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Group picture after going-away party for Yingmei and Hanyin on Oct 13th, 2010

Brittany's interview

Group picture at 2010 Anouk and Niek going-away lab party

Jilong with Dr. Bruner

Dr. Hao meeting with Dr. Mendelsohn

Dr. Hao, Dr. Zhang with Jilong and Yingmei

Dr. Hao, Dr. Zhang, Jilong, and Lijun

Kristen, Niek, and Brittany working together

Group picture at 2008 Christmas lab party

Group picture after goingaway party for Kanchana

Limei, Kexin, Hong

Sarah, First prize in The Alumni & Faculty Association in Basic Science Research, MDACC Trainee Recogntion Day, 2007

George in his first white coat with his degrees M.D., Ph.D.

Sarah, Second prize in The Alumni & Faculty Association in Basic Science Research, MDACC Trainee Recogntion Day, 2006

Kanchana Hong Rongcai small

Rongcai and Cristian's paper on the cover

Matt and Sarah's shrew1 paper, the pretty cell image, on the cover

Signing ceremony of sister institute agreement between MDACC and Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital and Institute 2006

Some members of lab in 2005

Group picture in August 2004

The second edition of the book by Zhang and Shmulevich

Matti by his computer

Rongcai Jiang and Yumei Feng with Dr. Xishan Hao during his visit

Tennis Star James Blake's visit

Tennis Star James Blake's visit

Group picture in July 2004

Group picture in August 2003

Microarray Quality Control book

The book in Chinese translation

An upcoming book on Neuro-Oncology

Hua won award at 2003 MDACC Trainee Recognition Day

Ellen was showing Mr. Lavender from Kadoorie Foundation the liquid handeling system. (7/2002)

Dave was showing Mr. Lavender a microarray printing head. (7/2002)

Dr. Je Ho Lee's lab at Samsung Medical Center has established a joint research program with our lab (2002)

A book by Zhang and Shmulevich

Harri in the lab before heading back home

Harri at his desk in the computer room

A special issue of Brain Pathology edited by Drs. Fuller and Zhang

A party before Rishi headed back to school. (8/2001)

Two future scientists Thomas and Rishi with Wei Zhang (8/2001)

James won the first prize for poster competition at the Trainee Recognition Day of MDACC. (2/2001)

The famous glioma genomics group: Alfred Yung, the world best neuropathologist Greg Fuller, Wei Zhang, and the quiet busy mind, statisticain Ken Hess. Sorry Dr. Bruner, you missed this photo op. Standing behind the four "improtant" guys are the group of people who are doing the work. (2/2001)

We even got an award!! (Thanks to Dr. Fuller eloquence) ( 2000)

Go Taxan day (2/9/2001). Taxanomics: how Texans take care of genomics, proteomics, all the -omics in existance, and all the -omics that will come along.

Yidong Chen, Ed Dougherty, and Seungchan Kim came to visit.

Christmas Party (12 2000)

Dr. Hamilton with Presidents Bush and Mendelsohn (June 2000)

Dave explained to Presidents Bush and Mendelsohn (June 2000)

Limei showed a microarray result to President Bush. (June 2000)

Latha explained to Presidents Bush and Mendelsohn (June 2000)

President Bush and the ladies in the genomics lab (June 2000)

A group picture after President Bush's visit (June 2000)

Fisrt successful microarray was produced (June 2000)

Drs. Mendelsohn and Kripke visited the Cancer Genomics Core Lab (February 2000). From left: Hua Wang, Limei Hu, Yiming Li, Dr. John Mendelson (President of MDACC), Dr. Stanley Hamilton (Head of Division of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine), David Cogdell, Dr. Kripke (Senior VP of MDACC), Ellen Taylor, Dr. Latha Ramdas, and Dr. Zhang.

This is how some of us feel about microarray

In Cancer Genomics Core Lab (January 2000), David, Yiming, and Limei are running a series of robots and instruments.

Limei Hu and Ellen Taylor are operating the newly acquired ABI3700 sequencer

Richard is going to Medical School (July 1999). From left to right: Yiming Li, Jason Grier, James Jabbur, Richard Wang, Laura Caskey, Qing Mi, Wei Zhang

Sanbao Ruan's going away party (July 1998). From left to right: Rosalyn Nguyen, Chang Hun Rhee, Yu Yang, James Jabbur, Sanbao Ruan, Wei Zhang, Richard Wang

Toru Kobayashi's going away party (January 1997). From left to right: Sanbao Ruan, Yu Yang, Michael Lemoine, Toru Kobayashi, James Jabbur, Wei Zhang