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Anderson Network Phone: Quiz

Anderson Network Phone Quiz

Scenario 1

New Caller- MIKE
Volunteer- JAMES
MIKE: Hello
JAMES: Hi, is this Mike? My name is James; I am with the Anderson Network.  I was told that you were interested in speaking with someone who has had a similar diagnosis.
MIKE: Why yes, I was hoping that you would call. I have just recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer and I wanted to talk with someone who has had a similar diagnosis and has made it through treatment.
JAMES: Well, I was diagnosed a year and a half ago with bladder cancer. I made it through and here I am today. Do you have any questions I can help you answer?
MIKE: I am getting ready to go to M. D. Anderson for treatment- can you recommend a doctor?
How would you answer Mike's question:
A:  "I was a patient of Dr. Smith but there are lots of good doctors at M. D. Anderson.  When you call to make an appointment they will recommend one who is best for you and your case."
B:  "I saw Dr. Smith- I would only ask for him- he is the best."
C:  "Any doctor is good there."
: Call Continue...
MIKE: I am going to have surgery- they are going to remove my bladder.
JAMES: I had my bladder removed three years ago. I was nervous before my surgery but I had a good experience- no complications, and I have been doing well since then. Do you know if you are going to have a Studer Pouch or ileal conduit?
MIKE: I have absolutely no idea. What are those?
JAMES: Well, one is a new internal bladder and one is an external bag.
What might you also suggest to Mike?
A:  Nothing
B:  "Perhaps you should visit with your medical team to learn more about your options and decide what is best for you. There are also some numbers you can call to get more information about all of the different procedures. I would call the Cancer Information Service at 1-800-4-CANCER. They can send you some great brochures and literature."
C:  "I would talk with you doctor."
: Call Continue...
MIKE: I am coming to M. D. Anderson from Florida. I am nervous about travel arrangements, hotels and transportation in addition to being far from friends and family.
JAMES: I also traveled to M. D. Anderson from Kansas.
MIKE: Can you tell me some hotels that are convenient and inexpensive?
What might you suggest to Mike?
A:  "I looked in the phone book. Unfortunately, I can't remember where I stayed."
B:  "Call the Rotary House- it is a hotel that is connected to M. D. Anderson."
C:  "I stayed in the Rotary House which is connected to M. D. Anderson. You can call askMDAnderson and they can give you different hotel and travel options. You can also find these resources on M. D. Anderson's website."