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2015 Genes and Development & Epigenetics and Molecular Carcinogenesis Spring Retreat

G&D and EMC Poster Information

Poster Stand
Poster Stand

Poster Size:

Your poster must fit on a 4' x 4' tri-fold cardboard poster display board, which we will provide on-site at Camp Allen for everyone (same as last year). We will also provide adhesive tape to mount your poster.

Please note that a 4' x 4' poster, pre-printed on one large sheet of paper will extend beyond the edges of the display board. As a result, we recommend printing a little smaller than 4x4 if you're printing your poster this way.

A sample tri-fold display board will be on display in March near BSRB S11.8116 in Houston and SRD1.142 in Smithville.

Poster Display:

All posters will be mounted on tri-fold cardboard stands that will be placed on tables.

Poster Preparation Tips

We encourage you to read these documents on poster preparation tips. They are only two of many preparation guidelines available on the Internet.

A poster preparation and presentation workshop will be offered in March 2015 in Houston. Details to be announced later.

Poster Prizes

All award winners must be present at the awards presentation or they will not receive their award. Award details will be announced later.

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