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Center for Biomolecular Structure and Function

CBSF Protein Production Group Application Form

Purpose: To provide information to the CBSF committee for selection of protein targets of pharmaceutical or biomedical relevance. These targets should be human proteins or proteins from human parasites for which a 3D protein structure will aid biomedical research. Purification protocols for proteins from the CBSF target list may be made available to the research community. Each protein request must be on a separate form.

Request Inputs marked * are required
Applicant Information (PI/Faculty/equivalent)






Target Protein




Describe exactly what you want us to provide. With respect to protein production you may require: cloning, mutagenesis protocol development, expression system development or improvement, large or small scale protein expression and/or purification.
You may request: consultation training, as well as structural and biophysical studies.
Hazardous materials - Please state clearly any potential safety issues associated with the materials designated within this application.


Preliminary materials and methods to be provided by requestor. What will you provide - clones, plasmids, antibodies, reagents, etc? Do you have an established or preferred protocol that we should use?
If previous protein production was attempted briefly explain what steps were tried and what was the outcome. Note: Please do not provide any reagents that are irreplaceable.


*Reason for request. How will you use the results?



*CBSF Support