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Cancer Risk Check

By completing Cancer Risk Check, you are taking a major step toward a healthier lifestyle. This questionnaire will determine specific actions you can take to lower your chances for developing cancer.

Before you begin, gather as much information as you can about your personal and family health history. This might include results from previous colonoscopies or Pap tests, or information about diseases you’ve had in the past. You’ll also need to know if any family members have had certain kinds of cancer or genetic conditions that make cancer more likely.

While completing Cancer Risk Check, look for these icons that will link to documents document and videos video where you can learn more.

After answering the questions, you will receive your Cancer Risk Check profile. Your profile will outline healthy behaviors and cancer screening recommendations specific to you and your lifestyle. You may want to come back and complete a new Cancer Risk Check profile every so often, as your risk factors will change over time.

Once you obtain your Cancer Risk Check profile, print it out for future reference. MD Anderson cares about confidentiality and your privacy. Your data is not retained by us and once you leave the website, your profile will no longer exist.