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Section 1 - Direct leukemic involvement of the Central Nervous System

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Meningeal disease: Mimics of leukemic meningeal disease

Leptomeningeal/subarachnoid: A number of different lesions may mimic leukemic meningitis by displaying abnormal meningeal enhancement. Infectious and inflammatory meningitides, as well as irritation from intrathecal chemotherapy or hemorrhage may all be associated with abnormal leptomeningeal enhancement. Differentiation from true leukemic meningitis may not be possible without considering clinical and lab data (case 4 and case 5).

Dural: Dural leukemic infiltration may be mimicked by benign conditions such as meningeal fibrosis. This can result from subdural hematomas related to shunting, the placement of Ommaya reservoirs, or prior trauma.The resulting meningeal (dural) thickening can often be seen on precontrast T1-weighted images, and typically enhances brightly (case 6).

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