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Public Information Requests

Request ID Request Date Description Category
20160303 03/03/2016 Any and all current medical staffing contracts (temporary personnel) for nursing and allied health.

Amount of contract spend over the past two fiscal years for any abovementioned contracts,...
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20160330 03/30/2016 Bid tabulations and the incumbent winners response to ….AIS-ADM-00286-RFP or/and Public Relations/Media Service RFP awarded in 2011 Business Information View Detail
20160404 04/04/2016 List of any and all of the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Outstanding / Voided Warrants and or Stale-dated checks 180 days old and older, which may also be known as Limited... Financial Information View Detail
20160411 04/11/2016 Names, email addresses, physical addresses, and phone numbers of all MD Anderson Cancer Center employees. Institution Information View Detail
20160427 04/27/2016 An electronic copy of any and all employees for years of 2015, (fiscal or calendar year). Each employee record should contain the employer name; employer zip code; year of compensation; first... Institution Information View Detail
2016050301 05/03/2016 An electronic version of all employees of MD Anderson in Texas as per the Public Information Request. Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial (if applicable), occupation, hospital, location of... Institution Information View Detail
20160500302 05/03/2016 Copies of unclaimed or outstanding checks, for the past five years, including the dates, names, last addresses, and amounts due the payees. (Generally these are accounts payable checks which... Financial Information View Detail
2016050901 05/09/2016 I am attempting to update my records for MD Anderson Employees. I am requesting the following information in regards to the staff at MD Anderson: Name, Age, job title, salary, phone number, email... Institution Information View Detail
2016050902 05/09/2016 A spreadsheet, database or delimited text file(s) — not paper records or a PDF created from data — with the following fields for each employee: Name, title, department, race, gender, hire date,... Institution Information View Detail
20160516 05/16/2016 Names and cities of the firms that were awarded the following contracts: RFQ No. 15-0319938 Facilities Condition Assessment Services, RFQ No. 5291052/ME A/E for Central Park West Ambulatory Care... Business Information View Detail
20160524 05/24/2016 Pursuant to Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, please provide the following information for all UT MD Anderson Cancer Center employees:

Employee Email
Employee ID
Last Name
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20160222 02/22/2016 Under the Texas Public Information Act, §6252-17a et seq., I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records related to the MD Anderson Institute for Applied Cancer... Institution Information View Detail
20160225 02/25/2016 The following information about former MD Anderson employee Bharat Aggarwal: his salary, including pension and other benefits, at the time of his retirement; and exactly when his term tenure... Institution Information View Detail
20160212 02/12/2016 All e-mails (including attachments) sent to or received from Rafael Cruz, commonly known as Ted Cruz, since 2003. This encompasses his time as Texas Solicitor General from 2003 to 2008, his time... Other View Detail
20160125 01/25/2016 A copy of the winning proposal for the Oracle Peoplesoft and Hyperion Enterprise Management Enhancement RFP Business Information View Detail
20160126 01/26/2016 Results of the RFP AIS-BUS-00184, including RFP response from all the vendors, who won the bid, final bid pricing, scoring results, HUB forms from all vendors, and another relevant documents that... Business Information View Detail
20160705 07/05/2016 This email is to make an Open Records Request for the following employees at MD Anderson:

• All Employees over the age of 70.
• Employees between ages 50-70 with 5 years of service or...
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20160616 06/16/2016 Please provide me with an opportunity to inspect any and all medical staffing contracts, including but not limited to pricing information (temporary personnel) for nursing and allied health going... Business Information View Detail
20161202 12/02/2016 Under the Texas Public Information Act, please provide the following for MD Anderson Cancer Center:
1. Since 2005, all tallies, charts, spreadsheets, tables, lists or compilations of data that...
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2016081901 08/19/2016 In 2013 we've participated as a potential vendor with our product BookitLab in an MD Anderson RFP titled "MD Anderson Request for Proposal “RFP” for Institutional Shared Resources Management... Business Information View Detail
20161108 11/08/2016 RE: Event Title: Specialty Executive Recruiting AIS-AMD-00281

Good afternoon. We would like to review MDACC’s scoring of the proposals MDACC evaluated for this sourcing project for the...
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2016111802 11/18/2016 we are interested in receiving the bid tabulations for the previous window cleaning contract (RFP- 030912/LJ) at MD Anderson Hospital. Business Information View Detail
20161107 11/07/2016 Under Public Information Act, I request open records information on the following RFP's:

Event Title: Executive Recruitment
Bid tabulations and the incumbent winners response to
Event Number:...
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20161128 11/28/2016 Any and all contracts, terms of conditions, letters of understanding, data use agreements, data transfer agreements or other similar documents concerning Foundation Medicine and entered into,... Business Information View Detail
20161206 12/06/2016 A copy of the previous winning bid for the MD Anderson Window Cleaning Contract. Business Information View Detail
20161201 12/01/2016 By any case, would you be having open police records on the incidence of gun violence in the Texas Medical Center and Houston? Institution Information View Detail
20161205 12/05/2016 1. All active lease agreements signed for copier and printer equipment including lease end dates.
2. All active maintenance agreements pertaining to copier, printers and facsimile...
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2016081902 08/19/2016 SOLICITATION NUMBER: AIS-CK-00290-RFP

SOLICITATION TITLE: Texas Seeks Innovation Market Research Services


Please provide*:
• Name, contact...
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20160728 07/28/2016 Could you please share how much MD Anderson paid for the below in 2014, 2015 and 2016? ? And what bids were submitted for each (Vendors submitted & selected) ?
• Executive & Leadership...
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20160601 06/01/2016 All disciplinary files attached to my name. Personal Information View Detail
2016071201 07/12/2016 I am making a Public Records Request. I am requesting a PDF/electronic copy of all emails between individuals (the names of the individuals are below) at MD Anderson and the company Intrexon... Business Information View Detail
20160829 08/29/2016 (1) the allocation of resources afforded to Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB's) for the prior year RFP for Advertising and Marketing;

(2) the corresponding and year to date...
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2016111801 11/18/2016 We are requesting copies of the 2016 MD Anderson's Advertising and Marketing
Agency full contracts between MD Anderson and Hungry Heart Media, The
Richards Group, and Marion Montgomery...
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2016071202 07/12/2016 Please provide me with a *.pdf copy of any and all interagency (service) contracts/agreements between your institution and UTMB within the past year. Business Information View Detail
20160815 08/15/2016 Pursuant to Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, please provide the following information for Carol Francoise Lacour (AKA) Carol Francoise Twyman, a purported Clinical Business Manager in MD... Personal Information View Detail
20161003 10/03/2016 I am requesting a letter for the purpose of my employment pertaining to a charge of aggravated assault that was filed against me on 3/3/1973 that appears on my background. Other View Detail
20160921 09/21/2016 Please send me the following information under the Public Information Act:

1. The current/active contract between Lonestar Delivery and Process and MD Anderson.
2. Most recent 12 month spend...
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20160729 07/29/2016 Please provide me with the details of the current contracts between The Advisory Board and MD Anderson. Business Information View Detail
20160804 08/04/2016 Copies of contracts with SG2. Business Information View Detail
20160715 07/15/2016 I would like to request an electronic copy of the agreement with MD Anderson and Televox Software under the public information act. Business Information View Detail
20161018 10/18/2016 I want to request a copy of my personnel file. Personal Information View Detail
20160726 07/26/2016 Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, Under the terms of the D.C. Code, Section 2-532(c) and (d) and/or Tex. Att'y Gen. ORD-52 (1974); Tex. Att'y Gen. ORD-7 (1973) stating that canceled... Financial Information View Detail
20160219 02/19/2016 1) [T]hat exact part of his record that the UT Police Department finds objectionable, rather than engaging in “fishing expedition” where none is required; and 2) that the UT Police Department... Personal Information View Detail
20160209 02/09/2016 [T]he Rules and Procedures that regulate the appeal process referred to by yourself
at the University of Texas, as well as the rules and procedures of matters of this
nature that apply to your...
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20160711 07/11/2016 [C]ontract award information for the following solicitation in the blank cells below and also provide any bid result/tab information for this bid [Temporary Nurse and Healthcare Staffing Bid... Business Information View Detail
2016072501 07/25/2016 [C]ontract award information for the following solicitation in the blank cells below and also provide any bid result/tab information for this bid [UPS Batteries and Capacitor Change Out... Business Information View Detail
2016072502 07/25/2016 [C]ontract award information for the following solicitation in the blank cells below and also provide any bid result/tab information for this bid [Financial Systems Training Program (FSTPAD) RFP... Business Information View Detail
20161020 10/20/2016 Contract award information for the following solicitation in the blank cells below and also provide any bid result/tab information for Renovate Diagnostic Imaging Area A bid number 5-12161348. Business Information View Detail
2016112101 11/21/2016 Would you be able to email me a copy of the most previous year's window cleaning contract... per the FOIA? Business Information View Detail
20160217 02/17/2016 - Are any publications from Raghu Kalluri lab at MD Anderson subject to an institutional investigation for data integrity concerns?
- If yes, which papers are being investigated, when shall the...
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2016112102 11/21/2016 I am seeking proposal submissions for all project awardees as well as MDACC’s scoring of the proposal(s) for AIS-ADM-00286-RFP from 2016 and the Public Relations/Media Service RFP awarded in 2011. Business Information View Detail
20160523 05/23/2016 Pursuant to Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, please provide the following information for all UT MD Anderson Cancer Center employees:

Employee Email
Employee ID
Last Name
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20160822 08/22/2016 Can I get the names and cities of the firms that were awarded these contracts? I do not need hard copies.
RFQ No. 15-12161348 AE for Diagnostic Imaging Area A Renovations
RFQ No. 1291454/ME...
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20160329 03/29/2016 Police Report # 2015-1001-005. Other View Detail
20161208 12/08/2016 We are looking for the construction plans for the walkway by the emergency room ambulance entrance that is right next door to the emergency room entrance walkway. In terms of further clarifying... Institution Information View Detail
2017010401 01/04/2017 This is an open records request to obtain the video from the camera at the ambulance entrance to the MD Anderson ER on 2/15/16 between the hours of 1:30PM-4:30PM. Other View Detail
2017010402 01/04/2017 This is an open records request to obtain the video from the camera at the ER entrance to MD Anderson on 2/15/16 between the hours of 1:30PM-4:30PM as well as the videotaped statement of the valet... Other View Detail
20170112 01/12/2017 This is an open records request to obtain the video footage from the camera by the 8th floor elevator from Thursday, January 5th between the hours of 11:30AM-1:00PM. Other View Detail
20161222 12/22/2016 A copy of the Payment Bond for Labor and Material. The Principal on the Bond is
Whiting Turner Construction Company contractor. The project is Clinical Research
Building, Animal Area...
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