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2015 Genes and Development & Epigenetics and Molecular Carcinogenesis Spring Retreat


Abstract Submission Deadline: March 2, 2015

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Please submit one digital copy of your abstract using the form below and one hard copy signed by your PI. If you submit an abstract, you are expected to present a poster unless you are invited to give a talk.

  1. Digital Copy: Attach your abstract file (Word format only) at the bottom of this page, enter your name and email, select your submission category and PI, and press "Upload the file".
  2. Hard Copy:
    Houston: Give to Elisabeth Lindheim in S11.8116 or send by interoffice mail to her attention, Dept. of Genetics, Unit 1010.
    Smithville: Give to Becky Brooks in SRD1.142 or send by interoffice mail to her attention.

Abstract Length: One Page Only on US Letter Size Paper.

Abstract File Name: lastname_firstname_2015.

Formatting Instructions (MS Word Only)

  • Margins: 1.50" on all four sides (NO BOX THIS YEAR)
  • Paper Size: US Letter
  • Font: Arial 11 point for everything except affiliation information, which should be Arial 10 point
  • Justification: Left justify
  • Abstract Title: Bold and in Upper and Lower Case (Title Case).
  • Presenting Author: Underline presenting author's name.
  • Line Spacing: Insert line space between Title, Authors, Affiliation and first line of abstract. The rest of the abstract should be single spaced per the sample below.
  • Paragraph Indents: Indent first line of each paragraph in the abstract body per the sample below (1/2").

Sample Abstract (Download sample formatted abstract file)

Please Make Sure Your Abstract Looks Like This Before Uploading Your File. Your Title Should Be In Upper and Lower Case and Bold.
David G. Johnson* and Ralf Krahe^
*Department of Epigenetics and Molecular Carcinogenesis and ^Department of Genetics, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center [NOTE THAT AFFILIATION TEXT IS IN 10 POINT ARIAL]
Start the text of your abstract here. Indent new paragraphs but do not insert line spaces between paragraphs. Left justify all text and use Arial 11 point, except for affiliation information, which should be in 10 point. Please underline the name of the presenting author and make sure your abstract fits on one page of US Letter size paper with 1.5" margins on all four sides
Save your file with a .doc or .docx file extension only using this naming convention: lastname_firstname_2015.docx (or .doc)
If you have any formatting questions, please contact Elisabeth at or Becky at

Submit Abstract Here

Submission Category:
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Only .doc and .docx file types accepted.
Submission Confirmation and Abstract Book Note: You will receive a web-based message confirming the successful uploading of your file. A limited number of printed abstract books will be available at the retreat.
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If you encounter problems with this page, please contact Elisabeth Lindheim .