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Section 2 - Other CNS disease related to underlying and secondary effects of malignancy

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Hematologic/ Cerebrovascular: Cerebral infarction

Patients with malignancies and leukemia in particular are at risk to develop cerebral infarction. Several mechanisms may be responsible, alone or in combination, for stroke in this patient population. The major causes of stroke in cancer patients are listed below in Table 4.

Imaging of stroke in the leukemic or cancer patient is no different than in other patients, and no cases are included here. It is important to keep in mind however, that the presentation may not be straightforward, and other lesions such as infection and CNS leukemia could present with a stroke-like syndrome. In addition, the patient presenting with a clear-cut stroke must be carefully evaluated for any causal lesion which might be attributable to the underlying leukemia.

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