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#1 Hummingbird's Journey is His Reward #1 Hummingbird's Journey is His Reward
Green and purple paper pieced hummingbird is surrounded by embroidery to represent the four seasons. The beadwork, appliqued flowers, border, and quilting are all done by hand. Hand Quilted. Size: 12” x 18”
#2 The Flying Quilt #2 The Flying Quilt
Children from MD Anderson's Robin Blush Clinic made this quilt with the guidance of Ian Cian, Project Director of Arts in Medicine, Pediatrics. The children reference the book "The Quilts of Gees Bend. " Size: 36” x 48”
#3 Project Kilimanjaro: We Choose to Climb #3 Project Kilimanjaro: We Choose to Climb
Autograph quilt, variation nine-patch, African-Inspired fabrics. Size: 50” x 54”
#4 Waterfalls of Many Hands #4 Waterfalls of Many Hands
Classic "Birds in the Air" pattern scrappy, quilt that deserves to be handed down through many generations; hand quilted by over 50 people at SunFlower Quilts. Hand quilted. Size: 69” x 84”
#5 Working Together #5 Working Together
An original creation by well known textile artist Yvonne Porcella whose work is featured in many museums coast to coast; designed and machine appliqued by Yvonne Porcella. Size: 18” x 20”
#6 Teal Ribbon Stars #6 Teal Ribbon Stars
“Friendship Star" block surrounded by interwoven teal, strips. Size: .57” x 66”
#7 Hope is Beautiful #7 Hope is Beautiful
Appliqued ovarian ribbon pattern, teal/pink ribbon border. Hand dyed flowers & leaves. Quilting: feathers in border and mums throughout background. Size: 45” x 54”
#8 Dancing Ribbons #8 Dancing Ribbons
Award winning quilt, masterfully pieced using thin silk fabrics to achieve the look of ribbons swirling out of the center star. Size:15” x 15”
#9 Cactus Flower #9 Cactus Flower
Ribbon flowers framed within a sunburst circle. Southwestern themed batiks connect with a Native American heritage border. Size: 41.5” x 41.5”
#10 Ring of Fire #10 Ring of Fire
Stunning stars intricately pieced in large and small blocks using a garden themed palette. Hand quilted. Size: 86” x 102”
#11 Shadowed Leaves #11 Shadowed Leaves
Dimensional autumn leaves reminicent of falling from the trees with the first frost of the season. Hand quilted. Size: “29 ½ x 34 ½”
#12 Labyrinth #12 Labyrinth
Pieced with blue and brown fabrics with large star in center. Size: 52” x 52”
#13  3 Little Fishies and a Mama Fishie Too #13 3 Little Fishies and a Mama Fishie Too
Hand dyed Batik wall hanging with "Rail Fence Blocks" around the center of Batik Goldfish. Hand quilted. Size: 38” x 38”
#14 Abbygayle's Scraps #14 Abbygayle's Scraps
Horton design with small 2" square-in-square blocks. Machine quilting in the ditch. Size: 17” x 17”
#15 Circa 1940s Traditional Crazy Quilt #15 Circa 1940s Traditional Crazy Quilt
Traditional "Cazy Quilt" pattern using a variety of fabrics such as silk, wool, velvet, etc. With thick embroidery on the seams. Quilt is fully restored by Rebecca Pelto. In honor of Dr. Kathleen Schmeler. Hand tied. Size: ”84 x 71”
#16 Elephant Parade #16 Elephant Parade
Fusible applique of elephants, with yarn and beads. Size:”24 x 24 ”
#17 By Two Hands #17 By Two Hands
Hand quilted and appliqued eight flowers with teal blocks in between. Hand quilted. Size:45” x 45”
#18 Cosmic Cubes #18 Cosmic Cubes
Off centered “Log Cabin” blocks using bright colorful fabrics accented with polka dot sashing and jigsaw binding. Size: 31” x 31”
#19 Jeanne's Quilt #19 Jeanne's Quilt
Oriental red & teal prints with gold metallic accents. Size: 55” x 55”
#20 Threaded Petals #20 Threaded Petals
Collage background with heavy threadwork over floral motifs. Size: 21” x 16”
#21 Spring #21 Spring
Sampler with pieced blocks/turquoise back. Size: 49” x 63”
#22 Beautiful Ohio #22 Beautiful Ohio
An abundance of triangles combine to create captivating "Pinwheels" in shades of blue and white. Size: 111” x 112.5”
#23 Tranquility Base #23 Tranquility Base
Machine pieced and quilted contemporary wall hanging in blues and teals with large circle in center with surprise mosquito motif. Size: 22 ½” x 22 ½”
#24 Teal Flourishes #24 Teal Flourishes
Machine pieced "Feathered Star" center surrounded by hand needle turn applique flourishes and scrolls. Size: 48” x 48”
#25 Alaska Orcas #25 Alaska Orcas
Wall quilt made from a pattern by Lisa Moore. All materials, patterns, & fabrics were purchased at local Alaskan shops. Size: 36”x 24.8”
#26 Teal I See You Again #26 Teal I See You Again
"Drunkard's Path" variation in shades of teal, backing in floral print for Florida. Size: 65” x 65”
#27 Sparkling Gemstones #27 Sparkling Gemstones
Ovarian Cancer themed fabric that is framed with white sashing for comfort and hope. Size: 53” x 70”
#28 Flower Power #28 Flower Power
Bright flowers machine appliqued using a button hole stitch for a whimsical effect. Size: 33” x 33”
#29 Flower Garden 2 #29 Flower Garden 2
Flower garden surrounded by pinwheels and borders that compliment the birds and flowers in center. Size: 42” x 42”
#30 Thimbleberries Lodge #30 Thimbleberries Lodge
“ A block of the month” from Thimbleberries designs. A great cozy king size quilt to sit by the fire. Size: 94” x 114”
#31 You Gotta Have Heart #31 You Gotta Have Heart
A pieced quilt with lots of hearts in red, brown and pink, which would be perfect for showing your love. Sized: 36” x 36”
#32 Rose Garden #32 Rose Garden
Quilt pattern: Annie's Big Block-made of fabric of red roses, with black & green leaf sashing. Bordered with red roses on black. Size: 60” X 72”
#33 Vintage Redwork #33 Vintage Redwork
1930s-1940s Redwork Blocks reset with new solid fabrics. Size: 44” x 45”
#34 Mr. 4th of July #34 Mr. 4th of July
USA passions perfect wall hanging for patriotic celebrations. Size: 28” x 28”
#35 Contrary Wife #35 Contrary Wife
The modern floral border accentuates the "Bursting Star" blocks for a wall hanging or a child's quilt. Size: 48” x 48”
#36 Scrappy Scramble #36 Scrappy Scramble
Squares and rectangles in rich country colors of gold, navy, dark green, and reds. Size: 72” x 84”
#37 Traditional Basket Block #37 Traditional Basket Block
Vintage quilt with Traditional Basket Block with machine appliqued handles, estimated to have been made around 1940. Hand quilted. Size: 76” x 92”
#38 Flight of Hope #38 Flight of Hope
Art quilt includes beads, ribbon and thread embellishment. Machine-lace 3-D butterflies float over the quilted background. Size: 30" x 33"
#39 Grandma's Fan #39 Grandma's Fan
"Lavender & Pink Grandmother'sFan" blocks on cream background with lavender sashing with hearts, handquilted in sashing. Hand quilted. Size: 60” x 88”
#40 Teal Our Paths Cross #40 Teal Our Paths Cross
Cream background with purples, greens and blues. Size: 56” x 56”
#41 Cherry Blossom #41 Cherry Blossom
Clamshell block used in an innovative way to enhance the five floral bouquets. Size: 34” x 34”
#42 The Color Purple #42 The Color Purple
Purple tulips to signify pancreatic cancer. Size: 46.5” x 56.5”
#43 A Taste of Summer 2 #43 A Taste of Summer 2
Nothing cools a hot summer day than a child devouring a tasty ice cream cone. Quilt mounted on a 16 x 20 stretcher ready for hanging. Size: 16” x 20”
#44 Stars at Night #44 Stars at Night
Beautiful batik fabrics against a black background highlight the "Star and Sixteen Patch blocks" giving a floating feeling. Size: 67 ½” x 78”
#45 Hmmm... #45 Hmmm...
Hummingbirds circle the dimensional birds of paradise for a wonderful tropical impression. Size: 20 1/4” x 30 1/4”
#46 Chinese Lanterns #46 Chinese Lanterns
Quilt is made from antique feed sacks in the traditional "Courthouse Square Blocks" gives a 1930s era charm. Hand quilted. Size: 37 ½” x 47”
#47 Seeing Squares #47 Seeing Squares
Four Patch blocks off centered and "Four Patch Log Cabin" blocks using bright colorful fabrics. Size: 31” x 32”
#48 Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice #48 Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice
This is a pieced quilt with lots of little girl charm - pinks, blues, red and a few prints will make you smile. Size: 49” x 60”
#49 Twirls #49 Twirls
Vivid colors in "Pinwheel" blocks create an interesting wall hanging. Hand quilted. Size: 12” x 14”
#50 Thankful #50 Thankful
Bright and light valued fabrics using "Curved Half Square Triangle" blocks with a mixture of teal fabrics. Size: ”46 x 60 ”
#51 Dutchman's Puzzle #51 Dutchman's Puzzle
Large quilt of 'Dutchman's Puzzle' or 'Windmill' blocks (favorite pattern in the 1620s) made of pink paisley fabric and cream solid. Size: 80” x 93”
#52 Pretty Peachy #52 Pretty Peachy
Beautiful peach quilt with a :Star in the Center" and :Sawtooth" border. Size: 40.5” x 40.5”
#53 Amish Double Wedding #53 Amish Double Wedding
Traditional Amish style of solid colors on black. Colored fabrics all hand dyed. Hand quilted. Size: 45” x 45”
#54 Log Cabin #54 Log Cabin
"Log Cabin" design with pastel colors. Size: 56” x 74”
#55 Tip-Toe Through the Tulips #55 Tip-Toe Through the Tulips
Tulips signify love; these hand appliqued tulips are the ideal bouquet to give love and warmth. Great quilts for a meaningful Christmas gift. Size: 73” x 58”
#56 Scrappy Heart #56 Scrappy Heart
Twelve heart blocks made out of various colored fabrics by many loving hands. Size: 61” x 75.5”
#57 Floral Hexagons #57 Floral Hexagons
Hexagons with a modern twist in happy colorful fabrics. Size: 42” x 52”
#58 Circles and Squares #58 Circles and Squares
Blue, green and purple batiks were used for the pieced squares and turned edge machine appliqued circles in the quilt. Size: 56.5” x 71”
#59 Butterflies in Remembrance #59 Butterflies in Remembrance
Sampler of blocks with different colored butterflies. Hand quilted. Size: 87” x 100”
#60 Flower Garden #60 Flower Garden
Bright pink, yellow, orange, blue and green give this pieced quilt the look of a garden in full bloom. Size: 46” x 53”
#61 Wanna Bee Jewels #61 Wanna Bee Jewels
Pieced and machine quilted by members of the Wanna Bee quilting group of The Woodlands area quilt guild. Size: 51” x 67”
#62 A Magical Life #62 A Magical Life
Hand sewn, quilted, and embellished with beads, crystals, lace & embroidery. Colors include teal, lime green, blues, orange, etc. Vintage sham used for cream-colored blocks. Hand quilted. Size: 25” x 31”
#63 Greener Pastures #63 Greener Pastures
Framed "Four Patch" comfort size quilt. Size: 47” x 52”
#64 Bright Hopes #64 Bright Hopes
Teal and white Pathways blocks in "Blank Textiles Ovarian Cancer Awareness fabrics". Size: 108” x 108”
#65 Nobody Home #65 Nobody Home
A fiber art creation using cotton batting as the artists canvas with silk ribbon embroidery, beads, and lace embellishments. Size: 9” x 12.5”
#66 Yellow Brick Road #66 Yellow Brick Road
Artistic figure (permanantly attached) representing the spirit of many women. Size: 39” x 49 ”
#67 Tah Dah #67 Tah Dah
"Disappearing Nine Patch" in peach and teal. Size: 46” x 61”
#68 Heartfelt Prayers #68 Heartfelt Prayers
Wonderful use of a variety of folded fabric techniques accentuated with silver heart buttons. Size: 29” x 29”
#69 Tidepool #69 Tidepool
Shades of teal - radiating " Log Cabin" squares. Size: 66” x 66”
#70 Pick and Choose #70 Pick and Choose
Large quilt with navy, cranberry, brown and purple fabrics on cream background. Star type blocks. The block is called "Buckeye Beauty." The quilt was featured on the cover of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine in June, 2009. Size: 77” x 77”
#71 Butterflies for Hope #71 Butterflies for Hope
Variety of butterfly fabrics sewn in "Half Log Cabin" blocks conveying a sense of tranquility. Size: 62.5” x 74”
#72 Peacock Beauty #72 Peacock Beauty
Large oriental print framed in an offset design. Size: 45” x 61”
#73 Northern Lights #73 Northern Lights
"Off Centered Log Cabin" blocks using bright colorful fabrics accented with polka dot sashing and yellow binding. Size: 32” x 32”
#74 Festive Flurries #74 Festive Flurries
Teal and Pink alternating squares with floating white abstract snowflakes. Pattern from December issue of American Patchwork and quilting. Size: 52” x 60.5”
#75 Southwestern Star #75 Southwestern Star
Square in a Square Star placed on point with border and classic cornerstone border. Size: 26” x 26”
#76 Four Patch Quilt #76 Four Patch Quilt
"Four Patch" blocks alternating with Checkerboard blocks for a very geometric quilt. Size: 38” x 45”
#77 Carpenter Star for Ovarian Cancer #77 Carpenter Star for Ovarian Cancer
Black with blue and gold flower print, blue and gold patterned fabric. Size: 81” x 88”
#78 Jana's Courage #78 Jana's Courage
Sampler style quilt done in shades of teal. Block of house is replica of the home Jana grew up in.Size: 61” x 75.5”
#79 Ovarian Storm at Sea #79 Ovarian Storm at Sea
Storm at Sea blocks create wave like movement beautifully. Hand quilted. Size: 45” x 45”
#80 Sweet Dreams #80 Sweet Dreams
Variety of Nine Patch birds in teal with scalloped border. Size: 48” x 59 ”
#81 Un-Teal We Meet Again #81 Un-Teal We Meet Again
Teal & white squares accented with yellow & black. Back as beautiful as front. Size: 45” x 45”
#82 Road To Recovery #82 Road To Recovery
Teal & white strip quilt. Made with "Blank Textiles Ovarian Cancer Awareness" fabrics was "quilt as you go" method of quilting. Size: 42” x 51”
#83 Ah-Maz-ing #83 Ah-Maz-ing
Elongated "Rail Fence" blocks using bright fabrics with colorful border and yellow binding. Size: 30” x 44”
#84 Candy Corn #84 Candy Corn
Modified Jacob's Ladder block that pops with fall colors to brighten any room. Size: 66” x 80”
#85 Floral Fantasy #85 Floral Fantasy
Dark blue "X" blocks signify "kisses" and alternating "O" blocks signify "hugs" for a quilt of "love." Size: 58.5” x 85.5”
#86 Hallelujah Nativity #86 Hallelujah Nativity
Nativity scene telling Christmas story. Size: 23" x 40"
#87 Tropical Teal Delight #87 Tropical Teal Delight
A tropical blend of bright colors and machine quilted with lush tropical flowers and plants. A quilted teal ribbon is included in a block. Size: 56” x 72”
#88 Rocking Horse #88 Rocking Horse
Memories of childhood are specially designed with a hand appliqued "Rocking Horse", embroidered details and hand quilted motifs for a treasured heirloom. Hand quilted. Size: 32” x 45”
#89 West Meets East #89 West Meets East
Center batik panel framed by "Log Cabin" blocks in tropical fabrics. Size: 35” x 39.5”
#90 Cherries Jubilee #90 Cherries Jubilee
"Around the World" style patchwork of 1 3/4" squares in cherry and floral fabric; quilted cherry cornerstones. Size: 52” x 52”
#91 Buttercream and Figs #91 Buttercream and Figs
Brown, green, yellow and tan pieced blocks alternate with cream. Block pattern: "The Peaceful Valley Quilt" or "Wheel of Fortune". Size: 77” x 71”
#92 A Day on the Beach #92 A Day on the Beach
Traditional "Tumbler Block" repeats for a vintage look. Quilt is reversible with a lighthouse and beach house on the back. Size: 47” x 63”
#93 Blue Lagoon Quilt #3 #93 Blue Lagoon Quilt #3
A special art quilt embellished with delicate flowers, vintage buttons and beads. Size: 35” x 43”
#94 Bittersweet #94 Bittersweet
This beautiful quilt was part of the Quilters Club of America Mystery Quilt Project. Size: 92” X 77”
#95 Dear Jane Your Stars Are Over New Mexico #95 Dear Jane Your Stars Are Over New Mexico
Beaming bright color radiate the "1863 Dear Jane" blocks to make a spectacular wall hanging; hand appliqued and quilted. Hand quilted. Size: 25” x 25”
#96 Gifts of the Night #96 Gifts of the Night
Machine appliqued flowers on tropical themed fabrics. Can't you feel the island breeze? Size: 26” x 18”
#97 Modern City Streets #97 Modern City Streets
Bright colorful bed size quilt adapted from "Seattle City Streets" pattern. Size: 70” x 81”
#98 Jubilee Rose #98 Jubilee Rose
Paper pieced, larger than life rose, in assortment of reds, on black background. Pattern by Regina Grewe. Size: 17” x 17”
#99 Tutti-Fruity #99 Tutti-Fruity
Traditional "Rail Fence: blocks in bright colorful fabrics with yellow binding. Size: 41” x 41”
#100 Inspiration #100 Inspiration
Blank Textiles Ovarian Cancer Awareness fabrics, design by Heidi Pridemore. Size: 44.5” x 56 1/4”
#101 Stars of Hope #101 Stars of Hope
Quilt made with the "Road to Oklahoma" block rotated to make stars, in peach and teal. Size: 58” x 68”
#102 Churning #102 Churning
Four sizes of "Churn Dash" blocks in shades of teals and browns. Size: 42” x 54”
#103 Fireworks at the Carnival #103 Fireworks at the Carnival
An arrangement of bright batiks and machine quilted with a fireworks and flower motif. Size: 60” x 75”
#104 What Cancer Cannot Do #104 What Cancer Cannot Do
Motivational painted blocks, pieced together for a perfect reminder of resilent power. Hand quilted. Size: 19” x 32”
#105 Nuances #105 Nuances
Two colored quilt varying shades of teal and brown. Size: 60” x 66”
#106 Cold Feet Warm Hearts #106 Cold Feet Warm Hearts
Hand appliqued blocks offset by machine pieced "Pinwheels"; hand quilted; stunning piece for any size bed. Hand quilted. Size: 76” x 30”
#107 Spicy Swirl #107 Spicy Swirl
Christmas fabric pieced into swirl. Size: 23” x 42”
#108 Heart of my Heart #108 Heart of my Heart
Nine block sampler of "churn dash" blocks on white background. Size: 53' x 53'
#109 Urban Chain #109 Urban Chain
Modern quilt using Moda Hello Luscious fabric and Urban chained pattern. Size: 44” x 67”
#110 Old Fashion Memory #110 Old Fashion Memory
Nine block sampler of "churn dash" blocks on white background. Size: 51” x 51”
#111 Spring Log Cabin #111 Spring Log Cabin
"Log Cabin" design with pastel colors. Size: 52” x 52”
#112 Urban Wave #112 Urban Wave
Modern quilt. Size: 44” x 67”
#113 Good Friends #113 Good Friends
Hand embroidered small quilt with art to heart pattern. Size 9" x 8"
#114 Cherrywood Challenge: Where Are You Now #114 Cherrywood Challenge: Where Are You Now
Modified - "M Watts" pattern and used techniques of foiling fabric. Features three women with a cross, heart and dove at their center. Size: 25.25” x 21.25”
#115 Cherrywood Challenge: Links of Love #115 Cherrywood Challenge: Links of Love
Blocks of Cherrywood fabric, with silhouette of woman and Heart shape chain on top. Size: 24.5” X 44.5”
#116 Cherrywood Challenge: Ffff #116 Cherrywood Challenge: Ffff
Dedicated to the fabulous females fighting cancer. Inspired by the cubists. Size: 18.5” x 24”
#117 Cherrywood Challenge: Elegance #117 Cherrywood Challenge: Elegance
Hand appliqued and machine quilted. Size: 18” X 34”
#118 Cherrywood Challenge: Spring in Water #118 Cherrywood Challenge: Spring in Water
Pieced and appliqued flowers and stems with pieced border. Size: 34” x 34”
#119 Cherrywood Challenge: Beaded Flowers in Vase #119 Cherrywood Challenge: Beaded Flowers in Vase
Appliqued flowers and stems in a bowl vase sparkle on a black and white background with hand stitching accent. Size: 34” x 42”
#120 Cherrywood Challenge: Greeting Cards #120 Cherrywood Challenge: Greeting Cards
Lamoyne Stars, blue flowers, Cherrywood fabrics. Size: 31” x 31”
#121 Cherrywood Challenge: Etched in Glass #121 Cherrywood Challenge: Etched in Glass
Six "Cut Glass" blocks using Cherrywood fabrics. Size: 32” x 40”
#122 Cherrywood Challenge: Some Girls #122 Cherrywood Challenge: Some Girls
String pieced diagonal stripes evolving from Cherrywood solids to batiks. This art quilt was inspired by Jacquie Gering's quilt, "Shattered" and made in honor of Janet, who died of ovarian cancer. Size: 24' x 24'
#123 Cherrywood Challenge: Modern Amish #123 Cherrywood Challenge: Modern Amish
Black background with solid colored petal. In memory of two strong women who both succumbed to Ovarian.Cancer Size: 48” x 58”
#124 Cherrywood Challenge: Happy Trails #124 Cherrywood Challenge: Happy Trails
Cherrywood challenge quilt. Size: 18.5” x 26”
#125 Cherrywood Challenge: Stars over Tucson #125 Cherrywood Challenge: Stars over Tucson
Wall quilt made with Cherrywood fabrics. Size: 42” X 42”
#126 Cherrywood Challenge: Life Force #126 Cherrywood Challenge: Life Force
Hand and Machine pieced. Quilt is a play on an anatomical chart, showing a half-section of the uterus, one ovary, fallopian tube, and broad ligament. The ovary "morphs" into a flower: a metaphor for it's purpose. In honor of Yvonne Porcella, founder of the Studio Art Quilt Associates, who has battled ovarian cancer. Size: 21” x 26”
#127 Cherrywood Challenge: Snails Pace #127 Cherrywood Challenge: Snails Pace
A mini mosaic quilt composed of 1920 squares 1/2 x 1/2 each, which form an image of a "Nautilus Shell". Size: 31” x 25.5”
#128 Cherrywood Challenge: Glorious Tree #128 Cherrywood Challenge: Glorious Tree
Applique tree with fall leaves set in a medallion of a rainbow of colors. Size: 22” x 26
#129 CW Challenge: A Fleur-de-lis for Michele #129 CW Challenge: A Fleur-de-lis for Michele
Fleur de lis machine appliqued onto a pieced background. Size: 30” x 30”
#130 Cherrywood Challenge: Water Lillies #130 Cherrywood Challenge: Water Lillies
Cherrywood fabrics and thread play. Size: 22.5” x 25.5”
#131 Cherrywood Challenge: Full Circle #131 Cherrywood Challenge: Full Circle
Amish inspired Trip Around the World with multi color center. Size: 38” x 38”
#132 Cherrywood Challenge: Fractured Stripes #132 Cherrywood Challenge: Fractured Stripes
Machine pieced and quilted using 100% Cherrywood fabrics. Size: 30.5” x 30.5”
#133 Cherrywood Challenge: The Stars at Night #133 Cherrywood Challenge: The Stars at Night
Wall hanging made with Cherrywood fabrics and batiks. Size: 40” x 40”
#134 Cherrywood Challenge: Tunnel #134 Cherrywood Challenge: Tunnel
Transposed Strata Quilt. Size: 43” x 46”
#135 Cherrywood Challenge: Dragonfly Mystique #135 Cherrywood Challenge: Dragonfly Mystique
Large appliqued dragonfly with gossamer wings, resting on a flower. Size: 37” x 37”
#136 Cherrywood Challenge: For Karen #136 Cherrywood Challenge: For Karen
With or without pattern. For Karen, a dear friend who courageously battled ovarian cancer who inspired other ladies who battle ovarian cancer. Karen mentored many, loved by all. Size: 27”X 44”
#137 Cherrywood Challenge: Quiet Meditation #137 Cherrywood Challenge: Quiet Meditation
"Raw edge machine applique, machine quilted, original design". Size: 29” X 29”
#138 Sunset Swirl #138 Sunset Swirl
Red/Yellow Bargello Table Runner. Size 18' x 37'
#139 Butterflies #139 Butterflies
Vibrant brown, beige, teal patchwork with butterflies in center of each block. Size 41" x 62"
#140 Star #140 Star
This amazing quilt was created by Harriet Harley, a 100 year old quilt maker, and donated in appreciation of her daughter, a 19 year ovarian cancer survivor. The quilt is entirely hand pieced and hand quilted using the "Around the World" pattern with a star in the center. Hand quilted. Size 98" x 99"