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Section 1 - Direct leukemic involvement of the Central Nervous System
A. Meningeal disease
  1. Meningeal leukemic infiltration
      a. leptomeningeal spread (leukemic meningitis)
        i. diffuse
        ii. focal
      b. dural leukemic infiltration
        i. diffuse
        ii. focal dural based leukemic mass (chloroma)
  2. Mimics of leukemic meningeal disease
      a. leptomeningeal/subarachnoid
        i. infectious meningitis
        ii. chemical arachnoiditis/meningitis- ie. secondary to intrathecal chemotherapy

      b. dural
        i. post-shunting/Ommaya reservoir meningeal fibrosis
B. Nonmeningeal disease
  1. Brain parenchyma
      a. chloroma
      b. other leukemic mass
  2. Head and neck
      a. orbital disease
        i. extraoccular infiltration
        ii. other intraorbital involvement
      b. skull base
      c. paranasal sinus
  3. Bone marrow abnormality
      a. leukemic infiltration
      b. decreased T1 SI secondary to chronic disease or conversion to hematopoietic marrow


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