Sox $300.00
52  Teal Pillows of Hope for Ovarian Cancer  (TX)

52 Teal Pillows of Hope for Ovarian Cancer (TX)

Sentimental! Representing 20 years of hope, research and awareness, this quilt features 20 pillows topped with 20 flower buttons surrounded by 20 sparkling hearts and ribbons on the border. Hand quilted by a 20 year ovarian cancer survivor. Donated by Betty Gail White.

30" X 27"

6 $225.00 Dr. Coleman $100.00
53  Dragonfly Picnic  (NM)

53 Dragonfly Picnic (NM)

Center medallion of baskets featured on this hand quilted and hand appliqued wall hanging. Showcasing hand dyed and batik fabrics. Donated by Claudia Toenies.

30" X 30"

2 $200.00 Luvquilts $350.00
54  Peace and Love Roses  (NJ)

54 Peace and Love Roses (NJ)

Tranquil! Paper pieced mosaic roses and hand quilted. Pattern from Bonnie K. Browning. Donated by Emily Egerter.

30" X 30"

1 $100.00 Boots $200.00
55  High Tech Tucks  (TX)

55 High Tech Tucks (TX)

Bright yellow pull backs with deep pinks and orange on the front. A "Caryl Bryer Fallert" pattern. Donated by Joy A. Press.

Machine quilted - 31" X 22"

5 $300.00 Luvquilts $300.00
56  My Convergence Quilt  (NJ)

56 My Convergence Quilt (NJ)

An eye-catching wall hanging, made mostly of batiks, done in the Ricky Tims convergence style. Donated by Joan Nell.

Machine quilted - 32" X 31"

5 $200.00 Kat $150.00
57  Spring  (TX)

57 Spring (TX)

Square within square, hand dyed and stamped fabrics. Donated by Patricia Marek.

Machine quilted - 32" X 32"

3 $150.00 Booklady $200.00
58  Caladium Paradise  (MA)

58 Caladium Paradise (MA)

A modern quilt with rich, modern colors. This quilt was designed using the Ricky Tim's convergence pattern. Donated by Diane Menard.

Machine quilted - 32" X 32"

6 $200.00 Magz $150.00
59  Pansies for Hope  (TX)

59 Pansies for Hope (TX)

Pleasant applique of pink and green flowers with a floral print border. Donated by Vicki Culver Anderson.

Machine quilted - 32" X 32"

6 $175.00 Koko $100.00
60  The Little Ark that Can See a New World

60 The Little Ark that Can See a New World

To honor Loretta, who is a survivor. She influenced the making of this hand-quilted keepsake. Donated by Linda Hill.

32" X 47"

2 $125.00 noah $200.00
61  I Believe in Fairies  (TX)

61 I Believe in Fairies (TX)

Magical! Rail fence block in batik fabrics. Made in memory of the donor's sister, Pat. Donated by Mary Cotner.

Hand quilted - 35" X 39"

11 $400.00 EasyDog $300.00
62  By Two Hands III  (NJ)

62 By Two Hands III (NJ)

This is a delightful quilt! Hand appliqued star blocks with alternating hand quilted blocks. Donated by Janis Comeford and Diane Paul.

35" X 42"

1 $125.00 Reenie $250.00
63  Sailboats  (FL)

63 Sailboats (FL)

Sail Away! Hand quilted, machine appliqued, machine quilted wall hanging embellished with star buttons. Donated by Mary Henderson.

36" X 36"

7 $290.00 sb36695 $250.00
64  Stars  (FL)

64 Stars (FL)

Heavenly! Hand quilted, hand beaded, machine applique and machine quilted. The glass beads are antiques from the 1920's. Donated by Mary Henderson.

36" X 36"

10 $400.00 Maria Suarez Almazor $300.00
65  Frames  (MN)

65 Frames (MN)

Very contemporary quilt made from a pattern designed by Debbie Bowles of Maple Island Quilts. Donated by Cheryl Gray Christlieb.

Machine quilted - 36" X 42"

8 $375.00 GmaQuilts $200.00
66  Baby Elephant Walk  (CA)

66 Baby Elephant Walk (CA)

Cuddly! Come rest with the elephants with this adorable teal and grey disappearing nine patch baby quilt. Donated by Diane Salguero.

Machine quilted - 36" X 44"

3 $150.00 Survivor x2 $150.00
67  Southwest Ristra  (TX)

67 Southwest Ristra (TX)

Spicy! Artistic 3D representation of a bunch of chili peppers depict the styles and flavors of the southwest. Pattern by Arlene Walsh. The quilt comes with a metal cactus hanger. Donated by Brandy Wolf.

Machine quilted - 36.5" X 19.5"

8 $300.00 Nana $200.00
68  Garden of Hope  (NJ)

68 Garden of Hope (NJ)

Wall hanging made of 469 - 1/2 inch hexagons on teal background. Floral border fabric made in Japan. Donated by Ginny Binder Moe.

Hand quilted - 37" X 33.5"

5 $250.00 Supporter $300.00
69  Heart Crazies  (IL)

69 Heart Crazies (IL)

This grateful and brave quilter designed this quilt with hearts to remind her of all the love and care given to her by MD Anderson staff. One of a Kind. Donated by Connie Henderson-Damon.

Machine quilted - 37" X 58"

7 $375.00 AKS $350.00
70  Attic Windows  (FL)

70 Attic Windows (FL)

Enchanting attic windows pattern creates a great wall hanging. Hand quilted with pink, metallic thread. Donated by Barbara Pfeiffer.

Hand quilted - 38" X 38"

3 $150.00 OS $200.00
71  Butterflies are Free  (NJ)

71 Butterflies are Free (NJ)

A vibrant butterfly motif using Hawaiian applique technique. Hand quilted with metallic thread. Donated by Diane Paul.

38" X 38"

5 $200.00 DMC $200.00
72  Remembering Kim  (NJ)

72 Remembering Kim (NJ)

Floral delight! Hand appliqued, hand pieced and hand quilted wall hanging. Donated by Cindy Strong.

38" X 38"

3 $225.00 ruby $250.00
73 Blossoms of Hope  (NY)

73 Blossoms of Hope (NY)

Lovingly made. This quilt's story reminds us that through the challenges of illness, there was and is "Hope Blossoming". Donated by Nadine Yancy Horn.

Machine quilted - 38.5" X 57.5"

2 $100.00 caritas $150.00
74  The Wild Outdoors (AZ)

74 The Wild Outdoors (AZ)

A picturesque camping scene to delight outdoors people. Donated by the Tucson Modern Quilt Guild.

Machine quilted - 40" X 48"

2 $150.00 Supporter $250.00
75  She Will Fight  (MO)

75 She Will Fight (MO)

Inspiring! This quilt was made in memory of Genarose. Two fond memories are: Genarose founded SheWillFight and she would wear high heels to chemo to feel better. Notice the high heel motif in the quilting design. Donated by Karen Raithel.

Machine quilted - 40" X 48"

2 $250.00 CajunAg $200.00
76  Ohio Stars  (OH)

76 Ohio Stars (OH)

Beloved! Thankful to a group of quilters who each completed a block in memory of Rose who courageously fought ovarian cancer. Donated by Chris Hashier and friends. Machine quilted - 40.5" X 50"

4 $250.00 Rose's Daughter $200.00
77  On the Farm  (NY)

77 On the Farm (NY)

Too cute! Attic window design with light hearted farm animals in all the windows. Quilting spells out animal sounds. Donated by Catherine Peterson.

Machine quilted - 41.25" X 41.25"

3 $125.00 OS $150.00
78  From a Friend For a Friend  (MI)

78 From a Friend For a Friend (MI)

Soulful! Asian print fabrics of reds, black and gold that are from a dear friend. Donated by Debb Hauck.

Machine quilted - 41" X 40.5"

1 $100.00 Boots $200.00
79  Choo Choo  (TX)

79 Choo Choo (TX)

Hand appliqued and hand quilted choo-choos would make a darling addition to a crib or a play mat. Donated by Sue Kirsch.

41" X 41"

2 $200.00 Beach Girl $350.00
80  There's Hope for a Cure   (OH)

80 There's Hope for a Cure (OH)

After a friend’s daughter was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 28, Appliques, Quilts and More hung this quilt at every quilt show they could to build awareness about ovarian cancer". This quilt has now been retired, and the young lady is in remission. MD Anderson is grateful to have this quilt as part of the auction. Donated by Heidi Herzog-Dietz.

Machine quilted - 41" X 41"

6 $350.00 KW $300.00
81  How Much is that Doggie in the Window  (MS)

81 How Much is that Doggie in the Window (MS)

Embroidered puppy designs on white background framed with bone fabric. Donated by Nancy Newman.

Machine quilted - 42" X 41.5"

4 $200.00 K'Ron $250.00
82  Corralling Ovarian Cancer  (NJ)

82 Corralling Ovarian Cancer (NJ)

This inspiring quilt was made to surround, contain and corral the chaos of ovarian cancer in teal fabrics. Donated by Pat Buikema.

Machine quilted - 42" X 42"

5 $225.00 Booklady $200.00
83  First Trip  (TX)

83 First Trip (TX)

This Amish style, hand pieced and hand quilted wall hanging is a jewel. Donated by Pat McClintock.

42" X 42"

3 $200.00 Iheartquilts $300.00
84  Floral Friends  (TX)

84 Floral Friends (TX)

Flower lovers take notice! This quilt is perfect for a garden party. Donated by Marcia Karns.

Machine quilted - 43.25" X 57.5"

1 $150.00 Bev $300.00
85  Sweet Tea South Carolina (SC)

85 Sweet Tea South Carolina (SC)

Multicolored bird motif. Made in honor of Elaine. Donated by Susan Brausch.

Machine quilted - 43.5" X 54.5"

1 $150.00 missy $300.00
86  Tasty  (TX)

86 Tasty (TX)

Extraordinary! Turned edge machine applique bird and flowers with paint enhanced design in the background. This quilt hung in the Dallas Quilt 2017 and the Shipshawana Quilt Show 2017. Donated by Madelyn Bell.

Machine quilted - 44" X 31"

8 $650.00 Blessed $900.00
87  Quiltsy Challenge (VA)

87 Quiltsy Challenge (VA)

This cherished quilt was made in honor of AnnaMarie and donated as part of a challenge by the Quiltsy Team on Etsy. Donated by Christine Vinh.

Machine quilted - 44" X 58"

5 $250.00 SuzieQ $300.00
88  Snow White Discovers the Cottage  (NC)

88 Snow White Discovers the Cottage (NC)

Bring a piece of Disneyland into your home with this treasured Snow White themed throw. Donated by Brenda Grahn.

Machine quilted - 46" X 57"

2 $150.00 AnjlM0M $250.00
89  Jane's Beauty (TX)

89 Jane's Beauty (TX)

Cuddly! Quilt made with Batik squares and machine quilted with a pattern of hearts and ribbons. Donated by Tammy Conn.

46" X 57.25"

8 $600.00 Dudley $300.00
90  New Jersey - Stronger Than The Storm  (NJ)

90 New Jersey - Stronger Than The Storm (NJ)

A Baltimore Album quilt that encompasses the spirit of New Jersey. When super storm Sandy hit, the Mouse Creek Appliquers designed a quilt that would encompass the spirit of the state. Hand appliqued and quilted as well as 3 dimensional motifs. Donated by Arlene Beck and the Mouse Creek Appliquers.

47" X 48"

1 $600.00 Twinsquilt $1,200.00
91  Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star  (NC)

91 Pinocchio Wishes Upon a Star (NC)

Bring a piece of Disneyland into your home with this adorable Pinocchio themed throw. Donated by Brenda Grahn.

Machine quilted - 48" X 48"

2 $125.00 Steve $200.00
92  Peggy's Charm  (TX)

92 Peggy's Charm (TX)

Snazzy! Modern fabrics compliment the rich background colors. Donated by Nancy Miller.

Machine quilted - 48" X 56"

2 $225.00 GoldenSD $350.00
93  Celebration  (TX)

93 Celebration (TX)

Capture a piece of history! Quilt artwork is a replica of MD Anderson's 75th Anniversary. Graphic designed by Gini Reed. Donated by Michelle Hines.

Machine quilted - 48 X 62

10 $650.00 ckk $400.00
94  Canning Season  (NJ)

94 Canning Season (NJ)

Cute! A fun scrap quilt utilizing all the colors of the summer season. Living in NJ, "The Tomato State", canning is what they do. Donated by Karen L. Dever.

Machine quilted - 48" X 64"

7 $350.00 Curious $400.00
95  FL Salt Water Therapy  (FL)

95 FL Salt Water Therapy (FL)

Whimsical! Tropical fish create this fun quilt. Donated in honor an ovarian cancer survivor. Donated by Pat Hazellief.

Machine quilted - 48.5" X 57.5"

3 $200.00 Belle $250.00
96  Midwest  Modern Meets my Dream Garden (AZ)

96 Midwest Modern Meets my Dream Garden (AZ)

Meaningful! The donor wanted feminine fabrics that looked retro yet modern to create a quilt that raises awareness about ovarian cancer. In memory of Charlene. Donated by JoAnn Taylor Rice.

Machine quilted - 48.5" X 60"

2 $250.00 Island Girl $450.00
97  Here Kitty, Kitty  (TX)

97 Here Kitty, Kitty (TX)

For those cat lovers! Artistic cat and mouse motifs make for a lighthearted quilt. Donated by Sue Kirsch.

Machine quilted - 49" X 49"

2 $175.00 Ottoman $250.00
98  Happy Hearts  (MI)

98 Happy Hearts (MI)

Vibrant! Multi-colored hearts are turned edge applique that makes this quilt so unique. Impressively machine quilted. Donated by Nancy Rockman.

49" X 58"

9 $400.00 GoldenSD $350.00
99  Fancy Sue  (MO)

99 Fancy Sue (MO)

A traditional favorite! Sun Bonnet Sue pattern done in Thirty's fabrics. Embellished with lace and buttons. Pattern by Bea Yurkerwick, featured in Quiltmaker March /April '97. Donated by Mary Hughes.

Machine quilted - 49" X 77"

2 $250.00 Cynjo $400.00
100  Teal and Brown String Quilt  (IA)

100 Teal and Brown String Quilt (IA)

Appealing string quilt creates this mesmerizing pattern. Donated by the Piecemakers.

Machine quilted - 50" X 57.5"

12 $600.00 Teal Warrior $300.00
101  Cats and Hats  (MI)

101 Cats and Hats (MI)

This will make you smile! Perfect for any Dr. Seuss fan. This whimsical quilt will bring a smile to any owner. It is quilted with the cat's floppy hat. Donated by Nancy Rockman.

Machine quilted - 50" X 60"

1 $300.00 Muggsie $600.00
102  Carpenter's Wheel Sampler  (NM)

102 Carpenter's Wheel Sampler (NM)

Magnificent! An original design by Claudia Toenies using batiks on black background. Hand quilted using metallic thread. Donated by Claudia Toenies.

51" X 60"

6 $450.00 tgsteddum $500.00
103  Row by Row 2016  (VA)

103 Row by Row 2016 (VA)

Let's go camping! Creative appliques show the love of camping in each of the quilt's 9 rows. Donated by Karen Shaver.

Machine quilted - 52" X 52"

1 $200.00 LOML $400.00
104  The Circus Train  (TX)

104 The Circus Train (TX)

The Circus is in town! The life of the circus is colorfully displayed with tent blocks and seal appliques surrounded by the circus train of animals. Donated by Diane Hall.

Machine quilted - 52" X 52"

3 $225.00 EB1 $350.00
105  Pinwheels  (TX)

105 Pinwheels (TX)

Playful! 3D pinwheels offset by delightful and colorful "monster" block. Machine quilted by Sue Castle. Donated by Sue Kirsch.

52" X 52"

1 $150.00 sticker $300.00
106  Batiks Squared  (PA)

106 Batiks Squared (PA)

Not Your Grandmother's Quilt! A traditional feel, with modern, batik fabrics. Donated by Rita Burnstein and Maxine Bernstein.

Machine quilted - 52" X 60"

7 $275.00 Tibbs $250.00
107  Garden View  (TX)

107 Garden View (TX)

Powerful! Made by the Piecemakers of the First United Methodist Church of Coppell, Texas. The group chose this quilt project as its charity to support. Thankful for a friend who is a 16 year ovarian cancer survivor. Donated by Jane Brideau and FUMC Piecemakers of Coppell, TX.

Machine quilted - 52" X 61"

7 $325.00 Love Green $350.00
108  Teal Blossoms  (TX)

108 Teal Blossoms (TX)

Chic! Golden yellow with rich teals create this simple yet eye-catching quilt. Quilted by Mary Golden. Donated by Nancy Miller.

Machine quilted - 52" X 67"

3 $225.00 dbw $350.00
109  Maroon 9 Patch (TX)

109 Maroon 9 Patch (TX)

Handsome! Creative use of plaid fabric makes this warm quilt pop. Donated by Susan Poliquin.

Machine quilted - 53" X 53"

4 $200.00 sticker $200.00
110  Purple Passion for Georgia  (GA)

110 Purple Passion for Georgia (GA)

Made to honor a friend and aunt who are ill. This is lovingly, machine quilted with words of hope. Donated by Mary Ann Kelly and Melissa Cook.

53" X 60"

4 $175.00 KW $150.00
111  Blue Diamond  (NJ)

111 Blue Diamond (NJ)

Spectacular! The quilt is done in batik fabrics and has been custom quilted by Lynn Kelley of East Coast Quilters. Quilt pattern by Carol Doak. Donated by Barbara DeNike.

Machine quilted - 53" X 64"

2 $425.00 ruby $800.00
112  Please Don't Eat the Daisies (PA)

112 Please Don't Eat the Daisies (PA)

This adorable quilt is machine quilted by Linda Smith. The quilt is in honor of their dear friend, Kathy, who is their hero for her courageous fight and spirit. Donated by the Traditions Quilt Group and Betty Hancock.

54" X 60"

7 $350.00 kppups $400.00
113  Hunting for Christmas (TX)

113 Hunting for Christmas (TX)

Perfect quilt for a holiday present. Themed fabrics to make holiday memories. Donated by Marcia Karns.

Machine quilted - 54.25" X 77"

9 $600.00 Bobcat $350.00
114 Let's X (Crossout) Ovarian Cancer Together(TX)

114 Let's X (Crossout) Ovarian Cancer Together(TX)

Awareness fabric quilted with ribbons and hearts. Ribbon fabric symbolizes an 'X' to cross out cancer. Donated by Eldora Taylor.

Machine quilted - 55" X 60"

6 $300.00 KW $300.00
115  Simplish  (MI)

115 Simplish (MI)

Winter Wonderland! Make a cup of cocoa and snuggle up under this throw on a cold, winter day. Donated by Mary Schiattone.

Machine quilted - 55" X 67"

1 $500.00 Bob $400.00
116  Teal Baskets  (TX)

116 Teal Baskets (TX)

Elegant! Traditional and modern baskets using Jinny Beyer patterns and fabrics. Each basket has specialized machine quilted flowers. Donated by Lynn Frostman.

56" X 56"

1 $375.00 BeeGirl $750.00
117  Bloom Where You Are Planted  (TX)

117 Bloom Where You Are Planted (TX)

Splendorous! The message of this quilt fosters hope. Pattern by Abbey Lane. Donated by Sarah Jimenez.

Machine quilted - 56" x 69"

4 $325.00 sweetpea $450.00
118  Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend  (GA)

118 Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend (GA)

Captivating! Hand pieced hexagons, machine appliqued and quilted. Modern quilt and original design. Donated by Elisa Herrera.

Machine quilted - 57" X 74"

7 $525.00 Tiki Mermaid $500.00
119  She Seas Blues  (NM)

119 She Seas Blues (NM)

Cuddly quilt, reminiscent of colors of the sea. There are even a few fish hiding in the quilt. Donated by Catherine Sillin and Kathryn Fuller.

Machine quilted - 57.5" X 80"

4 $350.00 NanaCheryl $400.00
120  Bali Sea Stars  (IL)

120 Bali Sea Stars (IL)

Variety of colorful batiks create a quilt perfect for any home. Pattern by K. Brackett. Donated by the Chatty Quilters.

Machine quilted - 59" X 70"

7 $400.00 PatT $400.00
121  Stellar  (VA)

121 Stellar (VA)

Visually dramatic quilt to accent any home from traditional to contemporary in a single star burst. Donated by Pat Wills.

Machine quilted - 60" X 60"

2 $225.00 caw $400.00
122  50 Shades of Teal (WA)

122 50 Shades of Teal (WA)

This traditional design is reminiscent of simpler times with grandma. Even hand-tied! Made to honor a friend who has ovarian cancer. Donated by Kim Cottrell.

Machine quilted - 60" X 62"

4 $250.00 ziffel $250.00
123  Joleen's Posies II  (MN)

123 Joleen's Posies II (MN)

Pretty as a Picture! Heaven is full of beautiful, brilliant colors and these were Joleen's favorites. Made in memory of Joleen. Donated by Pat DuBois.

Machine quilted - 60" X 64"

6 $425.00 Butterfliesandrainbows $600.00
124  Fly in Faith  (PA)

124 Fly in Faith (PA)

Wow! Navy blue background gives a luxurious feel. The pattern is "Follow My Lead." Machine quilted by Ginny Spielman. Donated by Carol Connelly.

60" X 68"

1 $350.00 SuzieQ $700.00
125  Follow Your Heart  (TX)

125 Follow Your Heart (TX)

Captivatingly charming! Exquisite detail in each block makes for hours viewing pleasure. Vintage tatted medallions in corners. Custom machine quilted by Janet Norton. Donated by Ruth Yokubaitis.

60" X 68"

2 $650.00 Luvquilts $1,250.00
126  Change: Dragonfly Represents Change (WA)

126 Change: Dragonfly Represents Change (WA)

Alluring! Rows of shaded teal with a dragonfly to signify change. Hand-tied. Made to honor a best friend's daughter battling ovarian cancer. Donated by Gerry Gray.

Machine quilted - 60" X 76"

14 $475.00 Iam40 $150.00
127  MadWomen  (MN)

127 MadWomen (MN)

Inspired by the TV series, "Madmen" and applauds the journey of women becoming strong and empowered in the Sixties. Honoring the mission of Donated by Joanie Carbone.

Machine quilted - 60" X 78"

1 $250.00 Cucumber $500.00
128  Down the Primrose Path  (TX)

128 Down the Primrose Path (TX)

Happy! Using modern, cheery fabrics, this will brighten up any room. Donated by Cathy Kropp.

Machine quilted - 62" X 62"

3 $225.00 Bobcat $300.00
129  Cranberry Chutney  (FL)

129 Cranberry Chutney (FL)

Beautiful mix of batiks. Made in memory of Sara who lost her battle to ovarian cancer. Donated by Kim Lees.

Machine quilted - 62" X 70"

7 $525.00 smk $600.00
130  Cherries Jubilee (TX)

130 Cherries Jubilee (TX)

This visually delightful quilt will give hours of warmth and snuggling. Donated by Debbie Holt.

Machine quilted - 63" X 63"

4 $400.00 Bullwinkle $200.00
131  Garden Path  (GA)

131 Garden Path (GA)

Pleasantly pleasing. Made in memory of Denise and her valiant battle with ovarian cancer. Pieced and donated by Janet Thomas. Donated by Janet Thomas.

Machine quilted - 63.5" X 79"

8 $375.00 Tracy $300.00
132  Scrappy Nappy Quilt  (TX)

132 Scrappy Nappy Quilt (TX)

Understated Beauty! Muted earth tones are warmhearted. Hand quilted with care and made in memory of Pat. Donated by Mary Cotner.

64" X 78"

3 $425.00 ruby $350.00
133  Sleeping under the Hunters Star (TX)

133 Sleeping under the Hunters Star (TX)

Majestic! The artistic combination of color gradation gives this quilt a grand look. Donated by Tiffany Phillips.

Machine quilted - 64" X 80"

9 $1,000.00 GmaQuilts $750.00
134  My Friend Lynne  (TX)

134 My Friend Lynne (TX)

Take the pledge! This beautiful quilt features ovarian cancer awareness fabrics, reminding us to be committed to the cause. Dedicated to Lynne. Donated by Raye Ann Dawson.

Machine quilted - 64" X 78.5"

3 $300.00 K'Ron $500.00
135  Diamond Ring (WI)

135 Diamond Ring (WI)

Sunny! Diamonds of yellow and green shower this delightful quilt. Pieced by Annette Norlander. Pattern by Jan Sands. Donated by Annette Norlander.

Machine quilted - 67" X 82.5"

4 $250.00 stkpowell $350.00
136  Random Heart Nine Patch  (OH)

136 Random Heart Nine Patch (OH)

True Heart! Pat was a leader and fighter who inspired this quilt to be donated. This traditional quilt was completed in her memory. Pat's favorite color was red. Donated by Pamela Russell and Sarah Bistline.

Machine quilted - 68" X 74"

2 $300.00 Belle $500.00
137  On Cloud Nine  (OH)

137 On Cloud Nine (OH)

Captivating! Colors and patterns combine to create a fantastic quilt. Quilt pattern by Karen Dumont. Donated by Ann Flournoy and Corey Tedt.

Machine quilted - 69.5" X 69.5"

6 $1,200.00 Natasha $450.00
138  Snowflake Shimmer  (NJ)

138 Snowflake Shimmer (NJ)

Grand! Light blue stars make an impression against the iridescent white and dark blue background. Made in memory of Paula who lost her battle to ovarian cancer. Designed by Yvonne Fuchs. Donated by Yvonne Fuchs and Liz Horgan.

Machine quilted - 70" X 85"

2 $225.00 The Lazo's Fam $400.00
139  Jean's Quilt 2 (NY)

139 Jean's Quilt 2 (NY)

In loving memory of Jean, made especially from her retreat friends in New York. Donated by the Canandaigua Quilters

Machine quilted - 70" X 70"

5 $325.00 KAnderson $450.00
140  Jean's Quilt (NY)

140 Jean's Quilt (NY)

This beauty was created in honor of all the friends lost and those who are fighting the fight. Donated by the Canandaigua Quilters.

Machine quilted - 70" X 70"

3 $300.00 OK Girl $500.00
141  Seaside Village  (TX)

141 Seaside Village (TX)

One of a Kind! This original design would be perfect for that modern home or beach house. Machine quilted by Eva Ellison. Donated by the Houston Modern Quilt Guild.

70" X 92"

12 $850.00 GmaQuilts $650.00
142  Carpenter's Star  (PA)

142 Carpenter's Star (PA)

Breathtaking! Beautiful batiks. Skillfully machine quilted. Donated by Karen Savidge-Zimmerman.

70.5" X 78"

4 $800.00 ruby $750.00
143  American Beauty   (TX)

143 American Beauty (TX)

Take this beauty home! Combinations of reds, blacks and tans will compliment any décor. Designed by Evelyn Sloppy. Machine quilted by Valerie Wagner. Donated by Lynda McHugh.

71" X 88"

7 $525.00 RocknRoll $750.00
144  The Hopeful Journey  (CA)

144 The Hopeful Journey (CA)

Very Pretty! Cleverly quilted with circles that soften the geometric lines. This appealing quilt is lovingly made in memory of Tamara. Donated by Leona McCann.

Machine quilted - 72" X 62"

1 $300.00 Unicorn Sox $600.00
145  Summer Sampler for a Cause  (WI)

145 Summer Sampler for a Cause (WI)

Modern sampler using several different modern fabric lines and Moda Grunge. Donated by Yolanda Carmona.

Machine quilted - 72" X 73"

3 $225.00 Quiltowl $350.00
146  Whimsical Garden  (WI)

146 Whimsical Garden (WI)

Soothing combination of color to wrap yourself up in. Donated by Gina Klemp-Koston.

Machine quilted - 72" X 94"

4 $375.00 Twinkle Toes $600.00
147  Foxy Friends  (TX)

147 Foxy Friends (TX)

This playful quilt will bring a smile to young and old. (Can you spot the fox with glasses?) Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman. Machine quilted by Valerie Wagner. Donated by The Woodlands Area Quilt Guild, Wannabees.

72.5" X 91.5"

9 $750.00 Luvquilts $750.00
148  Slushie  (SC)

148 Slushie (SC)

Divine! Beautiful floral pattern in greens and pinks designed by Cassie Barden. Donated by Cindy Lammon.

Machine quilted - 73" X 73"

3 $325.00 Island Girl $500.00
149  Always Use the Fine China (TX)

149 Always Use the Fine China (TX)

This modern quilt was made in memory of Marion, a matriarch and avid collector of dishes. Quilt pattern by Brigitte Heitland. Donated by Mary Beth McCormack, Kerri Topping and Ida Anderson.

Machine quilted - 76" X 76"

15 $1,300.00 GmaQuilts $900.00
150  Flower Baskets  (IL)

150 Flower Baskets (IL)

Timeless Treasure! This 50 year old quilt was hand made by the family of Marcia Palazzol. Years later, the quilt was part of a fundraising raffle in Illinois. A gracious couple donated this in honor of their good friend and church member, Connie, who is currently fighting ovarian cancer. This quilt is in pristine condition. Donated by Janet and Bob Haisman.

78" X 84"

1 $1,500.00 LaurieLou $3,000.00
151  Sweet Sampler  (TX)

151 Sweet Sampler (TX)

Splendid sampler quilt expertly pieced. Machine quilted by Michelle Dean. Donated by Lonnie Schlough.

82" X 95"

6 $325.00 Weissboy $400.00
152  Jamestown Landing   (TX)

152 Jamestown Landing (TX)

Tranquil! This inviting scrap quilt of calming blues and browns would be welcomed in any home. Design by Bonnie Hunter. Donated by the BP Quilters.

Machine quilted - 82" X 95"

5 $800.00 kppups $750.00
153  Labyrinth Walk  (TX)

153 Labyrinth Walk (TX)

Super, Uber, Cool! This optical illusion is created by using dark and light fabrics. Donated by Sandi Harris.

Machine quilted - 84" X 84"

11 $500.00 EasyDog $400.00
154  Tranquility Nights (NH)

154 Tranquility Nights (NH)

A magnificent, modern masterpiece! This superb quilt is accented by creative, custom quilting by Cheryl Szynkowski. Pattern by Jaybird Quilts. Donated by Linda Pearl.

Machine quilted - 86" X 97"

3 $1,200.00 Terri $950.00
155  Goose Tracks  (TX)

155 Goose Tracks (TX)

Time Honored Classic! Traditional blue and white pattern. Lovingly hand quilted and donated by the Bethany Christian Church Quilt Group.

87" X 102"

2 $1,000.00 Bob $1,250.00
156  Grand Illusion  (NC)

156 Grand Illusion (NC)

A decoupage of vibrant colors revealed in this 2014 Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt. Donated by Brenda Grahn.

Machine quilted - 92" X 92"

3 $425.00 Unicorn Sox $750.00
157  Birds of a Feather 2  (TX)

157 Birds of a Feather 2 (TX)

This quilt of thirty 12" quilt block patterns won the Viewers Choice award and was displayed at the first annual St. Mary's Quilt Show in Plantersville, TX. Donated by Melissa Kaye.

Machine quilted 94" X 108"

3 $500.00 Terri $500.00
158  In the Garden of thy Heart  (GA)

158 In the Garden of thy Heart (GA)

Opulent! This stunning "One Block Wonder" pattern creates its own unique blocks using oriental fabric. Donated by Kun Hee Ahn.

Machine quilted - 101" X 53"

16 $1,200.00 Nurse $500.00